Ian’s shift ended at six, just as scheduled. He thanked the gods that nothing untoward had happened, and as he showered in the police station’s men’s locker room, he thought of Kristin Kreuk and their roadside blowjob/face fuck. She had claimed to be an actress and a model, but he’d never heard of her before today, so he decided to carefully question some of his fellow officers to see if she was anything more than some two-bit whore with delusions of grandeur.

The first guy he asked about Kristin had confirmed she was an actress, and that she was a blazing hot piece of ass he’d give his left nut to screw. The next guy Ian talked to looked at him like he was retarded for not knowing who she was, and then proceeded to ask him if he’d ever seen an episode of Smallville. When Ian admitted to having seen a few episodes of the show back when it had started, the guy told him Kristin was the girl who’d played Lana Lang. A couple of more questions just confirmed what he’d already been told: Kristin was one famous piece of ass; she had been telling the truth.

That made Ian more interested in her, so at his next stop, which was his rural home, he slid a chicken pot pie into his microwave and did a little Googling on his desktop PC while he waited for the food to heat. The only words he entered into the search bar were ‘Kristin Kreuk.’ Ian was amazed at the number and variety of photos that popped up once he clicked on ‘Images.’ Some were ‘girl-next-door’ sweet, some were engagingly beautiful, while still others made her look like a wannabe hooker.

Having gotten confirmation that Kristin was who she said she was made him feel more comfortable about going to see her, and the hotness he’d seen from her online had just stoked his desire. Once he downed his food and brushed his teeth, he remembered her last request and changed into a clean police uniform. Just before Ian walked out the front door, Kristin’s off-hand comment about handcuffs and a nightstick coming in handy came to mind. That made him turn around and snag a few extra sets of handcuffs, along with a small roll of clothesline and a razor-sharp Gerber Mark II knife. If Kristin likes being tied up, Ian thought, I will do all I can to make her wish come true. Making sure the directions to her house were in his pocket, Ian headed out of his house and hopped into his truck for the drive into the city.

As for Kristin, after leaving Ian at the side of the road, she had driven to a somewhat less remote location and then flattened one of her own tires before calling her auto club to come and change it. She figured this was the best excuse she could offer up for missing the photo shoot, since she could use the paperwork from the auto club to corroborate her story.

By the time Kristin had reached her home, she had begun having second thoughts about having sex with Ian that night. She was beginning to think of her blow job and the face fuck that followed as a flirtation that had gotten completely out of control…and nothing more. And while Kristin wasn’t nearly as shy as she had used to be, she definitely wasn’t the type to bring home random strangers for sex. Still, she thought, I made the invitation, so if Ian shows up, I’ll have to go through with it and fuck him anyway. Then her lips curled up at the corners of her mouth. I’ve had to do worse things. He is a gorgeous man, and with a monster cock like that, he could be a porn star. I just hope he knows how to use it…and me.

When six o’ clock rolled around, Kristin was eating some vegetarian stir fry, and wondering if Ian would show up or chicken out. She figured there was a fifty-fifty chance of him actually having the balls to drive into town to hookup with her, and if he did decide to come, she wondered if he’d be the super-excitable type who’d head off to meet her the moment he left work, or if he’d take some time to relax and prepare. She hoped it was the latter, as she’d had a number of dates with excitable types, and they never turned out well.

The only preparations Kristin made were to shower and put on fresh, sexy underwear, but she kept the green Henley and denim miniskirt. If Ian was going to wear his uniform, she wanted to have on the same outfit from their earlier encounter and see if they could recreate a little of that earlier magic. Once she was ready, she made a few phone calls as she curled up on the couch and watched a DVD.

Seven o’ clock came and went with no sign of Ian, but just when Kristin was about to blow him off and go downtown to visit her movie’s costars in their plush hotel - who were in town for their own photo shoots and other media obligations - she heard a knock at the front door. She waited for a count of ten before rising from the couch, she slipped her bare feet into a pair of strappy four-inch heels, and made her way to the front door.

“Hi there, Officer Cock,” Kristin purred, when she opened the door. “I was beginning to wonder if you’d make it or not.” He was decked out in his uniform and she could see a couple of bulges in his pockets that were something other than his cock, but what really caught her attention was that he was holding his ticket pad in his hands and appeared to be filling it out.

“In all the confusion this afternoon, Miss Kreuk,” Ian said, sternly, “I forgot to finish writing out your ticket.”

“Surely you’re not gonna ticket me now,” Unsure if he was serious or just yanking her chain, Kristin added, “Or are you?”

Ian had decided to play the role of apprehending officer to the hilt. On the way over, it had occurred to him Kristin might be interested in more than just a little fun with handcuffs or even the clothesline he’d brought; she might, in fact, have a thing for men in uniform or maybe for authority figures. Either way, he did have to finish writing out the warning he intended to give her. The one thing he couldn’t do was turn in a used ticket pad with a half-written ticket. Giving her a citation would be fine, and even a warning would be accepted as long as he didn’t write too many, but an incomplete sheet of paper meant he wasn’t doing his job, and it might cause his sergeant to take a look at the video from his patrol car to see why he’d stopped writing it halfway through. He definitely couldn’t allow that to happen.

“You were driving eighty kilometers an hour over the posted limit, Miss Kreuk,” Ian replied. “Double the posted speed limit.”

“But…but, I blew you, you pig!”

Ian handed over the paper and wondered how long it would take her to read it and realize he was just giving her a warning. Still playing his role, Ian shot Kristin a menacing look. “You mean to say you tried to bribe an officer of the law with sex?”

“N-n-no…I admit I wanted to flirt my way out of a ticket, but the sex…” Kristin sighed and took a deep breath, gathering her composure, “…but the sex just happened. Honestly.”

“That’s a likely story, Miss Kreuk. Given your own surprise upon receiving that from me,” he gestured at the sheet of paper he’d just handed over, “I think I’m going to have to take you in.” Ian pushed his way past Kristin and into her house, shutting the door behind him. “Stand facing the wall, with your feet two feet back from it.” Bewildered, and a little frightened, by this sudden turn of events, Kristin obeyed. “Now lean forward and place your forehead on the wall.” Once that was done, Ian added, “Place both hands behind your neck.”

When Kristin did that, she had little chance to struggle, as any move from that position would cause her to stumble and likely fall. Ian pulled a set of his extra handcuffs from his pocket and grabbed one of her wrists. He quickly and roughly yanked the wrist down to the small of her back and closed the steel manacle around her wrist. Then he grabbed the other wrist and yanked it down to meet the first one, and then used the other cuff to securely lock her wrists together behind her back.

“There, all snug and secure,” Ian said into Kristin’s ear. “You said the cuffs would come in handy, but I bet you weren’t thinking about this, now were you.”

Kristin was still in shock. All she could do was shake her head ‘no.’ Ian stepped back and surveyed the bounty he had before him. He couldn’t remember if she’d had those heels on earlier in the day, but right now he was loving what they were doing for her already beautifully sculpted legs. The denim skirt that was juuuust covering her ass was clinging nicely to her hips, but it would have to go, and do so quickly. The green Henley covered up everything from behind, and would be hard to remove now that Kristin was handcuffed, but that’s one reason he’d brought his knife; it would be the work of mere seconds to slice that blouse to shreds.

Still, he wouldn’t rape her or anything, he was just being creative in the use of the implements she had told him to bring. And that reminded him that he still hadn’t used his nightstick. That’s a lack I will have to correct right now. He took the one-and-a-quarter-inch thick fiberglass nightstick off his belt and held it by it’s handle.

“Please don’t arrest me,” Kristin begged. “My career can’t afford an arrest. It would ruin me.” She was rather sure that her lawyer could beat any charge of bribery as it was his word against hers, but if it came to legal proceedings, she was also sure the roadside sex would come to light. She knew cops had video cameras in their cruisers to protect themselves when they arrested people, and she just knew some asshole would steal that video and sell it to some skanky website.

“Well, you did violate the law, Miss Kreuk, so there’s a penalty to be paid.” Ian took the tip of the nightstick and touched Kristin’s leg right at the knee, before slowly dragged it up and under her perilously short denim skirt. “So what should I do with you?”

Kristin suddenly realized Ian had no intention of arresting her and never had. She felt stupid for falling for his trick, but she had to admit that being handcuffed and helpless in her own home was kind of sexy…especially with the way he was feeling her up.

“Do whatever you want to, Officer Cock,” Kristin said breathlessly. “I’ve been a bad girl and need correction. Lots of it.”

Ian stopped the two-foot-long nightstick just short of Kristin’s panty-covered mound and shifted it to her other leg to repeat the performance. “Would shoving that stick up your squishy cunt be punishment enough, Slut? Hmm? Would it?”

“I, uhhh…” Kristin stopped talking and gasped as the tip of the nightstick pressed up against her mound and then slid along the length of her slit. Oh God! I am so wet! she realized.

“That would be a yes, I take it?” When Ian drew the nightstick back toward him, he made sure the full length of the club pressed tightly against Kristin’s wetness, which drew a moan from the young actress.

Ian grabbed the chain that linked Kristin’s handcuffs together, and roughly pulled her off the wall and down the entrance hallway before turning into the first room they came to, which was her living room. Wanting to get started on what promised to be a long night of fucking, he roughly bent her over the back of her couch and rucked her denim skirt up around her waist, baring her gorgeous ass and the wispy white lace thong that was just barely covering her asshole and pussy.

Kristin’s feet dangled off the floor as Ian stepped between her legs and forced them to open wide. He pulled his knife out of the leather sheath that was attached to his belt and used its razor-sharp blade to cut through the panty strap over each hip before whipping the ruined fabric from between her legs and dropping it on the floor. After resheathing his knife, Ian pulled the nightstick out of the way to take his first look at Kristin’s slit. She looked to be very tight, so much so that she might be closed up with just a neat little seam showing if not for her widely spread legs.

“Shaven…or is that a Hollywood wax job?” Ian asked.

“You don’t know about Maxim, but you know about Hollywood waxing?” Kristin asked incredulously. “Are you sure you aren’t gay or something?”

Ian leaned forward and pressed his cloth-covered erection into one of Kristin’s shackled hands. “Does that feel like gay to you?”

“No,” she breathed, as she stroked as much of his cock as she could reach, “it feels like ‘fuck me!’”

“It does indeed.” Ian moved his cock back out of Kristin’s reach and returned the nightstick to it’s duty of rubbing along her gaping slit. “You’re getting cunt grease on my nightstick, Slut.”

“I wonder…aaaah!!…why,” Kristin moaned.

Then Ian shifted the nightstick so that it’s tip was resting right on her defenseless hole and held it there as he reached beneath to twiddle her clit.

“Oh, Jeeeesus! What are you waiting for?” Kristin wondered.

Ian shoved the nightstick inside of her pussy none too easily and began roughly fucking her with it. “Like that?” Ian growled when Kristin first grunted in pain. “You like it rough, don’t you? The pretty ones always do.” He spanked her ass hard on each cheek with his free hand. “They act like privileged princesses, but really, they just want to be used up and thrown away. They want a guy who treats them like shit.” Another pair of hard spanks; this time, Kristin cried out in pain. “Shut it! I’m getting tired of hearing your mouth. If I hear it again without asking you a question, you’ll be eating your panties.” Ian paused to see if she was ballsy enough to make a sound. Hearing nothing, he continued. “Now, as I was saying, some princesses get their abuse from their boyfriends, but some get it in bed from any guy man enough to take them.”

All this time, the nightstick had been roughly pumping in and out of Kristin’s pussy. Just as Ian was about to drop his pants and get to the main event, he heard the ring of a cell phone. “That’s not mine,” he said. “Who could be calling you at this time of night?”

“How should I know?” she shot back. “I’m bent over the couch, and my phone is in the fucking kitchen.”

“Will the phone stop ringing on it’s own?”

Kristin paused to think. “Not likely. Whoever it is probably knows I missed the shoot today and wants to make sure I’m okay.”

Ian shoved the nightstick as far into Kristin’s pussy as he could and left it there as he walked into her kitchen to retrieve the phone. Walking back into the living room, he looked at the caller ID and saw it said ‘Kate Beckinsale.’ Oh, no way! Ian thought. You have got to be kidding me! Kate-fucking-Beckinsale?

“Who is it?” Kristin asked.

“I told you to shut it.” Ian stopped behind Kristin and picked up her ruined panties before reaching around her to stuff them in her mouth. “If those come out, I’ll put ‘em back in and tie them in place.” The phone rang again, and Ian answered it. “Kreuk residence. Kristin’s a little tied up right now, so she can’t answer the phone, but she’s told me to answer for her.”

“Who are you?” asked a female voice with a decided English accent.

“My name’s Ian Johnson, and the caller ID says you’re Kate Beckinsale.”

“Who is it, Kate, and where’s Kristin?” asked a faint female voice in the background, one that Ian could barely hear.

“I don’t know, Selena,” Kate admitted. “He says his name is Ian, and that Kristin is tied up and can’t answer at the moment.” Thing is, Kate thought, I know for a fact Kristin hasn’t ever mentioned an Ian of any stripe, much less an Ian Johnson. She shrugged her shoulders. “I guess Kristin’s met someone new.”

“It’s about time,” Selena said.

“Would you be so kind as to tell Kristin we’ll see her soon?” Kate asked.

“Sure thing,” Ian replied. He listened a little bit longer until Kate ended the call, and then he tossed the phone down on the couch next to Kristin’s face. “That was Kate Beckinsale and some girl named Selena. They wanted you to know they’re gonna come see you soon.” Ian kicked off his shoes, lowered his pants and shorts, stepped out of them, and slipped off his socks, before he returned to sawing the nightstick in and out of Kristin’s juicy snatch. Wanting to bring his cock back to full hardness after stopping things to answer the phone, Ian began to stroke his cock in time with the thrusts of the nightstick. Kristin grunted and groaned around her panties as she continued to get fucked, but she managed to keep them inside of her mouth.

Soon enough, Ian was as hard as he could get, and felt it was time to move on to the main event. He pulled the nightstick out of Kristin’s tight pussy and was surprised by the faint popping noise it made, sort of like a cork popping out of a champagne bottle. He could see her body relax, but that didn’t last long, as he lined up his cock with her fuck tunnel and rammed it in. His cock wasn’t nearly as long as the nightstick, but it was actually quite a bit thicker, and caused Kristin to scream in pain once more as her pussy was ripped wide open. Once Ian had shoved his foot of cock all the way in, he rested and gave her cunt a chance to adjust to his size.

“I’m gonna take the panties out your mouth now,” Ian said, “so you can scream and moan all you want. I like it when women squeal while I fuck them. By the time I’m done pounding you, you’ll be begging for more. Are you ready?”

“Please, Ian,” Kristin whimpered, “please fuck me. Just ream the shit out of me. I need your cock…need it so bad.”

Ian reached out and grabbed Kristin’s arms just below her elbows and pulled up and back, raising her chest to be parallel to the floor. He then adjusted his grip slightly and began to fuck her, using his hold on her slender arms to wrench her body back against his as he stroked into her. Ian went slowly at first, but quickly built up speed, until he was pounding away at her cunt like a jackhammer.

“Oh shit! Oh God! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Kristin begged. She’d never been fucked so hard or fast in her life, and she found it was everything she’d ever dreamed of when it came to sex. It didn’t take long before Kristin’s stream of dirty talk drifted off into an incoherent string of moans and groans as she urged Ian on. “Unnnngggghh!…Nnnnggggg!…Aaaaaaahhh!”

When Kristin finally climaxed, her already tight pussy spasmed, trying to squeeze every last drop of come out of Ian, and that’s exactly what it did. He went off with a grunt of his own and showered her insides with baby batter. Spurt after heated spurt filled her cunt, and she smiled victoriously as she felt his essence fill her. When Ian was finished, he pulled out and walked around to the front of the couch so he could stick his greasy cock into her mouth.

“Suck it clean.”

Kristin happily went to work, and soon was working her mouth down each side of his cock to make sure she got him perfectly clean. The pain from the stretching she had endured was long gone, but the pleasant memories from her orgasm lingered. Once she was done, however, she ventured to say, “I thought you were going to make me beg for more.”

“I’m not done with you yet,” Ian said smugly. “You’ve got one more hole to fuck. I’m definitely not leaving here until I’ve had that.”

“What? No!” Kristin said. She was determined to not give up her virgin asshole, but Ian was just as determined to have it. They argued back and forth for awhile, until Kristin’s resistance collapsed and she pleaded to be buggered. What had done the trick was Ian spending the last half of their argument eating her pussy while rimming her asshole with his thumb. He’d brought her to the edge of two orgasms, but denied her both times, until she’d surrendered herself completely the third time around.

What neither one had noticed, until after Kristin had begged Ian to take her anal cherry, was that most of their negotiating session had been witnessed from the entrance hallway by two shell-shocked women. One was plainly recognizable to Ian as being Kate Beckinsale, while the other was much younger and had a slight Hispanic look to her elfin features. Ian assumed this was the girl named Selena. Both were enchantingly beautiful, and they had one other thing in common: each had one hand jammed down the front of her jeans and was busy furiously masturbating to the sight of their friend and co-worker being dominated by this unknown man.

“Come on in, Ladies,” Ian said. “The more the merrier.”

Both women yanked their hands out of their jeans, and when neither one stepped forward, Ian walked over to them and held out his hand for Selena, as he figured the teenager was likely the more biddable of the two. “Come on, Selena, it’s time for you to get fucked, just like Kristin.”

Selena was hesitant at first, but finally reached out and took Ian’s hand. That snapped Kate out of her lethargy, and she placed a hand on Ian’s forearm to stop him. “No, she can’t. She’s not old enough, and even if she was, her mother has entrusted her to me for tonight. I have to have Selena home by midnight. I can’t let…”

Ian turned away from Kate, and talked to Selena. “How old are you, Selena?”

“Seventeen, Sir.”

Ian turned back to Kate. “I’m sorry, Kate, but she’s seventeen. In Canada, that means she’s of age when it comes to sexual matters, so what you want or don’t want for her to do doesn’t matter.” Ian turned back to Selena and looked into her dark eyes. “Well, Selena? What do you want? I’ve got a huge cock here that’s just begging to fuck you. All you have to do is say yes.”

Kristin tried to watch quietly from her awkward position slung over the back of her couch, and a panicked Kate begged Selena to say no. But the girl had a mind of her own, and a bit of a rebellious nature which was stoked by Kate’s insistence that she stop. That would have been nothing, however, had she not seen the gorgeous man, his huge cock, and how he had made Kristin scream like a crazed woman. Selena wanted to experience that kind of sex, and where better for her to do that than up here in Canada, a place she was leaving in a few days?

“Sorry, Kate,” Selena said, “I’ve had sex a few times, but I’ve never experienced anything like what just happened to Kristin…and I want to. I want to come like that. I wanna get fucked like a whore. I say yes.”

Ian led Selena into the living room and told her to strip. He then turned back to Kate who was still watching from the hallway, and looked like she was about to have a stroke. Selena’s blouse was already on the floor and she was attacking the back clasp of her bra, when Ian finally said, “Come on in and join the party, Kate.” He congratulated himself on not choking when he said that. “You know you want to.”

Kate’s chest was heaving with the deep, irregular breaths she was taking, and her eyes were open as wide as possible as she watched her young charge nervously prepare for sex with a stranger.

“B…but I’m married,” she said lamely.

“Really, Kate, is that the best you can do?” Ian looked back at Kristin, who was still bent over the couch, and then at Selena, who was topless now and undoing her jeans. “Doesn’t look like anyone here is likely to tell your old man.” He reached down between his legs and jiggled his cock. “Now come on over here and strip like a good little slut. We both know it‘s what you want.” He saw her will crumbling to dust before him, but still she hesitated. “Don’t make me come over there and get you. You won’t like it if I do.”

Kate surrendered to her baser instincts and started to shuck off her clothes on the spot. Selena was naked by the time Kate had gone topless, and Ian quickly slipped a pair of handcuffs onto Selena’s slim wrists before bending her over the couch. Kate was naked and presented herself to Ian for cuffing almost before he was ready for her.

“Eager are we?” he asked as he snapped her cuffs in place and bent her over the couch, too. Ian looked down at the three finest asses he’d ever seen, before whipping out his cell phone and taking some pictures. Okay, a lot of pictures. “Don’t worry, I’ve got enough cock for everyone.” Once he was done with the photos, Ian stepped behind his sluts once more and asked, “Okay, who wants to go first?”