Ian rubbed his hands together as he looked down at the bounty - or in this case, the booty - before him. It’s like a smorgasbord of sex! he thought. So many choices! Finish off Kristin by fucking her ass…work on a fresh-faced, inexperienced beauty like Selena…or see what Kate has to offer. Ian allowed his fingers to trail over all three sets of velvety smooth buns as he moved from left to right. With each woman, he allowed his finger to press lightly into her asshole before moving on. He chuckled quietly when he realized he’d accidentally arranged the women by age, with Selena on the left and Kate on the right. However I do this, Ian thought, I’m gonna need more space now that I’ve got three women. Time to shift this party up to Kristin’s bedroom. First, he pulled his pants back on, mostly because they contained the tools he brought for the evening’s fun, but also because wearing clothes while the women were naked would just reinforce in their minds that he was the one in control.

“Come on, Ladies,” Ian said, as he brought them back to their feet, “we’re going to Kristin’s bedroom.”

Kristin took the lead and Ian came last. His eyes were on Kate’s hips and ass the whole way. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I’m gonna fuck your ass, too, Kate, and just like Kristin, I’m gonna make you beg me to do it.”

“No!” Kate said sharply, in a completely reflexive denial, but she’d seen the way Kristin had been made to beg for it, and she wasn’t quite sure she would be able to resist either.

Once in Kristin’s bedroom, the women stood around, looking a bit embarrassed at their predicament, while Ian got things arranged just how he wanted them. He quickly removed the cuffs from Selena’s wrists and gave her a soft, sweet kiss before telling her to get comfortable on the bed. Ian watched with appreciation as the somewhat self-conscious teen sat on the bed and then swung her legs up and laid back.

“Spread your legs for me, Selena,” Ian said. The girl blushed, but immediately obeyed his order. He loved the way her pubes were neatly trimmed into a little triangle that pointed to her pussy. Like Kristin, her lips were closed in a tight line. “Spread them wider, then go back to playing with yourself. I want you ready for me when I get done with these two.”

Once Selena spread her legs more widely and her fingers began probing her slit, he turned and surveyed the room. Kristin’s spacious bedroom had a swivel chair in front of a dresser table with three mirrors, and comfortable-looking armchair over by the window.

“What’s the armchair for?” Ian asked.

“I use it mostly for reading books on cold, gray days.” Kristin looked fondly at the chair. “It’s a great way to while away an afternoon.”

Ian opened Kristin’s handcuffs on one wrist and then removed her Henley and her lacy bra. Naked for the first time that evening, Kristin proudly thrust out her chest and dared Ian to touch it. He bent just enough to give each of her nipples a sucking kiss which drew them to hard points, and then motioned for her to sit in her armchair. Once she sat down, he closed the open cuff around the narrow arm of the chair and then used the set of cuffs he’d just taken off Selena to shackle her other arm in a similar manner.

“I’m not cuffing you to keep you in place, Kristin. Before, I cuffed you to making things exciting. Now, I just don’t want you masturbating while you watch. I want you to suffer through whatever happens to you without being able to achieve your release. And remember, if you say a word from here on out without being asked a question, I’ll gag you again. Understand?”


“One more thing: I want you to know I haven’t forgotten about fucking your tight ass. It’s going to happen.”

“Yesssss,” Kristin hissed, as Ian turned to Kate.

Ian unfastened Kate’s cuffs and she stood there rubbing her wrists, with her head down staring at her toes, as she was ashamed about how easily Ian had taken control of her.

“Kneel,” Ian commanded, and Kate sank to her knees in the thick carpeting of Kristin’s bedroom. “Suck.” He didn’t say what to suck, but it was obvious, so Kate picked up Ian’s half-hard cock and rubbed the prodigious length of his thick shaft before stretching her mouth and sucking the spongy, purple head of his cock inside.

Kate was humiliated to be performing such a personal service on a man she didn’t know. Since marrying Len, she’d given several drunken blow jobs to close friends at the end of especially good parties, but she barely even knew this guy’s first name. Still, she sucked and licked his cock like it was an all-day sucker, and it took very little time for his cock to swell and press against the back of her throat.

“Good girl,” Ian said, as he withdrew his cock from her mouth. “Now, while I show Selena what sex is supposed to be like, I want you to go over to Kristin and touch her, everywhere but on her pussy, so that she’ll be on edge when it’s her turn. I would particularly like it if you’d slide a couple of fingers into her ass to help loosen her up. You don’t have to do it, but if you don’t, I’m gonna fuck her ass anyway and it will definitely hurt her more without being stretched first.” Kate stood and Ian slapped her on the ass. “Get going.”

“Yes, Sir.” She gave him a smirk and a big, fake salute before heading to work. She wasn’t a lesbian, but didn’t mind being with other women, and being ‘ordered’ to touch Kristin all over was a convenient cover for her to sample the divine Miss Kreuk’s taut, supple body.

Ian watched as Kate sauntered over to where Kristin was cuffed to the chair. He knew Kate was in her mid-thirties and couldn’t believe her body; she was still built like a woman ten years younger. The curve of her hips and the firm roundness of her ass was just amazing. He had plans for Kate now. She had already serviced him, though briefly, and was on to servicing Kristin. After that, he figured to have her do something with Selena and then end her evening with him.

As Ian turned to Selena, he reached into his pants once more, pulled out his cell phone camera, and checked to see how much memory he had left; with an eight gigabyte card installed, he had nothing to worry about on that front. When he finally got around to looking at the teen queen, he could see that Selena seemed to be lost in her masturbation, as her eyes were nearly closed, her back was arched, and she was moaning incoherently while plunging two slender fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

Ian snapped several full-length photos of Selena as she pleasured herself, and then slipped the phone back into his pants. “Selena? Selena honey?” Ian asked. Selena’s eyes fluttered open, and her fingers came to a halt as was embarrassed to realize she was putting on a show. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about, Selena. You’re a enchantingly beautiful, very sexy young woman.”

“Th…thank you, Sir.”

“Please, call me Ian.” Ian began to unbutton his shirt and smiled at the way Selena stared as his lightly furred chest came into view. His short-term goal was to go slow and ease her nerves by getting her to focus on him and what he was doing.

“How old are you, Ian?” Selena asked tremulously. The only guys she’d ever been with had been her age, and they’d been fumbling, unsatisfying affairs where the guy hadn’t lasted long once he’d gotten inside of her. She thought from watching Ian with Kristin downstairs that he knew how to how to handle a woman, but she wanted to make sure she was in the hands of a real man.

“I’m twenty-six, and as you may have guessed,” Ian said, taking a verbal stab at the reason behind her question, “Kristin isn’t the first woman I’ve been with. I know what I’m doing. Trust me, and this will be a lot of fun for both of us.”

“Okay.” Selena knew her parents would kill her if they knew what she was about to do right now, but she couldn’t help it; seeing the way Ian had taken control of Kristin had ignited a fire deep inside of her that only one thing could quench.

Ian finished undressing, and Selena gasped at the sight of his raging erection, even though she had seen it downstairs. That puzzled both of them, causing Ian to frown, until Selena realized why she’d gasped, and said shyly, “I guess it just looks larger and more intimidating because it’s closer…and because this time, it’s meant for me.”

“That it is, and it may very well hurt some, at least initially, but I promise I’ll keep that to a minimum. I want you to enjoy this as much as I will.”

Just then, Ian could hear a wet smacking coming from the direction of the armchair, and he looked over to see how the two older women were getting along. What he saw was Kate standing behind the chair and massaging Kristin’s breasts while leaning forward and passionately kissing her neck. Kristin had done all she could - which was to tilt her head the other way to give Kate greater access to her neck - and was now moaning under the intensity of Kate’s assault.

Selena followed Ian’s gaze and her eyes popped open wide as she watched Kate taking full advantage of Kristin’s helpless condition. “God, that’s so hot!” Selena murmured.

“Want a chance with one of them?” Ian asked. “I can arrange it later if it’s something you want to try.”

“I…I think so,” Selena admitted, “but I’m not sure which one.”

“Take your time before you decide, but since the expression on Kristin’s face, the way her legs are squirming, and the moans coming out of her mouth all seem to indicate Kate knows how to please a woman, you might want to choose her for your first time.”

“Okay, I will,” Selena agreed impishly, as Ian turned his attention back to her, “but who ever said it would be my first time with another woman?”

Ian quirked one eyebrow in response as he picked up one of her feet and began to stroke it. Then he asked, “Oh? And who was the lucky woman?”

“A friend of mine named Demi. We did a harmless photo shoot one night where we were both wearing black bikinis, and we kept having these innocent little touches.” Selena shuddered as Ian’s hands made their way up onto her calf.

“Touches that turned into something else later?”

“Or not so later. We made out in the bathroom near the end of the shoot, and then did some experimenting on our own the next day.”

“So you’re not completely innocent,” Ian stated.

“”Nope, just mostly inexperienced.”

“That’s nice to know, but I need you to shush now and focus on my touches and your responses. There should be nothing in your mind from now on except how I make you feel.”

Selena nodded her head in agreement, and Ian spent a long time worshipping Selena’s slender body with touches and kisses. He went up one leg, stopping just short of her pussy, and then started over on the other foot and slowly massaged and kissed his way back up, again making sure to not touch her pussy. Selena was moaning with need by now, and bucked her hips hard against Ian’s hand every time it came close to her steaming wetness, but he ignored her and crawled up her body, licking and kissing his way from just above her neatly trimmed pubes to her navel before stopping to catch his breath and check on how she was reacting. Her breathing was erratic and her eyes had rolled back in her head as her hands played with her smallish breasts.

Ian smiled, but his voice was insistent, demanding even, as he said, “Take your hands off your lovely breasts, Selena. Put them in my hair if you have to find something for them to do, but the only one giving you pleasure from here on out is me.”

Ian worked his way up Selena’s light brown skin and soon was worshipping her breasts with the same talent and desire he’d shown for her legs, while Selena had taken his advice and was fisting her tiny hands in his thick hair as her moans and squeals of appreciation turned into pleas for more.

“Please, God, make him fuck me,” she groaned, after what seemed to her like an hour of sexual torture.

And when Ian crawled up her torso, planted his elbows on either side of her body, and lowered himself to begin kissing her plump lips, she thought her wish was being granted. But while they made out passionately, all she got in her pussy was a single, probing finger. In and out it moved, and side to side, as it stretched her and tested how easily it could move inside. Soon the one finger was joined by another, even as Ian’s tongue speared it’s way into Selena’s compliant mouth. When one arm tired of holding up his weight, the two arms switched, and this time three fingers plunged inside Selena’s wetness. Ian’s face was buried in the crook of Selena’s neck as he planted a spiral of hot, sucking kisses from just below her ear to the notch on her collarbone.

Selena was just as incoherent as Kristin had been earlier downstairs…and as she was now sitting in that armchair. If Ian had cared to look Kristin’s way, he would have been awestruck by what he would have seen.

Kristin was still cuffed to the chair, still at Kate’s mercy, that hadn’t changed. What had changed was that Kate had moved back in front of Kristin and had somehow managed to slip her legs between the armrest and the seat of the armchair, one leg to each side, which automatically put Kate in the position of straddling Kristin’s thighs. Kate had then slid her ass as far back on Kristin’s legs as she could go to give her enough room to lean down so they could kiss, which was exactly what the two women were doing right now.

Furiously so, in fact.

But Ian was preoccupied with making Selena come like never before in her young life. He’d already stretched the opening of her juicy cunt as much as he could manage without the aid of his nightstick, and he had no intention of getting off of her to reclaim that from its spot on the floor with his pants, so as he pressed he head of his aching cock up against her, all he took time for was to tell her, “Here it comes,” before he pushed the head all the way inside.

Selena hissed a triumphant “Yes!!!” as she felt Ian move inside of her, but when he stopped and she realized just how thick his cock was, she blurted, “Oh fuck, you’re huge!”

Ian asked if she was okay about continuing. It was the last time he intended to ask, but he wanted to make sure. Selena didn’t even answer him, not verbally anyway; her response was to put one arm down on the bed and push, while twisting her body. That took Ian by surprise, a shock he didn’t recover from until Selena had rolled them over and was on top herself. She quickly leaned forward and put her hands on his chest for support and leverage before she lowered herself onto his shaft. Inch by inch, Ian’s cock disappeared inside of Selena’s hole, until her mound finally butted up against his crotch.

“Holy shit!” he said quietly. “You took it all.”

“Good thing that’s all of it,” she panted, “‘cause I think I’m completely full.”

“Do you want to start fucking me now, or should I roll us back over?”

“No, I’ll do it,” Selena grunted, as she adjusted her position ever so slightly. “I’ve wanted to before, but the few guys I’ve been with wouldn’t let me.”

Ian looked up at Selena, and was stuck by how sexy, how womanly she looked with her black spiral curls hanging down and a look of intense concentration on her face. “Go ahead. Fuck me at your own pace.”

“Thanks.” Selena began rocking up and down on Ian’s cock, which was really more of a back and forth motion given their horizontal positions, and it didn’t take long for her to establish a rhythm. Ian grasped Selena’s hips and used his hold to stabilize her body as she rocked back and forth.

“You’re so lovely, Selena,” Ian said. “So fucking gorgeous.”

Her little body was wetly smacking against his groin with every move downward now, and on the upstroke, she was using her inner muscles to squeeze the length of his cock. He loved the way she was biting her lower lip as she concentrated on fucking him, and he also loved the vigorous way her tiny tits shook with each move she made.

“You’re not so…unnnhh!!…bad yourself,” Selena panted as she continued to fuck. Thanks to Ian’s extended and very thorough foreplay, Selena was already close to having the climax of her young life. “Oh yes, getting close, soooo close. Can feel…feel it…yes…I’m coming…I’m coming…I’m comAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Selena stopped moving once her orgasm washed over her and that’s where Ian took over. He rolled them back to their original positions and began to mercilessly pound in and out of her cunt. She shrieked as her overstimulated pussy made her beg for mercy, even as she was in the midst of her orgasm. As he continued to pound her, she arched her back, wrapped her arms around his back, and hooked her legs around his hips. Before long, she was clawing his back with her long, manicured nails, and using her legs to help pull him as deep into her as he could possibly go.

The only reason Ian had been able to hold out this long was that he’d already come twice today; he knew his third orgasm was going to be much tougher to reach. In and out he moved, and as Selena’s cries shifted from the agony of overstimulation to the desperate encouragement of needing more, he bent down to begin frantically kissing her face and neck as he continued to thrust. He could feel his orgasm coming; he knew he wouldn’t last much longer, not with the enthusiastic way Selena was working with him, and he wanted to make sure she came again before her velvet vise pulled an orgasm out of him.

Ian succeeded, but not by much, as Selena had a second, screech-filled climax. As her pussy clamped down on his cock, he couldn’t hold out any longer, and shot the little semen he’d been able to build up into her grasping, welcoming cunt. He collapsed on top of his young partner and then rolled to the side, bringing her with him.

“How was that?” he wheezed, before planting a sweet, soft kiss on her plump lips.

Selena released her legs from around his hips, but kept her arms around his back. “That was…” she paused as she searched for the right word, “…that was incredible, Ian. Thank you.” She returned his kiss, and after he thanked her for allowing him to have her, they settled in for some pleasurable kissing as their hands slowly explored each other’s body.

That lasted until Kristin’s desperate cries of frustrated need broke into their little world. Selena propped herself up on one elbow and Ian slid his soft cock out of her so he could turn around and look. They hadn’t yet seen Kate and Kristin making out, but the two women were still at it, they just weren't going as fast or as hard as they had been before. Now, Kate was kissing Kristin on her face and neck, anywhere but her sweet mouth in fact, and had one hand stuffed down between them.

Ian couldn’t see what that hand was doing, but he had to assume Kate was fingerbanging Kristin, and possibly also toying with her clit. He was a little bit annoyed that Kate was fingering Kristin’s cunt instead of her asshole like he’d suggested, but that wasn’t too bad, as loosening that ass himself would just give his tired cock more time to recover.

My cock is going to need some serious TLC after tonight, Ian mused. It’s never taken this much abuse in one day…not ever!

“Do you want to go over and check out what they’re doing?” Ian asked Selena.

“Mmmhmm,” Selena replied.

“Okay, but first you have to do something for me.”


“Crawl over here and clean off my cock with that hot little mouth of yours,” Ian said. “Once I’m clean, you can go look at Kate and Kristin.”

Selena didn’t think twice. Instead of making her way around the bed, she took the expedient route and rolled Ian flat on his back and took a cock into her mouth for the first time in her life. She’d never given a blow job before, but experience wasn’t necessary as all she was doing was cleaning up her juices and his come. She sucked and licked the head and as much of the shaft as would fit into her mouth, and then popped the cock out of her mouth to work on the rest of his shaft.

Ian thought Selena had reached the end when her mouth made it to the root of his cock, but she surprised him by dipping underneath and drawing his balls into her mouth, one at a time, before licking off the rest of his hairy sack. When she finally pulled her face off of his cock, he gave her a look a pure amazement. She returned his look with a shit-eating grin which made him laugh as he waved her off to go see exactly what Kate was doing to Kristin. Ian just laid back on the bed and folded his hands behind his neck as he took the chance to relax. He still had two beauties left to fuck, and he was going to need every ounce of energy he could muster.

Kristin’s ass first, Ian thought, then Kate, both after fucking Selena. He shook his head in disbelief. It’s the Bataan Death March of sex. I’m either going to finish it and be a sexual cripple, or else die trying. Then he smiled. What man wouldn’t want to be right here, right now? What a way to go.

Ian then hopped out of bed and grabbed his cell phone. He decided he had to get some photos of Kate mounted on top of Kristin, especially since Selena was doing more than just watching. That young woman had already joined in, standing right behind Kate and kissing her neck as she reached around and fondled Kate's chest. As he snapped shot after shot of this unbelievably hot action, he was amazed to feel his cock struggle back to life. I guess it didn’t really have choice, he chuckled, not after Selena’s cleaning job and then being faced with this rather unusual three-way.

Jesus, I’m a lucky bastard. Time to get Kate off of Kristin, so I can take her ass.