I was not nervous, nor apprehensive - matter of fact, all I felt right then was an intense inner excitement of what could, might, would happen over the next hour. At first, when she'd actually replied to my response to her poorly-written ad on a big-time e-dating site, I was pretty dumbfounded. It had taken a lot of work, and utilizing all my stalking skills to actually locate the already-removed ad in the first place, but in the magical cyber world, she'd seen my post to her ad. I'd had several days now, to get a grip about the fact that she'd agreed, eagerly even, to come out and meet me.

I had linked her to one of my online hookup profiles, where I'd been evaluated as "the last man on earth", according to my lengthy answers to a personality/sexuality test. That must have been the kicker for her, that and possibly the fact that in my ad there, I was clearly seeking MEN. I wasn't sure really of the exact thing that grabbed her, maybe it was nothing more than a real desperation to connect with someone. And despite the fact that she'd traveled the world a hundred times over, I knew that I was like no one she'd known. She must've gotten that idea too, why else would she fly 2000 miles to have dinner with a virtual stranger?

The next thing I knew, I was walking past the guest services desk at the Ritz-Carlton, stepping onto an elevator en route to the suite she'd said she'd be in on the fourth floor. I had a bouquet of dark purple tulips clenched in my fist, not thinking of how very cliché it might be to her - getting flowers. But now, here in front of the door, I was flooded with a definite feeling of awkwardness. What the hell am I doing? Mainly I was thinking this, because I'm just not into women. But I still harbored a core belief, or maybe just a fantasy, that she was probably enough of a man for me, even when she'd worn those Versace gowns on the Golden Globes.

She was waiting. I felt her right on the other side of the thick door, even though she waited two minutes after I knocked before she opened it. Inside, I was crazy-grinning, but I managed a cool expression as I attempted a humble nod and held the flowers out to her. "Hi. How are you?" I heard myself speak and was immediately wishing I'd said one of my many practiced greetings...but none of them had come to me when I was face to face with her.

"You're shorter than I thought. Come in."

She stepped back from the doorway and let me enter. I might have felt an unexpected shyness, but she certainly didn't.

"So where is this place you're taking me again? The food better not suck or I'll sue their fucking asses. On second though, fuck that. Fuck dinner - take me to a club, Curt."

She cracked a strange smile then, I watched her face as she said mostly to herself now, "God that sounds weird, saying that." I was pretty sure she meant the name. She hadn't taken the flowers from me; I set them down on a long table that was near the door, and pulled myself together enough to attempt initiating conversation.

"We can do that. I'll take you to an awesome place. But first, I just have to let you know that, I'm really, really glad you came out here. Thank you, again...maybe I'm not your ideal match, but I promise you a night you won't forget. I mean that in a good way, Courtney."

She had a cigarette between her lips and waited for me to dig my lighter out. An open bottle of Maker's Mark was on the table where I'd laid the flowers down, and after I lit her smoke she grabbed the bottle and took a decent swig straight from it. Her hair was smooth, recently brushed and shiny straight - not the tousled mess she donned in so many of her punkish videos. Her makeup was heavy though, thick lines of black on her lower and upper eyelids, and enough concealer under them that it was evident she was trying to cover dark circles. Her lipstick was a classic blood-red, just as thick as her eyeliner. She almost looked like a drag queen, which was actually very appealing to me. I knew without the heels she was 5'8", and she surpassed me with her heels by a good 2 inches. She lowered the bottle and grinned a little, and said "Well fuck, Curt, you're probably my last option as far as meeting someone compatible. That's gotta make you feel pretty fucked up, knowing that you fall into the 'less than 2%'. Aren't you gonna try to fuck me?"

Shit! She didn't waste any time, did she. I had tried to prepare myself, figuring that I'd be meeting someone who was probably a good deal more outspoken and blunt than myself, which was something I'd had very little exposure to. In any given situation that involved the possibility of sex, it was me who said and did the bold or unexpected. Being on the other side of this now, I asked myself if I should be honest, or try to remain cool and pretend that fucking her wasn't the first thing on my agenda.

I stepped up to her then, and took ahold of her wrist. Close enough in her face to kiss her, I said, "Oh, you're damn straight, I'm going to. I was just doing my best to be a gentleman until you got comfortable with me. I'm guessing, you're comfortable enough?"

I didn't let her answer; I pressed my mouth to her waxy red lips. My hand left her wrist and she raised her arm, grabbing onto my side. She kissed me back, too. Her too-long French manicure dug into my ribs, and her tongue licked over my teeth. It was a kiss hot enough to make me feel an instant wetness under my arms, a bead of sweat dripping down either side of me. For someone not into girls, I was impossibly hard for her. The taste of the expensive liquor in her mouth had a hot tang to it. I wondered if she was buzzed, or if she sincerely wanted me to fuck her. I was going to find out.

I pulled away, out of the hot kiss and she let me push her backwards, stepping a few feet back to the huge bed that was in the center of the room. I right away began to undo her top, it had some sort of weird latch in the back at the nape of her neck. As I fumbled she said, "What the fuck buddy, this top is a fucking Gucci, don't fuck it up."

She went with me as I leaned into her more, pushing her down onto the bed. "Fuck that, fuck your Gucci...buy a new one." My thigh slid up and between her open legs, and I kissed her hard again. In all of my notions in the past, picturing how I'd behave if ever so lucky to be in close proximity with her, this was not what I'd planned. But it was either what she's expected, or what she wanted, because she went right along with me, yanking her skirt up and showing me that she had nothing on underneath it. Perfect Courtney MO, certainly. She grabbed onto my ass with one hand, and humped herself against my thigh. She squeezed my leg tightly between hers. The heat was astounding. My mouth ventured to her neck, that she stretched out and offered to me readily, and I bit at her there. Tiny nips not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to make her growl out several fucks...and grind harder against me.

Her hand slid inside the back of my pants, and she raked her nails over my skin there. Right then, she decided to demonstrate her actual strength, and used her other arm to push me off of her, and hold me against the plush bed one-handed. She fiddled with my fly saying, "I hope you aren't full of shit, like every other guy. I hope that you have the fucking ability to fuck this bitch right, and that maybe you're not just a pussy-boy faggot after all."

"Oh, I'm a 'pussy boy faggot', you'd better believe it--but it's not going to stop me from fucking your nasty gash wide open with my faggot cock."

She purred in a rabid way as my teeth closed on her collarbone, while my thigh remained locked between hers. I'd seemed to strike a nerve with my retort, and I wouldn't expect any different. She liked the filthy fucktalk, and she took it as well as she dished it out. This was a plus for us both; every time she grunted out some dirty demeaning statement my dick got even harder. And every time I returned an equally rude remark, she humped her wet slit over my thigh. It left a trail where she rubbed, a slick patch of her own fucklube and it seeped through the cloth of my slacks straight away. It was time to get out of my clothes now, for sure.

I rose up onto my knees and looked down into her face as I undid my fly. My dick throbbed as she licked the corner of her mouth, watching intently as I pushed my pants and boxers over my hips. I stood and stepped quickly out of my clothes, but before I was able to come back down on top of the sexy-lewd half-naked hell cat on the bed, she'd sat up and had my cock in a choke hold in her fist. "Heh, it doesn't look gay," she sneered as she again licked her lips. "Looks like a dick that wants some pussy, to me."

"Just yours, now suck it baby." I surprised myself with this weird arrogant tone that was present in my voice, and the automatic idea that it was common as anything to refer to Miz Courtney as 'baby'. She didn't protest, with my choice of words or with my request. Her fat lips parted and she sucked my meat into her mouth without missing a beat. Her teeth scraped against the upside of my shaft, and I twitched at the sensation of their sharpness on my skin. As if I'd done this with her a thousand times before, I cupped my hand to the back of her head and tangled my fingers into the bleached mane, and pulled her head against my pelvis. Initially she tried to jerk back and away, and I heard a gurgle of disagreement beyond the spot where my cock head had planted itself in the back of her mouth. She changed her mind, however, and squeezed the base of my dick harder than ever, each finger wrapping around making temporary red marks in a primal fuck design. I held on hard and thrust in and out of her mouth, unable to keep from staring down at my slimy meat disappearing and reappearing from between her lips. Damn, she could suck a cock...not just suck a cock, but DAMN, as good as any man I'd had. I wanted her worse now than I could recall in any of my fantasies. I managed to grunt out a primitive sounding "Let's fuck...wanna fuck you now."

I released her hair and she pulled back away from me, looking up with clouded eyes and a victorious smirk. One that said "I can turn a faggot straight". Her lipstick was smeared in both corners of her mouth, and her heavy eye makeup looked even heavier now as it started to smudge. She looked like a healthy corpse. I was smitten, in the least. She stood up and gave me a shove, sending me down onto the warm place on the mattress where her ass had just been. "Lay back, Curt", she ordered. At this point, I saw what was coming. She was going to top me, ride my dick and make me come without me working up a sweat! Part of me loved this idea, but at the same time, I wanted to nail this bitch and show my dominance. My dominance? Ha, that was beginning to be questionable...

During my thoughts and visions of what was about to materialize, the sexy rock chick had stepped over to the other side of the bed. She turned her back to me, and I craned my neck towards her to see what she was doing. I watched as she stepped into a harness, first one leg, then the other, and pulled it up and over her round ass. She fiddled with a buckle on the side and cinched it tight. The excess leather strap hung at her hip like a whip. Then she turned around.

My eyes got big as I took it all in, she had put on a strap-on cock! A large black ballsy cock, that she now squeezed and stroked just as she had to mine minutes ago. I can't say why I'd never even envisioned this before; you'd think it would be automatic to a guy who bottoms just as much as he tops. For whatever reason though, I had not. And seeing her this way was just about the hottest thing ev-ar. She smiled, showing no teeth but making that mouth look even longer than it was...I caught a shimmer of evil in her eye, and more so now, I was horned-up like never before. In her other hand she had a tube of lube, and I looked on as she squirted it along the length of the silicone cock. She over did it; a lot of it slid right off onto the plush carpet. She stroked that cock up and down, completely covering it with the lube. I hadn't said a word, but my legs had spread wide, and I held my breath in anticipation of her next move.

"You wanna fuck now? Ya, looks like you do, too...like, you wanna get fucked, more like it. Turn over, I want to fuck you face-down. I'm gonna fuck you like a man, and make you really feel it."

My dick was painfully hard, and I rolled over onto my belly but had to get up on my knees...I had to jack my cock and relieve the pressure that swelled in my nuts. I felt the coldness of her wet hand in the crack of my ass, and then without any warning, at least two of her fingers were jammed into my ass, right past that ring of muscle, deep. I almost came on the spot; I had to stop jackin' or I would've. I wanted to wait until something more substantial was in my ass. She fucked her fingers roughly in and out, her nails sticking me like broken glass...I was buzzing with the sex currant that this connection produced. Plug me in, baby...She pulled her fingers out and gave my nuts a smack as they hung between my wide-spread thighs. Oh, I was ready...so ready. "Come on...Fuck me. Don't fuck around, give it here." I was wiggling my ass back into her, and she drew back and slammed her open hand down on my ass cheek. I was surprised, but didn't wince. "I mean it, fuck me now before I lose it."

I'm sure it sounded funny to her, the way I half-begged, half-demanded, but she didn't laugh out loud. Instead, she pressed that hard black silicone onto my hole, and did not pause once as it started to sink inside me. I felt myself open up wide as she moved inside, and its girth burned me. A good burn-the kind of burn that makes a guy snort and blather incoherent things...Her hands were on my hips, and those jagged-feeling nails bit into my skin. I felt her pelvis rest against my ass and knew she had it buried deep. I gripped my hard on even tighter, and pulled it, squeezing pre cum up my shaft and onto the sheets. I panted now, before she even started banging, rasping "Ya, fuck me...fuck me". Pulling back and then ramming it home, I was sure that this wasn't the first time she'd done this. She bucked into me hard, filling my ass all the way with that fierce dildo, and I couldn't keep from grunting out 'ya, ya...yaaa' every time she bottomed out. I jacked violently, and could feel the surge begin in my belly...her hard rubber balls smacked against mine and she rode my ass like she...like she was really feeling me gripping that dick with my ass muscles. It couldn't have been more than five minutes-well, that's probably a stretch, even-before I blew my wad onto those 300 threat count luxury sheets. She seemed to feel me come, too...as I did, she jammed it as deep as she could manage and held still while I fucked my fist, my pulsing dick spitting out what felt like a quart of cum. For a moment, it felt like every molecule of life in me had been ejected out my dick hole. Momentarily paralyzed from my orgasm, I went down on my belly, right on top of that pool of fresh cum. I couldn't have cared less.

I know that something more happened, but I couldn't tell you what. The next thing I could recall with any clarity was being in the back seat of a cab, heading in the direction of my house. My clothes were wrinkled and I had a cigarette burn on my arm. The smell of fuck and pussy and ass was imbedded in my nostrils, and I wondered if the driver could smell it as well. I tasted a faint metallic flavor in my mouth, and touched a finger to my bottom lip. It was swollen and split but the blood was dried. Maybe some day it will all come back to me, the other events of that day...but I know I remember the best part of all. Who really cares about the rest?