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    Emma Watson Sex Stories - The Harry Potter Girl

    “Why the fuck did she go and do that?!” I shouted down the phone to my best mate, “She looks like a little boy! How am i supposed to wank over the bitch now!”

    “Ha ha, Im sure her first thought wasnt about whether her perv fans would still be able to cum over her to be honest mate!” he replied.

    We were of course discussing Emma Watson and her new haircut. After getting the role of Hermione in the Harry Potter films aged 11, the whole world had seen her transform from a cute little girl into a gorgeous 20 year old global star. And like many men i found myself wondering when it was ok to say i fancied her. In truth i started wanking over her when she was 13-14 but i kept this to myself, not telling people i thought she was hot til she turned 16. By the time she was 18 i’d spilt so much cum over her and she was a favourite of mine to wank over. By this time everyone liked her, she was a regular in Worlds Sexiest Women lists and had started to get modelling jobs. The Harry Potter films carried on coming and like everyone else I looked forward to the premieres for some new wanking material, maybe even the chance of a nip-slip or knicker flash. She was gorgeous in my opinion, with a slim petite body in perfect proportion and the ideal girl-next-door pretty face.

    Then in August 2010 she ruined it all by getting her hair cut. Apparently she did it to signify the end of filming on the Harry Potter films and a new chapter in her life. All i knew was she had gone from being a stunning girl to looking like a teenage boy. The pictures of her at the penultimate Potter film just seemed to wind me up even more. Sure she still had an awesome body, but with her new hairstyle she barely got me hard. It was at that point i vowed that if i ever met her, i would tell her what a mistake it had been to cut her hair. Little did i know that a year later i would have that opportunity.

    I was drinking in a bar in West London with some mates. It wasn’t a big night of drinking, just a catch up and so people started drifting off from about 8pm. Knowing the owner of the bar i stayed for a bit, supping a pint and chatting about anything and everything. He went on to tell me about celebrities that had been in the bar.

    “There’s been loads in here” he said. “We’re quite lucky with the location to be honest, its far enough out of central London to avoid most of the paps but still close enough for people to get to.”

    “Oh yeah, go on then, start name dropping” i said.

    “Well we’ve had loads of sports stars, England Rugby team, Chelsea and Fulham players, Kiera Knightly’s been a few times, Billie Piper, some of the Girls Aloud girls, Katy Perry and Russel Brand have been in too, Emma Watson. The list goes on” he boasted.

    “Wow thats quite a list!” i said sounding impressed. “Any of them regulars?”

    “Emma Watson comes in quite a bit when she’s back from the States” he said.

    “Oh she was nice, i used to really like her til she got her haircut” i responded.

    “Ha! Yeah it was a drastic change thats for sure, have you seen her recently though? Its all grown back now, shes back to looking fit as! She was only in a couple of days ago.”

    “Really,” i said trying not to sound too bothered, “She live near here then?”

    “Yeah, we’ve done a few deliveries to her house for parties and stuff, she’s only 10 minutes walk away.”

    “Oh my god, where abouts?” i asked.

    “Well i shouldn’t really tell you, she asked us not to tell anyone beacuse of fans and paps”

    “Yeah but im not either of them! Come on do a mate a favour, you know me, i won’t tell anyone!” i said trying not to sound too desperate.

    It turned out she really did live 10 minutes walk away. It was only a flat in a new block, apparently she didn’t need a big pad because she was primarily in the US at Browns University studying. I passed it on the way home and had a quick look around. This was too good an opportunity to resist, it wasn’t very often you got the home address of a hot celeb, let alone one who you used to wank over all the time. With a bit of drink in me i was feeling quite brave, and i’d been reminded of her short hair and i remembered how angry i was at the time. Just at that minute the secure door opened as someone left the flat. I made a spur of the moment decision and acted like i was on the way in, and walked into the hallway. I had no idea what i was planning but made my way up the stairs towards Emma’s flat.

    I formulated some rough sort of plan on the way but had no idea if it would work, i could well be running away from the place with security on my tail inside a minute! I knew from reading about her that she never had bodyguards with her when she was at her place, she said something about them invading her personal space. So she only ever took them when she went out, i knew she would be on her own. It wasn’t that late, only about 10pm so she would likely still be up if she was in.

    I knocked nervously on the door. I heard footsteps inside and the door opened on the security chain.

    “Who is it?” i heard from behind the door, not yet able to see her face but recognising the posh accent coming back.

    “Hi sorry to bother you, i live on the floor below and we’ve got a bit of a leak in the kitchen coming from above. I think its your flat thats above ours, do you have a leak or anything in your bathroom?” i said trying to sound as nice and friendly as i could, pretending i had no idea who she was.

    “Erm no i don’t think so, sorry.” she responded.

    “Do you think i could just quickly check? Sorry to bother you, I would call maintenance but its a sunday night so no one would come til tomorrow. I’m a plumber anyway so if its something simple i could fix it in 2 seconds” i said.

    “Er….OK, give me a second.” she said and closed the door. I couldn’t believe my luck! I heard the security chain being removed and the door opened fully.

    It was indeed Emma Watson. She wasnt dressed up as no body would be just sat at home on a sunday night. She was barefoot, wearing some skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Her hair had grown back and was now very similar to how it was when i used to wank off to her all the time. She had on a tiny bit of make up and looked absolutely gorgeous. I tried to remain calm and collected.

    “Thanks for this, i promise it won’t take long.” I said.

    “Its fine, don’t worry about it” Emma responded, she didn’t sound put out at all as she motioned for me to come in.

    I walked through the door and took in my surroundings. I walked straight into the lounge which was a decent size. The TV was on in the corner and a couple of lamps lit up the room. There was a large corner sofa set up on one side with a coffee table in front. Off to the side was a large open plan kitchen and to the side of that was a door, i guessed which led to the bedroom and bathroom. The wall was covered with various works of art and a few pics of Emma with family and friends.

    “So is it the en-suite or the main bathroom?” she interupted.

    “Er……. the main bathroom.” I said

    “Through the door and first on the left” she said and pointed me in the direction and flopped on the sofa. “Do you mind if i leave you to it? Im mid-way through a programme.”

    “No thats fine, it won’t take me long” i said and motioned to the door. I opened and walked through and went into the bathroom. I wanted a few seconds to collect my thoughts and run through the plan of action. I was in her flat now, that was the hardest part. I realised i didnt really need a plan of action, i was just going to play it by ear and see what happened. I gave it another minute before i came out and walked back into the room.

    “Its all fine, must be another flat, sorry to have bothered you” i said.

    She paused her tv programme and stood up. “Thats fine, don’t worry about it.”

    “Sorry i know you’re at home, but obviously i recognise you. My niece is a huge Harry Potter fan, would you mind?” i said with a smile.

    Emma smiled back “No of course, what do you want?”

    “Just an autograph, and a photo would be awesome” i said.

    “Sure, let me go get one of my stock pictures i can sign for her, i’ve got a box in my wardrobe, give me a sec.” she said as she walked off toward the door. I followed behind her and manged to catch the bedroom door just as it was about to close. I pushed it open and saw Emma looking into her wardrobe. The bedroom was quite big but quite simple, there was a king size bed right in ther middle freshly made with clean sheets. In one corner was the large wardrobe that Emma was looking into, next to that was a dresser table with a good size
    mirror and chair in front. Next to the bed was a bedside table with a clock and a lamp on.

    Emma closed the wardrobe, seeing me standing at the door made her jump.

    “Jeez! You really scared me then!” she said, “Come on, i’ve got one. Lets get it signed so you can be on your way” and walked toward me a little.

    I didn’t move and simply smiled at her. “I’m glad to see your hair has grown back Emma, ” i started. “I wasn’t a fan of your short hair.”

    She let out a nervous laugh, “OK thanks, do you think we could go into the lounge? I can sign this for you and we’ll do your photo too.”

    I ignored her. “Do you know how disappointed i was when you got your hair cut? I saw the pics of the premiere when you showed it off for the 1st time. And i’ll be honest, they hardly got my cock hard at all!”

    “OK i think its time for you to leave!” She said firmly.

    I took off my jacket. “Im not going anywhere, not til you understand how you ruined my wanking time by cutting your hair”

    She looked frightened now and made for the door. I pushed her back and she fell onto the bed dropping the picture she had in her hand. “Please just go, i’ll do you a picture, sign it, anything you want.”

    “Oh you’re right about anything i want, i’m just not sure you’ll like doing it” i said as i moved toward her. She edged back on the bed. I saw a dressing gown hanging on the back of the door to the en-suite, i took the cord out and moved toward Emma. I grabbed her hand tightly but she lashed out and kicked me in the balls bringing me to my knees in pain. She quickly moved and lept off the bed and made for the door. I realised i had to catch her despite being in great pain. I jumped up and chased after her, she went into the lounge and was running towards the front door. I caught her just as she started opening it, i slammed the door shut and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back.

    “You fucking bitch! You will pay for that, i promise you” i gasped as i dragged her along the laminate floor by her hair.

    “Ooooowww! Please let me go, you’re hurting me!” she begged.

    I ignored her and dragged her through the lounge back into the bedroom. I pulled her up by the hair and dumped her back onto her bed, grabbed her hand and tied it with a tight knot to one of the bed posts. I pulled out the chair infront of the dresser and took a minute to recover from the kick in the balls i’d just had. Emma was frantically trying to untie the knot with her spare hand but realised it was pointless, id tied it far to tight for her to undo.

    “What do you want from me?” she asked after a moment. “I can give you money, as much as you want, anything you want, just please dont hurt me” she begged.

    I’d recovered by now. I stood up. “Its not money i want” i answered.

    “Well then what? What are you going to do, just please let me go.”

    “Emma i’m not going to let you go, not til i’ve got what i want. You may as well save your breath asking for that.” I sat down on the bed next to her and she wriggled away, getting as far away from me as possible. “Tell me, what were you thinking when you got your hair cut really short?” i asked.

    She looked dumb founded. “What the fuck?! This is about my hair i cut a year ago? Seriously?”

    “Do you realise how you ruined a lot of guys wanking material? You were one of my favourite celebs to wank over and you just ruined it in an instant.”

    Emma just looked at me. “Well im sorry!” she said sarcastically. “How selfish of me to not consider that when getting my hair cut!”

    I grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to the bed. “You fucking will be sorry you little SLUT! I’m going to make you sorry right now!”

    She squirmed underneath me and her face started going red as i strangled her, tears began welling up in her eyes. After a few seconds i let go and she gasped for air. I let her recover for a bit.

    “You celebs, you all know that guys wank over you right? I mean, thats why you wear revealing clothes at film premiers, why pop stars do sexy videos.” i said. “You must know that guys wank over your pictures, and you encourage it with sexy photo shoots and flaunting yourself at premieres.”

    Emma took a moment to respond. “Honestly, it doesnt really cross my mind!” she protested.

    “Oh come on! You’re telling me you don’t know that there’s a million guys around the word right now wanking off to you?”

    “Well i guess if i really think about it, then i suppose so” she said feebly.

    “Well i can tell you there definitely is. And i was one of them Emma. I was your biggest fan, i’ve been wanking over you ever since you were 12 or 13!” i said.

    She looked up at me. “So you wanked over me when i was a child?”

    “Oh yes, like thousands of others. I didnt like you then as much as i did when you got older, i think you looked your hottest when you were 18 or so. But in the earlier days you were cute. Just the sight of you with your tiny budding tits and the thought of your 12 year old bald cunt had me hard in seconds.” i laughed.

    “Oh my god, you sick paedo!” she screamed.

    I grabbed her by the throat again, tears once again welled up as i moved my face close to hers.

    “I’ll tell you what sick is shall i,” i whispered to her. “Sick is prancing around on camera at 11 or 12 years old knowing full well that your making guys hard. Teasing them with your nip slips at premieres and your sexy outfits. Getting guys so hot they can’t resist stroking their cock when they see you, and then just ruining it by cutting your hair and making yourself look like a little boy.”

    “I’m…….sorry…” she managed to squeeze out as i choked her.

    I let go and stood up as she gasped for air once again.

    “You will be sorry Emma, im going to make you sorry right now. Im going to fuck you like the dirty whore that you are. And i dont really care if you resist, infact i’d like it if you did, rape is much more fun!”

    I could tell the calmness with which i spoke scared her even more. I started undressing as she begged me to stop and release her.

    “Please, you don’t have to do this. Im sorry if i teased you and im sorry for cutting my hair without thinking of my fans.” she pleaded as i dropped my top to the floor and kicked off my shoes. “Just let me go, untie me and you can go, ill give you as much money as you want, i won’t tell anyone, you can just go and you’ll be rich.”

    I dropped my jeans and pulled off my boxer shorts. I stood naked infront of Emma and her eyes widened when she saw my 8inch cock standing hard already. I walked over to her and she froze on the bed. Tears welled up in her eyes and i could see she was terrified. I moved my cock so it was inches from her face.

    “I suggest you open your mouth Emma” i said menacingly. Tears streamed down her face as she realised this was really going to happen. She reluctantly opened her mouth and i slid the tip of my cock into her warm wet mouth. The feeling was incredible, having my cock inside the mouth of a girl id been wanking over for nearly 10 years. I took a moment to savour the feeling before pushing a little more in.

    “You’re going to need to put some effort in Emma, you can’t just lie there with your mouth open.” i said. She half-heartedly began sucking my cock but was clearly not putting in enough effort. I pulled my cock out and grabbed a fistful of her hair, turning her face up to mine.

    “Right you wanna play it like that do you, well thats fine by me!” I tossed her back onto the bed and straddled her chest, pinning down her arms with my knees. I grabbed a pillow and propped her head up, my cock waving inches away from her face. “Open your mouth” i demanded.

    “Please……” Emma blubbed as she continued to cry. But she realised there was no use refusing. She opened her mouth and i immediately plunged all 8inches of my cock straight down her throat. I pinned her head against the pillow and held it there, hearing her gag and splutter with 8inches of cock in her mouth. I pulled out and she gasped for air and tried to control her gag reflex.

    “You asked for this Emma, if you’d just sucked my cock and put some effort in then that would be fine. But you didn’t, so now im going to fuck your face.” i told her.

    “Please, ill suck it, just give me a sec……ugh!” she was cut short as i thrust my cock back into her mouth. I gave her no time to settle and started pounding her face, i could feel the tightness of her throat as her lips wrapped around the base of my cock.

    “Uggggh, uggggh, uggggh…..” was the only sound that came out of her mouth as i continued to face fuck her. Pools of saliva, mixed with pre cum and her tears had slid down her chin and onto her top. I felt my balls slap on her chin with each thrust and her nose pressed against my stomach.

    “Oh you fucking whore Emma, you love getting your pretty face fucked don’t you. Oh yeah, its no use pretending, you love a big cock down your throat because your a dirty cheap slut.” I was loving degrading her, putting her in her place while i brutally skull-fucked her. the only sund she could make was a deep gargling and choking sound as her throat was being raped.

    After a further minute of this i was ready to cum, the tightness was too much for me.

    “Im going to cum now Emma, and you’re going to swallow it all down like a good girl. You got that?” I don’t know why i asked, she couldnt answer as she looked up at me with fear in her eyes and my cock deep in her mouth.

    After a few more thrusts i was there. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it as close to me as i could, her nose was pressed against my stomach as i shot a huge load straight down her throat. Emma let out some choking and gagging noises as shot after shot entered her mouth but it kept on cumming. She tried to swallow but some spilt out the sides of her mouth onto her top. I pulled out my cock just as the last spurt shot out and hit her straight in the eye.

    I looked down at her, her face was an absolute mess with cum, tears and saliva all over it. Her make up was smeared all over the place. I got off from her chest and picked up a towel from the bathroom. I threw it to her.

    “Clean your face up you whore” i said.

    She wiped her face with the towel using her untied hand, desperately trying to stop crying after having the throat raped. She had given up all hope by now. I untied her hand and sat down next to her, she looked up at me with her face now cleaned.

    “Is it over, can you go now?” she asked.

    I laughed, “Ha, no way thats just for starters, don’t think i’ve untied you because im finshed. I’ve untied you so i can strip you and fuck your other holes. But first i want you to thank me for letting you swallow my cum.”

    “What?” she asked.

    “You heard me, tell me what a worthless slut you are and thank me for letting you swallow my cum. You’re an actress, so this had better be good, feel free to ad lib” i joked, but she didnt find it funny.

    “You’re fucking sick!” she retorted. I walked over and slapped her hard against the face sending her flying across the bed. I picked her up by the hair.

    “You still havent fucking learnt have you. Im in charge here, you do as i say or i will just make this whole thing longer and more painful. I suggest you put some effort in, the more you do that the sooner this will be over.”

    She looked like she was about to cry again but stopped herself. She looked me straight in the eye, “Im a worthless little slut, thank you for letting me swallow your cum.”

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    Default Re: Emma Watson Sex Stories - The Harry Potter Girl

    I gave her a round of applause. “Bravo! Good girl!”

    She interupted me, “Please let me have more cum, im a dirty cum whore and want as much as i can get, come and use all my holes.”

    “Ah! I see i’ve finally got through to you, put the effort in and this will get easier.” i said. “Now strip, i want you naked.”

    She stood up on the bed and lifted her cum stained top over her head. She had on a plain white bra which she quickly unclipped to reveal her small tits, in perfect proportion to the rest of her petite body. Only a B cup or so. She then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down before kicking them off the bed. She stood there looking at me in her plain white thong. She then pulled that down and through it off to the side and stood up.

    “OK, walk over here, i want to see you closer” i instructed.

    She walked over the bed toward me and stood inches from my face. My head was level with her flat stomach. I looked up at her gorgeous little boobs and reached up to give them a squeeze. The nipples were slightly darker and about the size of 2p coin. The nipples stiffened at my touch and i had them both erect before i moved my hands down over her tight stomach which was perfectly flat. I moved my hands outwards to hold her hips as i looked down at her pussy. It was completely bald wiht not a single hair in sight, must have been waxed within the last day or two. It looked unbelievably tight. I could see her clit just poking out from under its hood, her inner lips where just visible poking out slightly between her outerlips. I ran my hand up her slit and skimmed her clit just slightly.

    “Turn around” i said, transfixed by her beautiful body.

    She did as was asked and i saw her tiny peachy bum. As with the rest of her body it was gorgeous, prefectly formed.

    “Bend over”. Once again she did without hesitating.

    As she did her juicy cunt bulged out between her legs and i couldt resist giving it another rub. I spread her cheeks to reveal her puckered little arsehole. I couldn’t wait to stretch it. I gave her arse a hard smack just to remind her who was in charge again. It caught her by surprise as she let out a little squeel. I pulled her back around so she was facing me, i lowered myself slightly so i was level with her pussy. I pulled her left leg up and rested it on my shoulder, giving me perfect access to her pussy. I licked it from bottom to top and finshed at the clit.

    “Mmmmmm….” Emma moaned. I licked her clit for a minute or so before moving down and plunging my tongue as deep into her as i could. Her pussy tasted amazing and i couldn’t resist lapping up her juices as i began fucking her with my tongue. “Fuck….” she moaned, clearly enjoying it.

    By now my cock was back to rock hard and i needed to feel her mouth on it again. I moved her leg from off my shoulder and stopped licking her pussy for a second.

    “Lets do a 69″ i said, and laid down on the bed. Emma straddled my face immediately and positioned herself so her pussy was directly over my mouth. I’d obviously done a good job with my tongue fucking because she was soaking wet now. As she lowered herself onto my mouth she took my cock into her mouth, only managing to take in about half of the length. I quickly resumed tongue fucking her whilst i found her clit with my hand. It was engorged and sticking out slightly, and i rubbed it slowly with a finger. Emma let out a long moan and the vibrations through her mouth felt incredible.

    It didnt take long for this to have the desired effect. The combined effect of my tongue inside her and my finger rubbing her clit had pushed Emma over the edge. She took my cock out of her mouth, “Fuck im going to cum…” she said between gasps.

    I felt her pussy contract around my tongue and pull it in deeper. Her body went stiff and i felt the waves of pleasure sweep through her body, the contractions causing her to shake a little. Her pussy became wetter, dripping juices down my tongue and into my mouth. I savoured the taste.

    I lifted her off my face and moved her to the side so i could get out from underneath her. I wanted her to taste herself so moved to kiss her. To my surprise she kissed back, and her tongue was quickly in my mouth tasting her own cum juices. I didn’t really care whether she was enjoying it, but maybe she thought throwing herself into the whole situation was the best way to deal with it. That way it might be over quicker and she might even cum a few times.

    “I taste amazing” she said as she broke off the kiss.

    “Mmm…you sure do” i said as i manouvered her onto her back. I climbed ontop and positioned myself so the tip of my cock was pressed against the entrance to her pussy

    “Please go slowly, i’ve never had a cock as big as yours inside me” Emma pleaded.

    But i took no notice. With one forceful thrust all 8 inches of my cock slid into her tight slit. Her cum meant it was plenty wet enough, but it was still a shock.

    “Uuuuuggggghhhhhhh…….FFUUUUUCCCCCKKK!!!!!!!!! !!” she screamed as she felt me stretch open her cunt.

    I ignored her and began thrusting my cock into her pussy.

    “Ugh……..Ugh…..Ugh….” was all Emma could muster, in time with my thrusts. I pushed myself up so i could see her face while i fucked her. I could tell she was desperately trying not to cry, not wanting to give me the satisfaction. She closed her eyes and grimaced with every thrust, but i continued. It only took a minute or so of fucking her before the pain she was experiencing started to fade. Her pussy had got used to the size of my cock and her face completely changed. All of a sudden she was pulling my hips into her, trying to make me go deeper.

    “Oh fuck, you like that Emma?” i asked.

    “Yeah, fuck me harder and deeper. Your cock feels so big inside me” she moaned.

    “Ill give it to you deep you little slut,” i say as i pulled out my dick. “Get the fuck up and bend over the bed”.

    I got off the bed and Emma followed. As she bent over the bed she reached down with one hand and started massaging her clit. I positioned myself behind her and once again forcefully thrust in my full length, causing a sharp intake of breath from her. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back into me so i was as deep as possible, and started fucking her with a steady rhythm.

    Emma continued rubbing her clit while i fucked her hard from behind. Her pussy was soaking wet now and her moans suggested she was enjoying it. Every now and then i’d give her arse a hard smack causing her to wince in pain and leaving a red hand print on her bum cheeks.

    “Oh thats it you little whore, rub your little clit and make yourself cum. Tell me what you are.” I demanded.

    “Im a little whore” Emma responded hoping that was the right answer.

    “And apologise, for what we discussed earlier” i said as i continued to pump my cock inside her.

    “Im sorry for cutting my hair, and for ruining a lot of guys wanking material. Im sorry for teasing guys with sexy outfits and making them hard. Please punish me by fucking me hard.” she said.

    “And tell me you want me to rape you, i want you to really degrade yourself while i fuck you.”

    Realising that the sooner this was over the better, Emma really through herself into it

    “Rape me, please rape me. I deserve it for being such a teasing whore. Pump your fat cock into my dirty cunt hole and make me scream in pain. I deserve this and im a cheap worthless whore and a filthy cum dumpster,”

    I continued pumping away, my heavy balls slapping against her pussy with each thrust. Emma continued rubbing her clit and i sensed she wasn’t far from cumming again.

    “Fuck me hard while i rub my clit, your cock feels huge inside me, and you’re so deep. Stretch my cunt wide open, fuck me like a cheap whore.” Emma continued.

    With filth pouring out of her mouth i thought this would be a good time to fuck the one hole i hadnt yet touched. I wanted it to be a surprise, so in one swift movement i pulled my cock out of her pussy and thrust it deep into her arsehole, a thin film of Emma’s pussy juice being the only lubrication. It was unbelievably tight, and i had to pull her hips towards me as i thrust forward to make sure every inch was forced into her.

    Emma let out an ear-piercing scream as my cock invaded her bum.

    “Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggh hhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..ffffffuuuuu ​uuuuucccccckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed. I ignored her and began ploughing my cock into her arse.

    “You’ve got the wrong hole! Its in my arse, take it out!” she begged with urgency in her voice.

    I laughed out loud ,” Hahahahahahaha, i havent got the wrong hole you fucking whore. I said i was going to use all your holes, so now im raping your arse.”

    “But ive never had anal sex, ive never even had a finger in there before. Please stop, you’re too big, its hurting me…….” Emma pleaded, on the verge of tears as i continued to pump into her arsehole.

    I pulled her bum close to me, so every inch of me was inside her arse. Emma was crying again now.

    “Finger your pussy, so you can feel what double penetration feels like.”

    Emma burried her head into the bed as she continued to cry. She reached back with one hand and side 2 fingers into her wet pussy as i resumed pounding her arse. It didnt take long for the DP to take effect and i could begin to feel her ring contract around my cock. I looked down at Emma and still saw tears stream down her cheeks, she seemed ashamed that such a violation of her body was still making her cum. She let out a few grunts as the waves of orgasm moved through her, her anus contracted and pulled me in as far as possible. I knew i wasnt going to last much longer so i pulled out of her arse, Emma was still recovering from her orgasm. I positioned her so she was sat on the floor with her back up against the bed and her head rested back slightly tilted up.

    “Open up” i said as i gripped my cock at the base. Emma didnt want to taste her own arse but knew by now it was pointless refusing.

    “Taste your arse you slut” i said as i slid my cock in. She tried to gag a few times, partly from the taste and partly from the thought she was sucking a cock straight from her bum. But my cock was too far down her throat to allow her to puke. I fucked her face again for a few seconds before pulling my cock out and moving forward.

    “Lick my arse” i said as i stood above her head. I began wanking my cock as Emma stuck out her tongue to probe my arse. “No fucking about Emma, i want to feel your tongue inside my ass, spread my cheeks.”

    Emma reached up and parted my hairy arse, i felt her soft wet tongue lick around my hole. I could hear her gag again, but i just laughed. Here i was wanking my cock while a Hollywood A-Lister was tongueing my arsehole. I felt her tongue plunge into my arse as she completed her humiliation. Now for the finale.

    I stepped back and continued to wank my cock inches in front of her face.

    “Im going to spunk all over your pretty little face now, i want you to sit there and smile while i unload all over you. And if it goes in your eye, don’t you dare flinch or close your eyes” i told her.

    Emma looked up at me and smiled. She wasnt crying anymore and looked pretty as a peach sitting there naked with her cunt and arsehole stretched like never before.

    I could feel it was going to be a huge load as i got to the point of no return. The first two thick ropes of cum streaked across her forehead and down her face, another shot straight into her eye and splashed down her face. I aimed down slightly and another 2 shots covered her smile in thick cum. It kept coming, and by the time it was finished Emma was drenched, her face looked like a glazed dohnut and cum had dripped onto her little tits. I squeezed the last drop of cum out of my cock onto her face and took a final look at her sitting there soaked in cum.

    I didn’t say anything as i grabbed my clothes and got dressed. Emma didn’t move or say a word.

    “Now just you remember why this happened, you brought this upon yourself ” i said as i looked down at her still sat on the floor, “And remember what you are, you’re a worthless Hollywood cum bucket good for wanking over and nothing else.”

    I finished getting dressed and walked out of the room, i listened as Emma burst into tears as i left her apartment.

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