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    Default Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt's Rude Awakening

    Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt hadn't seen each other for years. A chance encounter led to Jennifer being invited to Sarah's house for dinner. As the evening turned to night and the red wine flowed unabated, they lost track of time. Finally, during a rare lull in the conversation, Jennifer looked at the clock.
    "Oh my lord, look at the time! I should get going and let you get to bed." She stood up and took two wobbly steps on her high heels, her head swimming.

    "You're not going anywhere, sweetie," said Sarah. "I'll put you in the spare room."

    Jennifer changed into a skimpy nightie of Sarah's and was soon safely tucked up in bed. Sarah also retired for the night. But half an hour later a strange cry from Jennifer brought her friend running. Sarah opened the door to the spare room. "Are you okay, hon?"

    It quickly became obvious that Jennifer was still asleep and having a really erotic dream. She had kicked off all the bed covers and her nightie was bunched up below her tits. Her legs were spread and her hips were bucking and gyrating. In the moonlight a moist patch was clearly visible on the crotch of her pretty panties.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar found herself getting turned on by the erotic sight in front of her. She had always had lesbian tendencies, but had vigorously denied them, as had Jennifer. But looking at the sexy Jennifer Love Hewitt writhing in frustration in front of her was too much. Sarah's hand snuck down between her thighs and began teasing her little clit. Unlike Jennifer she wore no panties under her short nightie. She was surprised to discover how wet she had become in such a short time.

    As Jennifer moaned "Fuck me" for the umpteenth time, Sarah had a naughty idea. She ducked into the bathroom and returned with a can of aerosol deodorant. It was a long, thin can, with a secure rounded top. Sarah smiled cheekily to herself, unaware that alcohol and lust was seriously impairing her judgement.

    Careful not to wake Jennifer, Sarah eased her friend's panties down her legs and exposed her neatly-trimmed pussy. A questing finger confirmed that Jennifer was very wet down there. Sarah hesitated, then stuck the finger in her mouth. It tasted pretty much as you'd expect.

    Working up her courage, Sarah started rubbing the smooth top of the can up and down Jennifer's pussy, easing the lips apart gently. Still fast asleep, Jennifer moaned "Stick it in me, Trevor! I want it so bad..."

    "Fine!" thought Sarah, and started pushing the can into Jennifer's cunt. She didn't make much headway. "Hmm, perhaps it's too big" she thought, but decided to keep trying. She twisted the can as she pushed, and that helped. "Now you're really being screwed," she whispered to her sleeping friend.

    Sarah got the can half-way in before she could shove it no further. She started sliding it in and out, the smooth surface and Jennifer's juices helping a lot. Her other hand was busy between her own legs.

    "Oh, oh, faster... harder..." mumbled Jennifer.

    "If you say so," thought Sarah, and started pumping the can furiously into Jennifer's cunt. Jennifer started groaning and bucking her hips, the thrusts of the imaginary lover in her dream coinciding with Sarah's enthusiastic penetrations. Sarah pulled her other hand from her own panties and pinched the hood of Jennifer's clitoris between two sticky fingers. She shoved the makeshift dildo almost all the way in as Jennifer's hard clitty popped out.

    Suddenly Jennifer gasped and her eyes flew open as she awoke. She stared in horror at Sarah, then at the object that she was being fucked with. Her eyes boggled as she found herself spasming in orgasm.

    "What the fuck do you think you're do... oooh oooooh ooooohing???" Jennifer cried. Sarah jumped back in shock, pulling the can out of Jennifer with a loud pop. She looked at the can and felt her stomach lurch as she realised the lid was missing.

    "God Jennifer, I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me..."

    "You're a fucking lesbian! You raped me!"

    "I'm not a lesbian! And you were asking for it..."

    "I was asleep!"

    Sarah Michelle Gellar hung her head in shame. "Er, Jennifer - there's another little problem." She held up the can. "This used to have a lid on it..."

    Jennifer's eyes widened. "Get it out of me! Now!"

    "Er... okay..." Sarah slid two fingers into Jennifer's wet, twitching pussy, and felt around inside. "I think I can reach it, I just have to go deeper..." She eased her other fingers inside, then pushed them all the way in. She could just touch the lid with her fingertips. "Just a bit further..." Sarah slipped her thumb in with her fingers, and Jennifer gasped as Sarah's entire hand disappeared into her cunt. Sarah stared down at the other girl's pussy wrapped around her wrist. She couldn't believe this was happening.

    Jennifer couldn't believe it either. "What are you waiting for? Get it out!" Sarah clutched at the lid, her fingers constricted by Jennifer's tight vaginal walls. It slid further up. "Damn!" Sarah shoved her hand deeper, stretching Jennifer's pussy to a painful extent.

    "Owww!" cried Jennifer, then bit her lip and gasped as another orgasm hit her. She blushed, knowing that Sarah could feel the spasms of her cunt squeezing her arm.

    "Almost there..." The lid must have come up against Jennifer's cervix, because it stopped running away. Sarah pinched it between thumb and two fingers, and slowly started easing it out.

    Sarah's eyes were boggling as she watched her arm slowly emerge from Jennifer's twat, slick and wet with juice. When the lid finally came out, Jennifer's vagina stayed open for a moment, as if it was gasping for air.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Jennifer stared at Sarah's hand, glistening with her pussy juice in the moonlight. Sarah stared at Jennifer's widely spread legs and reddened twat, then met her eyes. "God, she's beautiful" thought Sarah.

    Jennifer closed her thighs and sat up. Her nightie fell down, covering her nakedness. Her nipples still poked conspicuously through the silk, betraying her aroused state.

    "Where are my panties?"

    Sarah pointed at the floor. Jennifer picked up her underwear and pulled them on, then turned to look at her contrite friend on the bed. She found herself wondering if Sarah's bottom was as firm and cute as she had always thought...

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    Default Re: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt's Rude Awakening

    "I'm going to teach you a lesson, you naughty girl!" said Jennifer. She pounced on Sarah and wrestled her across her lap. "Oooh no!" cried Sarah, who couldn't believe her luck.

    Jennifer gave Sarah several good smacks on her naked bum and noticed with satisfaction how quickly the skin reddened. After several more loud smacks she started squeezing and rubbing the other girl's buttocks, delighting in the feel of the girl's soft cheeks under her hand. Then she dug her fingers deep into Sarah's flesh.

    "Owww!" said Sarah, "That hurts!"

    "This is supposed to be punishment. Now shut up." Several more smacks followed and Sarah's bum began to glow. Jennifer felt some movement against her leg and discovered that Sarah was fingering her pussy while she was being spanked.

    "You're not supposed to enjoy this," grumbled Jennifer. Then her eye fell upon a smooth cycladic-style statuette on the bedside table. She grinned and grabbed it.

    "What are you doing?" asked Sarah nervously.

    "Giving you a taste of your own medicine!" replied Jennifer wickedly. She forced Sarah's legs apart and poked the figure's head into her pussy. The shoulders of the statue presented a challenge but a moment's twisting and wiggling resulted in the whole torso disappearing into Sarah's dripping tunnel. Sarah Michelle Gellar's eyes widened as her pussy stretched further than it ever had before. Jennifer started fucking Sarah enthusiastically with the statue, while the helpless girl struggled on her lap. She started alternating thrusts with spanks across Sarah's raw bottom.

    "No... it hurts, oh... oh..., please Jennifer don't... oooooh!" moaned Sarah, not really wanting it to end. Jennifer grabbed Sarah's hair and brutally shoved the statue as deep as it would go. She couldn't decide whether she was angry or horny.

    "Yeow!" Tears came to Sarah's eyes from the combined pain of her burning bottom and tortured twat, but her fingers kept rubbing her clit, building up a frantic pace. Jennifer's arm started to get sore but she kept up the punishing assault with the statue, ramming it into Sarah with a wet, slurping sound - "splat, splat, splat!" Sarah's gushing pussy juices ran down the figurine and over Jennifer's hand. Eventually Sarah tensed and gasped "I'm coming! Don't stop, aaahhhhhhh!" Jennifer slapped her ass as hard as she could, leaving Sarah's buttocks quivering redly as they bounced in her lap.

    When Sarah's ass stopped twitching Jennifer yanked the statue out of Sarah's cunt, then pushed her off her lap and onto the floor, where she landed with a wet thud. Jennifer fell back onto the bed, squeezing her legs together in an attempt to suppress her aching desire, but then gave in and stuck a hand in her knickers, finding her pussy lips gooey and swollen.

    A panting Sarah climbed back on the bed. "Jesus Jennifer, that was a bit rough. I won't be able to sit down for a week."

    "Shut up and make yourself useful." Jennifer pulled her knickers off and spread her pussy apart with two fingers. "Eat me Sarah. Eat my pussy..."

    Sarah hesitated. "Jennifer, are we lesbians?"

    "Right now, I wish you had a cock. I guess that means I'm not," murmured Jennifer.

    "Right now, I wish I had a cock so I could fuck you," said Sarah, worried. "What does that mean?"

    "I don't care. Please, just lick me." Jennifer grabbed Sarah's head and guided her mouth to her pussy. Sarah dove in, licking the entire length of Jennifer's gash before honing in on her protruding clitoris. She alternately flicked it with her tongue and sucked it into her mouth, her senses reeling with the aroma of Jennifer's aroused sex.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt moaned gently, running her hands through Sarah's long, soft hair. Sarah ran her hands up Jennifer's naked sides and onto her large breasts, pinching and tugging her thick, erect nipples. It wasn't long before Jennifer reached her climax, practically suffocating Sarah as she grabbed her head and mashed Sarah's lips and teeth into her pussy. It was one of the most satisfying orgasms she had ever had.

    Afterwards they lay in each other's arms. Jennifer gently stroked Sarah Michelle Gellar's sore ass, breathing in the delicious smell of her hair. "I'm sorry I was so rough. Next time will be different."

    "We shouldn't do this again," whispered Sarah half-heartedly.

    "Why not? We're just friends, doing each other a favour until Mr. Right comes along. I've been missing out on intimacy for too long, and so have you. It doesn't mean we're dykes."

    "I want to believe you..."

    "It's true." Jennifer kissed Sarah on the forehead, then on the mouth. Their tongues entwined, probing each other's hot, wet mouths, and they drew each other closer, their breasts mashing together.

    "And if it isn't true," said Jennifer when they finally broke apart, "this isn't so bad, anyway..."

    They lay in silence for a minute. "Will you lick my pussy next time?" asked Sarah.

    "No fucking way."

    The End