Ian walked up behind Selena and nuzzled the side of her neck, while he reached around her and took possession of her tits. That caused her to giggle, because the nuzzling tickled, and then moan with frustration as he pulled her away from what she was doing to the very complaint Kate. “I thought you said I could have her,” Selena pouted.

“You can,” Ian replied. “I just need to get you and Kate out of the way so I can finish off Kristin.” He looked back over his shoulder. “By the way, did you ever see exactly what Kate was doing with her hand?”


“Not Kristin?”

“Nope,” Selena said. “Kate was definitely masturbating herself.”

“That’s good to know. Now stay over here while I go help Kate extricate herself…”

“Kate extricate,” Selena giggled. “That’s funny.”

That observation made Ian stop in mid-thought. “Yeah, I guess it is. Anyway, she somehow got her legs between the seat and the armrests, but I don’t think she can get herself out without help. Let’s just hope my help is enough.”

“Can you imagine having to call 911, or whatever you Canadians call for emergencies, to get them out of that seat?”

“With those two involved, especially Kate, it would be news worldwide in a matter of hours.” Ian shook his head. “Can you imagine the headlines? Hollywood Stars Stuck in Lesbian Action, or Kate Dumps Len for Kristin?”

“Heh, Mom would go through the roof. She’d never let me near either of these two ever again.”

“Well then, I’ll just have to succeed, won’t I?”

“Go get me my Kate!”

Ian wondered at the change in Selena’s behavior. She’d first shown some assertive behavior when she had overruled her temporary guardian and declared that she wanted in on the sex. Then, during sex with him, she’d hadn’t been content to just lie there and let him pleasure her. Instead, she’d rolled them over and had taken charge for a long spell. And just a moment ago, she had walked up to the woman who was supposed to be in charge of her for the evening and had done whatever she wanted to her. Finally, she had just referred to Kate as being ‘hers.’

“Stop masturbating,” Ian told Kate. “You know that wasn’t part of the plan.”

Kate groaned with frustration but stopped as ordered.

“Can you get yourself out of this mess?”

“No, or else I’d already be standing,” Kate replied. “What a dumbass!”

“A dumbass am I? Suppose I take some more photos of you two and drive Selena home. Then, when we’re well away from here, suppose I place a call to emergency services to come get your sorry asses off of this chair?” He reached down behind Kate and started to finger her asshole. Kate tensed up, but made no comment as he probed all around her backdoor.

“That would be…unfortunate,” Kate admitted.

“It’d be a fucking disaster is what it would be.” Ian slipped his finger into Kate’s ass and began fingerfucking her, causing not the yelp of pain he had expected, but a pleased sigh. “I can’t imagine your old man would to be too happy to find out you’d been fucking some other chick without at least inviting him to watch.” Ian leaned around Kate and saw that Kristin looked just as worried by that prospect as Kate had sounded. “I don’t know if you have a guy, Kristin, but a lesbian tryst might not be what your manager wanted to hear about first thing in the morning.”

“You fucking dick, just get her off of me!” Kristin screamed. “That cow’s been on me so long that I can barely feel my legs!”

“Who the Hell are you calling a cow?” Kate bellowed.

“What did I say about talking without being talked to, you stupid cunt?” Ian said to Kristin, as he pulled his finger out and shoved both hands under Kate’s ass. “Just remember, the panties go back into your slutty mouth as soon as I get your luscious ass off that chair.”


Ian then lifted Kate’s ass ever so slightly before pulling backwards. It took a minute of careful work between the two, but he did get her legs free of the chair. “Here you go, Selena, she’s all yours.”

An excited Selena came over to claim her prize, and while Kate tried to get away and take a moment to gather herself, she couldn’t hope to match the energy or enthusiasm of the girl who was less than half her age and quickly found herself succumbing to Selena’s advances. By the time Ian had found a fresh pair of panties in one of Kristin’s many dresser drawers, the two women were lying on the bed and making out.

Looks like Selena gets what Selena wants, Ian thought, as he stuffed the fresh panties into Kristin’s mouth. He then unlocked her cuffs and helped her to her feet.

“Let’s get you moving for a bit,” Ian said, as he slipped an arm around Kristin’s back and then lowered it onto her ass. “Gotta get some blood back into those fine legs of yours. Nod when your legs feel right again.”

It took a minute or two of walking around the room before Kristin nodded her head. All the while, Ian had two fingers in Kristin’s ass, and his eyes on the women on the bed. In the time it took for Kristin to signal that her legs were ready once more, Selena had moved up Kate’s body and mounted her, grinding her sloppy wet gash across the older woman’s mouth.

“Eat me, Bitch! Eat me!” Selena said, as she played with her own tits.

Looks like Selena’s well on her way to being the dominant woman in this room, Ian mused. I bet if I walked out of here and came back ten minutes later, she’d have the other two on their knees servicing her like they were her slaves. Maybe I can give her a little help.

“Kristin,” Ian asked, “do you happen to have any sex toys?” She nodded yes, and he bent her over the end of the bed to begin vigorously fingerfucking her ass. “When Kate finally makes Selena come, I want you to take Selena and find something appropriate for her to use on Kate, while I tie Kate up. I think Selena’s well on the way to making Kate her personal slut and I want to help her. Okay?” That got another nod of agreement from Kristin, which Ian rewarded by sticking a third finger in her ass to help loosen her even more. “After that, of course, it’ll be time for me and you to fuck.”

Selena didn’t take long to come, and she made sure Kate licked up every drop of juice before climbing off and lying down next to her. But before they could do more than exchange a few short, sweet kisses, Ian called Selena off the bed and sent her with Kristin, who was allowed to take the panty gag out of her mouth long enough to explain what was going on.

It turned out that Kristin’s toys weren’t in her bedroom. Ian was surprised when they left the room instead of going into Kristin’s walk-in closet, but then he turned his attention to Kate.

“Surprised by my accidental protégé, weren’t you?” Ian asked.

“Jesus!” Kate huffed, as she tried to catch her breath. “Who’d have ever guessed? I just thought she was a nice girl. Len and I may have to start inviting her to some of our parties back in L.A.”

“That’s a thought,” Ian allowed. “She’d likely plow through your friends in no time. Now, turn so your body is running down the length of the bed and then spread-eagle yourself.”

What Ian wanted was to see if Kate’s arms were long enough that he could cuff her wrists to the posts on either end of the head of the bed. The bed was king-sized though, and it was plain the cuffs wouldn’t quite do. And then he remembered the clothesline in his pocket. He picked up his pants long enough to retrieve his knife and the roll of clothesline, and then motioned for Kate to climb off the bed and follow him.

“What now?” she asked, as they stopped in front of the door to Kristin’s super-sized closet. “Aren’t you supposed to be making me beg you to fuck my ass?”

“We’ll get there, Slut. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that.” Ian opened the package of clothesline and began to unroll it. “Cross your wrists in front of you.”

When Kate complied, Ian cut a ten-foot length of the clothesline and put his Boy Scout training to work. After a quick half-hitch on one wrist, he proceeded to quickly and efficiently square lash her wrists together. Then he cut another length of the very thin rope and tied one end of the rope around her bindings before ordering her to hold her arms overhead. He then threw the thin rope over the door and pulled it tight - forcing Kate up onto her toes - before tying the rope to the doorknob on the other side of the door. Ian finished things by slamming the door shut, thus trapping Kate in her current position.

“Kinky!” Kate said, showing her approval. “I hope you fuck as creatively as you think.”

“This isn’t for me,” Ian replied. “I’m trussing you up like a Christmas goose for Selena.” Ian looked around the room and didn’t see either Selena or Kristin. What could be taking them so long? I mean, how many sex toys could Kristin possibly have?

Ian left Kate dangling and headed off to find the other girls. He heard them before he saw them, but whatever it was he expected to find, he wasn’t quite prepared for what he saw, which was Kristin backed up against a wall, and Selena pressed up against her, fucking her hard with a strap-on dildo.

“God yes!” Kristin moaned. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Make me your bitch!”

Ian slowly stroked his cock as he enjoyed this unexpected happening. Selena’s small, round ass cheeks shook with every thrust, and Selena’s mouth was buried in the crook of Kristin’s neck as she showered her newest conquest with kisses. No doubt about it, Ian thought, Selena’s discovered a dominant side. Which is fine, just as long as she doesn’t try it out on me.

Ian watched and waited until he thought Kristin was nearing an orgasm before he spoke up. “So you couldn’t wait to get back to Kate to start fucking, huh?”

Startled, Selena stopped fucking Kristin and pulled her head back to say, “Well, I thought you were taking her from me and I wanted to have some fun…”

“And Kristin just happened to be there, looking really tasty, right?”


“Well, while I’d normally pay a month’s salary to watch you shag her rotten, I think you should head back to Kate. I was just tying her up for you.”

“Oh really?” Selena pulled her dildo out of Kristin’s cunt. “Sorry, Kris,” Selena kissed her hard on the mouth, “but I’ve gotta go.”

“Asshole!” Kristin mumbled, after Selena had left. “I was just about to come.”

“Poor baby,” Ian said, with mock sympathy, “you’ve been getting all worked up, first by Kate, and then by Selena, and yet haven’t been allowed to come since they joined in.” He reached out and took her by the hand. “Come on back to the bedroom, and I’ll fix that for you.”

“You promise?” Kristin asked.

“Not only do I promise,” Ian replied, “but I guaran-damn-tee it.”

When they got back to Kristin’s bedroom, she stopped dead at the sight of Kate tied to her closet door while Selena fucked her mercilessly. Ian knew Selena had to like the setup, as Kate’s extra height and they way the rope pulled her up on her toes gave Selena enough room to fuck the older woman without having to bend over.

Still, as much as Ian liked what he was seeing, he had the hottest ass he’d ever seen needing to get fucked, so he nudged Kristin and she went into action. She raced over to her bed and grabbed a pillow to stuff under her head before she climbed up onto the bed and got on all fours to stick her ass up in the air. She reached back with one hand and smacked her ass hard, and said, “Come on, Ian. Fuck my ass already.”

Ian stood at the side of the bed, where he’d be in position to watch Selena have her way with Kate, and pulled Kristin back to the edge of the bed. He spread her legs and pulled her farther back until her knees were barely on the bed and her ass was pressed up against his straining erection.

“When I’m done breaking in your ass, Kristin,” Ian said, “you’ll beg me to fuck you on a regular basis.”

In a bid to get him to shut up and fuck her, Kristin said, “Your action is all in your mouth, not in your panAAAHHH!”

Ian grabbed Kristin’s hips to use for leverage and slammed his cock into her pussy to get it nice and lubed in and out he thrusted three times before pulling back out and lining up his cock with her virgin asshole. He paused only a moment before forcing the fat head of his cock past the ring of muscle that kept her shitter closed.

“Oh God!” she groaned. “Fuckin’ hurts!”

“Of course it does.” He thrust in farther.


“Just think how it would hurt if I hadn’t stretched you.” Ian bent low over Kristin and thrust once more, burying his cock to the hilt before whispering, “Just think how Kate’s gonna hurt when I fuck her ass. She won’t get much of a stretching, and I’m of a mind to not grease my cock first either.”

“Ooooooh!” Kristin winced, just from imagining it.

Ian began stroking in and out of Kristin, moving his hands from her hips to her tits and pulling on her nipples as he reamed her ass. She was in a lot of pain, make no mistake about that, but as her body adjusted to her asshole becoming an entrance as well as an exit, she relaxed and suddenly found herself relishing the feeling of having her ass stuffed over and over.

When Ian heard Kristin’s whimpers of pain shift to moans of ecstasy, he picked up his pace even as he continued to abuse her tits. “Tell me who’s my little whore.”

“I am,” Kristin replied. “Keep on fucking me…aaaaah!… and I’ll be your slave.”

“You already are. Your body belongs to me now.”

“Yes, Master.” Kristin grunted out between thrusts. “It does.”

And while Ian kept drilling his new fucktoy, both of them were keeping an eye on what Selena was doing to a helpless Kate. She’d already fucked the English rose to one orgasm before taking advantage of the way Kate was strung up to turn her around so she was facing the door. After that, Selena had dropped to her knees and was eating Kate’s pussy. That gave Ian an idea for making Kate beg for ass sex like Kristin had, and he picked up the pace on the Canadian girl to make sure he got to Kate before Selena wore her out.

Kristin had her first ass-induced orgasm a few minutes later, and Ian hopped off of her body and headed over to Kate. He nudged Selena out of the way, and said, “Why don’t you and Kristin go to her private bathroom and get cleaned up? She’s been at this longer than either of you two and is exhausted. You, on the other hand, look like you could go all night, but we have to get you cleaned up and smelling fresh as a daisy before Kate takes you back to your mom.”

Selena was understandably reluctant to stop the hottest night of sex in her life, but she knew Ian was right. If she wanted to have more fun nights like tonight, she couldn’t risk pissing off her mother until she finally turned eighteen. Selena rolled to her feet and helped and dazed-looking Kristin to hers before leading the older woman into the bathroom.

“It’s just you and me now, Kate,” Ian said, quietly.

“You’ll notice I haven’t begged for you to fuck my ass yet,” she sneered over her shoulder.

“You will,” Ian replied.

Kate found her confidence shaken by Ian’s simple statement. It wasn’t what he’d said that had gotten to her, but how he’d said it. The smooth assurance in his voice that breaking her was only a matter of time had Kate on edge.

He began his campaign by licking and kissing the pale white surface of her ass. He thought her ass was almost as fine as Kristin’s, and given that she was a good ten years older, that was really saying something.

“Nope,” Kate called out, “that’s not doing it for me.” His mouth moved in toward her asshole, until his tongue was finally rimming her, a sensation Kate had to admit she found interesting. “Not bad, but nearly enough.”

Then he used his hands to spread her cheeks wide open, and began to thrust his long tongue into her lovely ass. That surprised Kate, and she bounced on her toes as Ian continued to tonguefuck her. “God you’re nasty,” she said breathlessly. “You should be worried about me shitting on you.”

“If you do that,” Ian said calmly, “I’ll make you eat it.”

So much for that threat, Kate thought.

Kate had never had someone spend so much time on her ass before. She’d been fucked there a few times by Len, and by Michael before him, but no one else had been given that privilege, but having this strange man make love to her ass like this was turning her on to the idea, despite how she’d always saved that hole for special occasions in the past. Finally, Ian pulled back and smacked her ass hard enough to leave a handprint. That both confused and hurt Kate.

“What the fuck was that for?” Kate howled.

“I can feel you weakening, Kate,” Ian said, as he gave her pussy a long lick from front to back. “You’re growing arousal is almost palpable.”

“But why hit me?”

“I decided it’s time to move on to the next stage.”

“Which is?” she asked.

“Pleasure and pain.”

Kate waited for Ian to explain further, but no more words were forthcoming. Instead, he licked her a couple more times and spanked both of her ass cheeks even harder than he had the first time. He alternated eating her with beating her, until her pussy was about to explode and her ass glowed red from one side to the other. Kate was having a hard time dealing with the combination of sensations that Ian was giving her. The longer he went, the closer together the two came, until he was eating and beating her at the same time, and in her overloaded mind, the pleasure and pain finally mixed and became one.

“Please,” she begged, “I need…” Kate was nearly out of her mind at the moment, and had no earthly idea what it was she needed, but she was going to beg for it anyway.

“You need to get fucked in the ass,” Ian suggested, as he continued to spank her ass.

Kate latched on to Ian’s suggestion and treated it as her own. “Yes! Oh fucking yes! Fuck me, Ian. Fuck my dirty ass! Do me. Fuck me like the cheap whore that I am.”

Ian stood and positioned his cock at her entrance. True to his word to Kristin, he didn’t even bother to lube it by slipping it into her pussy once or twice. All he did was say, “I told you you’d beg for it,” before ramming his cock past her ring of muscle as if it wasn’t even there. Kate screamed, and a second thrust was all that was needed for Ian’s crotch to slap up against her ass as he bottomed out. She screamed again, so loudly that a soapy Selena and Kristin came running to see who was dying, but when they saw the look of ecstasy on her face, they quickly returned to the bathroom.

Stroke after stroke, Ian pounded Kate’s asshole, and stroke after stroke, Kate thought she was in Heaven, as the pain and pleasure of her fucking drove her wild. “I never knew…rrrrrrrggghhh!…ever, that it could…aaaahhh!…be like this. Fuck me harder!…oh shit!…Don’t be a pussy…nnnngggghh!…Pillage my ass!”

Ian pounded her as hard and fast as he could go, and Kate had two earth-shattering orgasms before his worn-out tool had it’s last orgasm of the night. Ian was as exhausted as Kristin had been a short while earlier, but he still managed to go back and get his cell phone to shoot a dozen photos of Kate’s red ass and the rest of her dangling from the door, before going to the bathroom to check on how the cleanup was coming along.

When he saw what was going on in there, Ian just started laughing and taking more photos. The two women were in the giant tub together taking what should have been a relaxing bubble bath, except Kristin was on all fours, holding on to the edge of the tub, while Selena had mounted her from behind, with the strap-on still on, and was fucking hard as the older girl begged for more.

“It appears you were determined to get Kristin’s pussy after all,” Ian chuckled.

Selena looked back and shot him a grin. “What can I say?”

“That you’re a bisexual slut, maybe?”

“That sounds about right,” Selena said, as she turned back to her fucking.

Kristin came a few minutes later, and Selena then went to work cleaning herself up. By time she was clean, Ian had gone to retrieve Selena and Kate’s clothing. But before he returned to the bedroom, he’d taken the liberty of digging through their purses and cell phones to collect every bit of personal information on the two as was possible. Home addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, you name it, and Ian had it. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do with this info, but he knew that having it opened a whole new world of possibilities.

As the two women stumbled out of Kristin’s house and down the walk to the street, Ian watched their retreating forms, and knew he’d be making a visit to southern California sometime in the very near future. In the meantime, he had one very hot, newly-minted sex slave that he fully intended to enjoy every way possible on a daily basis.

“Come on, Kristin, let’s see if you have a guest room. We both need to sleep, and we’re both too tired to change your bed.”