Kristin glanced at her speedometer as she barreled down a rural, two-lane highway, and saw she was a good 25 kph over the posted speed limit. Her driver’s license was close to being revoked, and if she got another speeding ticket, her already high insurance premiums would go through the roof. On the other hand, she was in serious danger of being late for a photo shoot to promote her new movie, and she knew this was not a photographer you made wait for your lazy ass to finally show up. Deciding her professional reputation was more important than her driving record, Kristin punched the accelerator pedal to the floor and was thrown back in her seat as her silver BMW rocketed forward.

Kristin planned on maintaining her new speed until she reached the outskirts of the Vancouver metroplex. After that, she thought driving just above the posted limit would be more than enough to get her to the studio on time. As she drove along, she was nervously checking every side road she approached, as her one fear was having a cop sitting there, just waiting to nail her as she blazed on by.

Checking the side roads was fine, but what Kristin failed to do was consider the possibility that a cop might be hiding behind a billboard or some other obstacle. Still twenty miles away from the urban sprawl that was Vancouver, she saw lights flashing in her rearview mirror and began to slow while looking for somewhere safe to pull off the mostly deserted road. She selected a dirt road that was heavily lined with trees, and as she turned off the lonely highway, she looked down and evaluated what she was wearing as she planned to flirt her way out of a ticket. Kristin had never done that before, as she thought a woman using her sexuality like that was repellent, but desperate times called for desperate measures; she really, really couldn’t afford another ticket.

As soon as her car came to a stop, Kristin’s hands quickly unbuttoned her forest green Henley and then tugged on her faded denim miniskirt to pull it up as high on her smooth, tanned legs as she could without showing her panties. The only thing she had time left for after that was to bite hard on her lips to plump them up. Then she freaked out momentarily when she realized the officer could very easily be a woman. Of course, flirting still might work, as a woman could be a dyke, but one look in her side view mirror was enough to know the cop was a man.

In fact, Kristin thought, as she peered at her mirror for a second look, he’s a big, tasty-looking man with a noticeable bulge in his pants. She found herself unconsciously licking her lips at the sight of the tall, broad-shouldered, dark-haired man that was striding up to her car. Not wanting to make the man nervous, she placed both hands on the wheel so he could see they were empty and then waited for him to speak. Her last thought before the cop arrived at her door was to think, Please, God, let him give me a warning just this once and I’ll be a good little driver from here on out. Just this once!

The officer stood just behind the front driver’s side door and tapped on the window. Kristin looked his way as he asked for her license and proof of insurance. He’d already seen walking up that her tags were current, and the driver’s license she handed over confirmed what his electronic check of the car’s license plate had told him: that the driver was named Kristin Kreuk.

“Miss Kreuk,” the cop asked, “do you know how fast you were going?”

“Please, call me Kristin.” She had already decided that honesty was her best bet; she couldn’t imagine a cop liked being bullshitted. “And as for the speed, I’m not exactly sure,” she replied, “except that it was too fast, whatever it was.”

The cop nodded slowly. “You could say that. You were doing double the legal limit when you blew by me doing one-hundred-and-sixty kilometers an hour.”

One-sixty? Kristin thought. Cool! I’ve never gone that fast before. And then it hit her: there was no way she was getting out of this without a ticket. I am soooooo fucked! Still, she was going to try flirting her way out of the ticket anyway. There's no point in giving up now.

“Where were you going in such a hurry?”

“I have a photo shoot in downtown Vancouver that I’m just about to miss,” she said.

“Oh, is that so? Why is one photo shoot so important that you felt the need to disregard the rules of the road and endanger you life and the lives of others?”

“Well,” Kristin started to say, as she shifted toward the cop, hoping he’d take a good look at the tanned skin of her upper chest, “I’ve just recently completed a movie, and this photo shoot is for a major men’s magazine to help boost the visibility of the movie amongst a highly desired segment of the population.”

Kristin finally dared a direct look at the cop and saw his last name was Johnson. Johnson’s got a big johnson, she snickered, as her eyes finally looked up into his. Oh my, Johnson’s got pretty eyes, too. She just loved the large, expressive deep brown eyes that were looking down at his ticket pad as he started to fill out the top sheet.

“So what magazine were you going to model for?” Officer Johnson asked. As far as he was concerned, a major men’s magazine meant something like Popular Mechanics or maybe Sports Illustrated. She’s definitely hot, he mused, but the SI swimsuit issue doesn’t shoot in Vancouver, so she’s not shooting for that mag, and I doubt her tits are big enough to get her into Playboy.

“Maxim,” Kristin replied. When all that got her was a blank look, and the reply ‘never heard of it,’ she wanted to slap herself on the forehead. I would get the only cop under the age of thirty in the whole of British Columbia who has no idea that Maxim is basically a skin mag. I bet he doesn’t even know who I am. So much for trading on my name. It looks like I’m going to have to use more direct means. Screw subtlety!

“You know, Officer Johnson, that’s a mighty big gun you have there,” she purred. “I sure would like to see it.” The words were talking about his polymer Smith & Wesson Military & Police 9mm handgun, but her eyes were locked onto the nice bulge in the front of his pants. It was a hint only a moron could miss.

Screw subtlety, indeed!

Officer Johnson lowered his ticket pad and eyed the gorgeous brunette that was plainly eyeing him back. With the way she was leaning toward him, he was able to see right down her open blouse to her black lace bra with no trouble at all, and when he was able to tear his eyes away from the bra and the small mounds of titflesh it supported, he could see what seemed like kilometers of toned, tanned legs protruding from under her tiny skirt. When he combined what he was seeing now with the beauty of her face and luxuriant hair, he wondered if maybe Hugh Hefner might not want her in his magazine after all.

“That looks like a cock,” she gulped, “I mean, a Glock from here, but I can’t be sure.”

Johnson’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head. He’d never had someone he stopped act this sexually aggressive before, much less a woman of her staggering beauty.

“Take it out, please?” Kristin continued. “I’d sure love to touch it.”

“I, uh, it’s not a Glock,” Johnson replied shakily. “It’s a Smith & Wesson.”

“Whatever. Let me see it,” Kristin said, as she shifted from asking to commanding. It was a subtle move, one intended to put her in control of the situation. She figured the more she could keep the focus on his cock and sex in general, the better chance she had of avoiding a ruinous ticket.

“I…I don’t…don’t think I should.”

“But you’ll do it anyway…won’t you?”

Kristin’s voice was low, throaty, and burning with need. At least, that’s what Johnson heard. She wasn’t an actress for nothing. Years of pretending she desired various costars stood her in good stead now. Of course, it didn’t hurt her efforts one bit that Officer Johnson did happen to be rather hot.

Not at all.

Johnson could tell this situation was rapidly getting away from him, and that was something he couldn’t allow. He stepped a few feet back from the BMW, and the vixen within, to gain a few moments in which to gather himself, but was foiled when the driver’s door opened and those impossibly fine, miniskirt-clad legs swung out of the car and onto the dirt road.

“P-please remain in the car, Miss Kreuk,” Johnson said, as he continued to move away from her, and onto the grass on the other side of the car. He’d reverted to using a more formal mode of address as another way to distance himself from the tiny goddess who was even now standing and moving confidently toward him.

“I thought we’d established that you’d call me Kristin,” she replied, as she joined him on the grass, grasped his belt, and ripped it open. “Now are you going to show me your cock, or do I have to strip you like a little boy who needs a bath?”

Oh fuck, I’m going to Hell! Johnson thought, as his hands took over from Kristin’s and unfastened his pants. She stepped back to watch as his heavy belt dragged his pants down around his ankles.

“Boxers, too!” Kristin added cheerily.

When Johnson pushed his boxers down to join his pants, his aching erection sprang into view. Kristin eyes glazed over and she couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight of a full foot of pussy-stretching magnificence. She was trying to imagine being impaled by that monstrosity when Johnson spoke up.

“You did say…youwantedtotouchit…” he said in a rush, not quite sure if he really wanted to let her continue or to escape with his professional dignity intact.

She nodded her head slowly, almost as if she was in a trance. Her eyes never left his rampant manhood. Not once. Not even for a second. Now that his cock was out in the open, she acted almost as if she was afraid of it getting away. She quickly knelt before Johnson and started fondling his cock with her small, delicate hands. What started out as a general groping quickly changed to masturbation, as Kristin stroked his massive shaft with both hands.

“Ohhhhhh, Gaaawwwwwddd!” Johnson moaned. “Fuuuuuccckkk me!”

That last comment was more a statement than a request, but Kristin was getting into the swing of things, and she was still very determined to avoid a disastrous ticket, so she said, “Fuck you? That may be getting ahead of the game a bit,” she dipped her head and licked the underside of his shaft from root to tip with one relaxed swipe, “but we’ll get there eventually, Big Boy.” Kristin looked up at Johnson and winked. “You can count on it; it’s going to happen.”

It then occurred to Kristin that she was about to fuck a random stranger. She didn’t even know his first name. So after bobbing down and sucking the spongy purple head of his cock into her small mouth and giving it a light suck, she pulled off of him and asked, “What’s your first name, Officer Johnson?”

Still unable to believe this was happening to him, Johnson groaned, “My name is Mud if anyone finds out about this. Anyone could see us out here!”

“Not likely,” Kristin countered. “Your car…” she licked his cock again, eliciting another groan, “…is parked at an angle, blocking most of this dirt road from view, and these thick stands of trees along each side of the road prevent us from being seen by anyone who’s not right at the end of the road itself. So take off your shirt, and tell me your name.”

A quick glance at their surroundings was enough to show the officer that Kristin was completely correct. Knowing she was going to have her way with him no matter what, Johnson threw caution to the wind and gave in to what was happening. He pulled off his uniform shirt and white t-shirt and tossed them down on the road next to his pants.

“My name’s Ian,” Johnson said.

“Ian,” Kristin replied, as she lightly scratched his balls. “That’s a nice name. Now lean back against the side of my car while I blow you.”

Kristin could have just gotten up and left at this point without a ticket, as Ian was too embarrassed to try to stop her. That’s without even considering his in-car video camera that would prove his doom if he wrote a ticket now and Kristin decided to challenge him in court. But she had no intention of leaving now, as thoughts of what she wanted to do with that prodigious, throbbing cock had taken over her mind and were heating her cunt. She had to have it. Photo shoot be damned, Kristin thought, I need that cock.

Kristin placed one hand around Ian’s cock just beneath its sensitive ring, and as she lowered her head to take it into her hot little mouth again, the hand slid down and then back up in time with the movements of her bobbing head. Up and down, up and down went Kristin’s head, and each time, she changed the direction of her head to alter which parts of his cock got caressed by her plump lips.

“Your cock iz d’lishus,” Kristin said, around a mouthful of cock.

“Oh…Jeeeeezzzzuus H. Christ!” Ian groaned. He couldn’t believe what was going on, or in Kristin’s case, going down. Only five minutes earlier, he’d been writing up a ticket; now, all he wanted was an orgasm.

After a couple of minutes of just using her lips, Kristin stepped up the pressure by adding her tongue into the mix. Down she went, sealing her lips tightly against the shaft until his cock almost rammed into the back of her mouth, then she gave him a good, hard suck and pulled back to the tip of his cock. Once there, she finished the move by wrapping her tongue around one side of the head of his cock, and then the other, as if she were licking the base of an ice cream cone.

Now that Kristin had decided to skip out on the photo shoot, she was taking her sweet time pleasuring Ian, but he knew something she didn’t: he hadn’t checked in with his dispatcher in awhile, and if he didn’t do so soon, they might send another patrol car to check on him. So, as much as he wanted Kristin to keep on working him over, he had to take charge and finish this or else they’d both be in hot water.

Once he’d made his decision, Ian leapt into action, grasping both sides of Kristin’s head to hold her close as her vigorously fucked her pretty little mouth. She was surprised by the sudden change, but she did adore strong men and secretly loved being used like she was nothing more than a man’s come bucket.

“Take my cock, you fucking whore!” Ian grunted as he abused Kristin’s mouth. Over and over he rammed his thick cock as far back into her mouth as he could, making her gag before pulling back and then fucking her all over again.

Ian was close to coming now, perilously so, and wanting to make his mark on this roadside slut, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and started jacking off only inches from her face. Kristin groaned in frustration at the loss of Ian’s thick cock, but she kept her mouth open as she hoped to catch as much of his come as she could.

No dice.

When Ian came, he gave a guttural roar while pointing his cock here, there, and everywhere, managing to cover Kristin with ropes of his thick, white come from her eyebrows to the open V of her unbuttoned green Henley.

“Holy shit, that was hot!” he mumbled, as Kristin sucked his cock back into her mouth to get the last few drops out of his cock before they dribbled away.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Kristin replied, once she released his cock. “I can’t wait for the encore.” The back of her mouth was a little sore from the pounding it had just taken, but she was so wet that she couldn’t wait for him to get hard again and fuck her juicy pussy the exact same way.

That’s when Ian regretfully explained to Kristin about their need to get moving before they got caught by another cop. She pouted and whined just a bit, even as she gave in to the necessity of moving on. Once he helped her to her feet, he started to dress as fast as possible, while she got into the trunk of her car where she kept some ratty, old towels. Once she’d wiped the come off of her face, neck, and chest, she reached into her car to grab a notepad and a pen out of her purse. By the time Ian had redressed and was beating the road dust off of his uniform pants, Kristin had written an address and a brief set of directions for him.

“This isn’t over yet, Stud,” Kristin purred. “You owe me a royal fucking.”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Ian said.

“When are you off tonight?”

“Sixish…depends a lot on not having any major emergencies to respond to. And in a department that’s short on officers right now, it doesn’t take much for an emergency to become ‘major.’”

“Here’s to hoping you’re off on time then,” Kristin said, as she handed over the small sheet of paper. “That’s my home address. Be there tonight after your shift is over, but please don’t let anyone else see that address. The last thing I need is a bunch of people I don’t know coming to my door.”

“You don’t know me,” Ian pointed out.

“I’ve had your cock in my mouth,” Kristin shot back. “I think I know you well enough to let you have a shot at my pussy.”

“What about your ass? Do I get that, too?”

“You are a bold one,” Kristin allowed, “but if you want my ass, you’ll have to earn it.”

Kristin and Ian then shared a quick but fiery kiss before separating. Just as he was about to step into his patrol car, Kristin caught his attention, and said, “One more thing, Ian, wear your uniform when you come over.” Curious, he asked why. That got Kristin to wink. “Those handcuffs and that nightstick might just come in handy.” She blew him a kiss. “See you after six, Officer Cock.”

Now, Kristin thought, I just have to go home and make up a damn good excuse for missing the fucking photo shoot today.