Alicia`s red hair was waving in the wind as she her drove
covertable Mercedes on the desolate highway. Her long, tanned
legs ended a few inches below her high cut white Spandex
shorts, which exposed the lower half of her ass when she
stood. Her shirt was tied above the naval, clinging tightly to
her breasts. She was in the mood for dressing somewhat
whorishly: She was rich now. And succsessful. She felt she
could do whatever she felt like. Her long leg pushed the gas
pedal. "What the fuck" she thought "I`m all alone here. And if
the pigs show up, I can probably out run them with this baby.
And I have enough money for paying stupid fines. I have enough
money for lots of stuff". She remebered the little plastic bag
in the glove compartment. The one with the white powder. "Yup.
Money is not a problem anymore" she smiled triumphly as she

sped even more.
"VROOMMMM" rumbled the powerful engine under her feet. She
felt unstopable.

"VROOOOMMMMM!" the gas pedal was pressed against the floor.
The power was running through her feet and ankles. She threw
her head back, enjoying the sweet sensations, barely looking
at the road. Her knees vibrated with the engine, sending
meaningful vibrations up her thighs. She gigled as she felt

herself starting to wet.

It was then when she heard the police siren.

"Shit!" panic hit her "Shit!Shit!". She slowed down
immidiatly, the police car following. She stopped and tried to
regain her breath. "You`re an actress Alicia, you can weasel
your way out of this one. Just smile a lot" She instructed
herself, her confidence returning swiftly. The steps on the
gravel informed her that the policeman was near. He reached
her car and stood by her door. He examined her silently, large
mirror glasses glasses covering his eyes.
"Good day sir!" she said cheerfuly "Did I speed a bit?I`m so
sorry. " "You were doing over 100" he said "I`m afraid you`ll

have to give up your licence for a while"
"What?Do you know who I am?" she demanded.
"No. And I dont care. Show me your licence please" he replied.
He was serious, she knew. But she was`nt going to give up so
easily. "What`s money for, if not to use it in situation like
these?" she thought. "O. k. How much?" she asked.

"I said, how much do you want, in order to forget this little
incident" she said patientlessly.
For the first time, his face showed expression.
Unfortunatly for her, that experssion was anger.

"Okay you little brat. You just tried to bribe an officer, now
I want to see that licence NOW!" he demanded.
She reached a trembling hand to the glove compartment. Her
shaking hand failed to grab her purse and instead sent most of
the compartment interior to the floor of the car. She saw the
little plastic bag and reached to hide it.

Too late.
The officer spotted the bag and immidiatly grabbed her by the
slender neck and pulled her back into her seat.
"Well. Well. Well" he said, a slow, satisfied smile spreading
on his face. "Step out of the car. NOW!" he barked. Quickly
and fearfully, she obeyed. "Turn over and put your hands on

the door" he said.
"DO IT!" he barked.
She placed her hands as he said. To her surprise he swiftly
put handcuffs on her hands, tying her to the wheel. She stood
there shocked. Cuffed to the wheel
of her car, her half naked ass was sticking out and her body
bent forward. "Wha. . What are you doing?" she managed to say.
"I`m afraid I have to body search you" he said, brushing her

tender legs with his nitestick.
"Very thoroughly" he grinned.

Goosebumps covered her half naked moons as the cold, hard wood
brushed her skin gently. It touched her ankles and moved
upwards toward her knees. She shivered as she felt it sneaking
up her tender inner thighs. She tried to close her legs but
realized quickly that his firm boots were planted in the
ground firmly in order to prevent her from doing just that.
"Please don`t do it!" she begged.
"Ma`am, you were speeding much over 100, you are in possesion
of illegal narcotics AND you tried to bribe a police officer.

You are in deep shit. Deeper
than you figure. " he said, a shade of lust thickening his
voice. The nitestick brushed her tender thighs flesh up and
down several times, then she felt it starting to move a little

She felt it rubbing against her labia.
"No. No. " she murmured.
The hard wood brushed against her swollen lips through the
flimsy material. Back and forth, the officer grinded his stick
between her thighs gently but firmly, sending shivers down her
spine. She was never arrested before, but she knew that this

was wrong.
VERY wrong.
But she also knew she was completely at his mercy now.
The stick left her croch and strted trailing up. It brushed
against her ass hole, then, touched her hips and up her spine
slowly untill it reached the slender neck. He now stood by her
side, leaning against the hood. The tip of his
stick left her neck and was trailing over her slim shoulder
untill it rested on her upper right breast. He started moving
it in circles, closing slightly each time, laying siege on her
now-erect nipples. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend
this was`nt happening. That it was a dream. Then she felt the
oaken rod starting to move again. Upward this time. It brushed

her slender
jaw bone, then her chin. He placed the cold tip one inch from
full lips. "Lick it" he commanded.
"Wha...What?" she asked, confused.
"You heard me" he replied coldly.
"The nitestick?lick" she asked stupidly.
Why would he want her to do that?
It had absolutly nothing to do with her fellonies. It was like
a bad dream. "DO IT!" he barked "NOW!IN YOUR MOUTH YOU
WHORE!SUCK IT!" She opened her mouth reluctantly and sent out
her tounge. Its tip touched the cold wooden tip.

"Lick it" he said, coldly again.
She licked the stick again, this time few inches deeper.
"You`re learning. Now suck it"
She knew she had no choice. She was trapped in this mad game
and she had to play by this madman`s rules. Her head started
moving forward and backward as she started sucking the stick.
Lucky for her, her mouth started salivating instictivly as the
wooden tip explored it. Her lips were streched around the
shaft, barly engulfing it. She felt a single tear forming in
her left eye. The policeman started rubbing his growing bulge.

He lied about not recognizing
her. He knew very well who she was and thanked his lucky stars
for the opportunity. The sight of the captive celebrity`s lips
around his nitestick, her head bobbing back and forth, implaed
on the wooden shaft and her gurgling choking sounds she made,
indicated one thing. He was going to enjoy himself. He had the
movie-star celebrity Alicia Silverstone in his power. And he

was going to fuck her silly.
Against her will.
The oaken shaft slided in and out across her lips. Saliva
started to escape through the corners of her mouth and down
the stick. She felt the tear in her left eye starting to roll
down her chick. Suddenly she felt the nitestick withdrawing.
The policeman took it out of her mouth and placed it in his

belt again.
Alicia felt his palms on her ass.
"I`m going to body search you" he said. She did`nt reply. His
hands left her ass and traveled up her body, untill they
rested on her breasts.
She gasped a small "Oh. " as he started caressing her tits
over the blouse. He gently bit her slender neck and nibbled
her ear. Alicia tried to move away but, grabbing her slim body
by the chest, he pulled her back to him. "Hey cutey. Where are

you going?" he whispered.
"Please. Please don`t hurt me" she murmered.
"Hurt you?" he mocked her voice "I`m searching you for
narcotics and arms" She felt his wet tounge in her ear.
Goosebumps spread all over her body again.
To her horror, she felt his right palm steal under shirt and
bra. He started massaging her tit. He pinched her nipple
gently untill it grew hard. She felt the bulge in his pants
brush against her swollen labia and asshole. The size and
hardness of it shocked her. She prayed it would end in that.
In an abusive body search. When she felt his left hand sliding
under her pants, she started fearing it would`nt. Her knees
trembled as he inserted his middle finger into her reddish
bush, and started vibrating it gently, sending shivers down
her spine. He was grinding his dick against her, his finger

planted deeply
in her womanhood, his palm massaging her breast, panting and
drooling all the while. She closed her eyes and tried to
escape in her mind.
All of the sudden she felt his hands leave her body, and
wondered what was coming next.

"Do you have some KY jelly?" he asked.
"In the trunk" she replied. He went to the trunk and started
looking through her things.
"What`s going on?" she demanded, anger starting to fill her
she screamed. He found the tube and returned to stand behind

her, out of her field of vision.
"And what do you the KY for?" she demanded.
"I`ll answer both your questions" he said with a strange,
thick voice. She felt a cold hand touching her heart as the
sound of an opening zipper came to her ears. She tried to turn
around and look but found it impossible with her hands cuffed
to the wheel of the car. Suddenly she felt his hand siezing
her hair forcfully, forcing her head forwrd and up.
"As for yor first question `Whats going on?` I`m going to rape
you" he said with a chilling lust "Why do I need the KY?

Because I`m going to rape your pink asshole"

"WHAT?It`s not funny" she screamed with fear and anger "DO YOU
Alicia turned to him and was shocked to see his huge erection
projecting proudly from his trousers, covered with KY jelly.
Surprising him a little she suddenly sent a kick in his
general direction, but missed. She turned her head at him and
tried again but he dodged her easily. Again and again she
tried, growling angrily, but he dodged them all, amused.
Suddenly he made a diversion to the left and, as she turned,
lept from her right and grabbed her ass firmly. Alicia bucked
and fought vigorously to break free, but to no avail. Holding
her ass tightly, he slipped his thumb under her shorts
and slid them to the side, exposing her croch.
"NO!LET ME GO!!" she fought and screamed mightily "HELP!!!"
His powerfull arms guided her anus toward his greasy meat
pole. His dick`s tip rested against her pinkish asshole.
"NO!DON`T!" she screamed, the desert echoing her screams.
Again she started bucking wildly, trying to prevent to

inevitable, but she was helpless against his strength.
"DON`T!LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!" her anger turned to pain
as the thick tip penetrated her asshole.
"Oh yessss" he whispered with delight as he started ramming
his meat shaft into her shorts-covered ass. Alicia`s body went
completely limp with humiliation and despair but his powerfull
palms kept her ass in the air. Half of his dick was buried in
her ass. Her warm canals embraced his dick tightly causing him
to grunt with pleasure. His dick came in and out steadily,
conquering an inch of her virgin land each time. Alicia`s face
was twisted into a mask of pain and sweat, her teeth biting
her lower lip. His testicles slapped loudly on her cunt as she
was conquered fully, his dick planted deeply in ass. He was
fucking her wildly now, sending ripples into her ass flesh,
causing her to grunt with each penetration. She felt her
tender asshole lips sterch mightily to engulf the base of his
dick. Suddenly she felt him pull out with an audiable pop and
felt his hot cum spraying her back. He let go of her ass and
she collapsed to the floor. After zipping his pants he put a

small mettalic key in her hand.

She heard his station wagon`s engine egnite.