Martin had been setting up the plan for fifteen months
and today it was finally time to bring it to reality.
He had been following Charlize Theron's schedule for

about a year.
He knew her travel plans, her security arrangements,

Tonight was the night when all this knowledge was
going to be put to use.
Charlize was in Sacramento for a charity event. She
was staying at the Marriott.
Martin knew about her travel plan for a long time. He
had worked his contacts, and managed to get a
duplicate key for the executive suite,
where she would be staying. Charlize checked in that
afternoon, and then went for a dinner with the

As she was away, Martin slipped into the hotel room,
and prepared to make his catch.
It was quite late, about 11 pm. He heard movement at
the door, and hid behind the curtain.
Charlize walked in and closed the door behind her.
As soon as the door was closed, Martin jumped out from
the dark and grabbed Charlize.
He grabbed Charlize from behind, covered her mouth
with one hand, and handcuffed her hands behind her

with the other hand. He took out a large rubber ball
gag from his pocket, and shoved it into Charlize's

and secured the attached straps behind her head. He
then lifted Charlize Theron over his shoulders, and
carried her
to his parked van through the service elevator.He
dumped Charlize in the rear of the van, got into the
driver’s seat and started the car.

After half an hour's journey, they reached his hideout

in rural California.
He pulled the van into the garage and slid open the
rear door.
Martin pulled Charlize roughly out and dragged her
down the stairs into a basement room.
This room was more like a medieval dungeon. There were
chains, gags, paddles and various sorts of whips.
Martin grabbed Charlize by her hair and dragged her to
the center of the room.
A chain with an attached hook hung from the roof beam.
He unlocked her handcuffs, and re-cuffed her hands in

the front.
He placed the small length of chain joining her wrists
into the hook.
The controls hung from an electrical cable nearby and
he punched the "up" button until her arms were high

above her head.
Martin looked at his sexy captive, and he could not
resist anymore. He slapped the sexy South African
beauty with the back of his hand.

SLAPPP!!! "Nnnnngh!!"
Charlize grunted inside her gag. Martin absolutely
loved this.
He had always dreamt about this moment, but he had no
idea it would be so sweet.
He decided that he wanted to hear Charlize's voice.

He unlocked the straps, and removed the ballgag from
her mouth. Charlize's jaw was aching and her throat

was dry
from being gagged for such a long time.She gulped some
saliva to moisten her throat, and
hesitantly opened her mouth to speak.
"Please let me..." SLAPPP!! SLAPPP!!
Her sentence was cut short as Martin bitchslapped her
on either side of her face.
Charlize's head snapped from side to side due to the

"Did I say you could speak, bitch?" Martin growled at
Charlize, who was too stunned to respond.
SLAPP!! "I asked you a question, bitch!" He
accentuated his words with another slap.
He was absolutely loving this.
"N..nnnooo" Charlize mumbled, hoping to avoid being

slapped again.
SLAPP!!! Her hopes were dashed as Martin once again
backhanded her.
"You will call me Master. Now say that again!"
", Master" Charlize said.
"That's what I like to hear." Martin was in Seventh
heaven. Charlize Theron was calling him Master.
"From now on, Charlize Theron, you are my slave bitch,

and I am your master."
He proclaimed with pride, as he grabbed for Charlize's
hair and twisted her face towards his,
clamping his mouth on hers. Martin could feel the
revulsion in her body as he brutally explored her
mouth with his tongue.
Martin loved the sound of Charlize's whimpering. She
was almost crying, as he took his mouth off hers and

let go of her hair.

"Now it's time to reveal your assets Charlize. Let's
see what you've got. " He said brandishing a knife in

his hand.
"Pleease, don't.."

"Never speak without permission bitch, and never
question anything I do. Understood?" He growled again.

"Yes, m..master."
Martin grabbed her dress and sliced it down the front.
He removed the dress, followed by her bra and
her panties. Charlize Theron now stood before him
completely naked.
He ran his gaze up and down her shivering body and he

licked his lips.
"Very nice." he said looking into her eyes. He then
raised his hand and slapped her tits two times.
SLAP! SLAP! "Aahhhh no nonoo!" Charlize cried, as her
breasts bounced left to right and reddened quickly.
Martin only laughed as Charlize suffered.

"You've been a cocktease for long Charlize, now it's

payback time.
It's time for your first slave whipping, bitch!"
Charlize was begging him to let her go as Martin
walked to a cabinet across the room.
He pulled a long braided flogger from amongst his
toys. It was quite a cruel object, with 6 flat leather

She would definitely feel it when they struck her
body, just like Martin wanted her too.
“Please, God please stop this.” Martin's dick was hard
again as he moved toward her,
the head of his cock bobbing as he almost touched her

lips with his prick..
Martin slapped her hard across the face as she
continued to whine.
“Shut the fuck up whore.”
Martin ran the long leather tails of the flogger

against her cheek.
“Have you ever been whipped or flogged bitch?”
Charlize didn't respond, she only wailed in horror at
what was happening to her.
“I said have you ever been whipped bitch?”

Martin slapped Charlize hard across the face, her head
jerked in the opposite direction from the blow.
She tried to choke out a response as Martin raised his

hand again.
“N-n-n-n-OOO, Master” Charlize rememberd the lesson
from before, and addressed him as Master.
Martin loved this. A beautiful celebrity bitch like
Charlize Theron was in his control, trembling at his
every word and
calling him Master. There was nothing better in the

“That's good!”
Charlize started begging as Martin moved behind her,
Martin ran the long leather tails over her ass, the
cold leather trailed over her skin.

“I want to hear you scream slut!” Martin swung his arm
back, Charlize's ass moved from side to side as the
long leather tails moved through the air.
Charlize did not expect the kind of pain, the first

blow would deliver.
Swishhhhh...Thwack. “OOOOOOWWWWWWEEEEE!”
Martin's dick spasmed as Charlize Theron's body jerked

The leather made a lovely, glorious, thud as it
slapped against her flesh. Martin loved the way she

Martin brought the thick leather tails back, lifting
them high over his shoulder then swinging down with a

fast, movement of his arm. Charlize's reaction was
instantaneous, her voice cracked she was screaming so

Martin could see the dark red welts on her flesh
already, spotting her smooth, pure, white skin.

He now moved to the front.He lifted his left arm and
the flogger snapped hard across Charlize Theron's

Swishh!! Crack !!!! "Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! Nooooo!!"
And then he whipped her exposed inner thighs.
"NOOO!!!" Charlize screamed as the flogger slashed
into her naked body over and over.
She shrieked and struggled hard against the bonds.
Martin again went around and whipped her back next. He
delivered one blow across her shoulder blades and one

on her lower back.
Her body jerked with every lash of the whip, her eyes
teared as she cried silently.
Charlize Theron shook against her bonds like a caged
animal. She was screaming and crying in the earnest.
Martin whipped down between her thighs several times.
Charlize looked at him and sobbed as the whip marks

burned into her flesh.
Her body was criss crossed with red welts and cuts.

Martin stopped after 10 lashes and held the end of the
flogger near her face.
He let it dangle as the leather tails brushed lightly
agasint her lips.
"Kiss it, bitch" he said.
Charlize continued to sob as she kissed the flogger

then pulled away.
She was in excruciating pain from the beating, and
added to that was the humiliation
of having to kiss the intrument of her punishment.
Charlize was never so humiliated in her life.
Martin gripped Charlize's head by the hair and
unhooked her handcuffs from the hook in the ceiling.
Charlize crashed onto the floor. She screamed as she
fell and then whimpered as she laid on the floor.

“Get on your knees whore, I want to fuck that pussy!”
Charlize didn't respond to his command, she just lay
on her belly, breasts crushed beneath her.
“Get the fuck up!” Martin kicked her in the side,

burying his foot in her belly.
“I said get the fuck up slut!” Charlize desperately
struggled into a kneeling position.
“Spread those legs cunt!"
Charlize started screaming in earnest again as Martin
thrust two fingers in her exposed snatch.
She sounded like a wounded animal as Martin started
finger fucking her hard, driving his hand as deep as

he could go.

“That's it slut, this is what you're made for!” his
dick was so hard Martin was about to explode.
Martin didn't bother with any kind of gentleness, he
rammed his cock in her dry pussy.
“Oh God! you tight cunt!” He exclaimed.
“No, no, please, god no!”
Charlize was screaming as his thick cock spread her
parched labia and penetrated deep in her body.
Martin took hold of Charlize's long blonde hair and
tugged her head up, making her arch her neck

Martin started pounding into her body like a piston.
“Fuck yeah bitch, god you are tight!”
"Owwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee!!" Charlize was screaming like a

Martin could see her hands balled into fists as her
body jerked forward with every violent thrust of his.
He pulled hard on her scalp, almost ripping her hair

from her head.
Martin twisted her face toward his and kissed her, as
he kept pumping his cock in her pussy.

“This is what you're made for Charlize bitch, never
forget it!”
Tears streaked down her cheeks and fell in large drops

on the floor.
Martin was rutting her like a dog, he loved the sound
of his skin slapping against hers.
He loved the way she yelped each time he thrust his
cock deep in her pussy.

“I'm going to cum in your pussy slut!”
“No, No, no!!!” Charlize was still screaming when his
balls started to convulse and began shooting his thick
gelatinous sperm deep in her cunt.
“OH my GOD!!” Martin'd never felt anything like it,
his dick kept spurting and shooting his cum in

Charlize Theron's pussy.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Charlize screamed in pain as
Martin pulled hard on her hair.
“Squeeze my cock you bitch!” Martin kept the tension
up on her hair.
“That's it whore, use that pussy to make me happy!”
Martin could feel her vaginal muscles closing on his
dick, desperately trying to obey, trying to appease

Martin kept pumping his cock into Charlize even after
he'd spent his load.
Her body was trembling under his- pain, humiliation,
were all wrapped in one glorious rape.
His cock was so sensitive as he pulled out of her
distended hole, he didn't think he could take it.
Martin loved the tenor of Charlize's crying, it was

music to his ears.

“Please, please let me go, I…I won't tell anybody,
please.” Martin loomed over her tear streaked face.
“I don't think so bitch, you're not going anywhere.”
Martin thrust his cock against her cheek and rubbed
his cum spattered prick against her skin.
Martin grabbed a clump of hair and wiped his dick

“You're not going anywhere whore! You are my slave
slut and I am your Master!” Martin smacked his still
hard cock against her forehead.
Martin savored the sound of her sobbing, of her
crying, Martin loved every second of it, it made him

so excited.
Unbelievable as it was, his cock was once again rock
solid inspite of all the action it had got.

He turned Charlize around and slid his dick up and
down the crack of her ass.
Martin pushed his cock in and Charlize moaned in

He pulled back and thrust forward again, this time
getting the head of his hard dick in, forcing a gasp

from Charlize.
Again, Martin pulled back and jabbed into her
resisting ass, harder this time.
Her moan became a wail through clenched teeth, as
Martin forced his way deep into her rectum.
Charlize was in agony. Her ass felt as it were being

split in two.
She was already spent up from the whipping and the
earlier rape.
Martin lunged into her, cramping her bowels miserably.

Martin wrapped his arms around her waist pulled her
abruptly to him, at the same time lunging savagely

into her sexy body.
Charlize screamed as Martin buried his hard cock all
the way deep into her asshole.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhh!!!!!" The pain was unlike

anything she had ever experienced.
Martin grunted and jerked, pumping his thick sperm
into Charlize Theron a second time.
Charlize almost fainted with pain.
Martin rested his head on her smooth back and gasped
for breath as his dick softened and Charlize’s ass
muscles expelled him along with his load.

Once again, Martin turned her around and slapped her,
his cock was dripping with cum.
“Kneel in front of me, bitch! Head up, mouth open,

tongue out,” Martin told Charlize.
Charlize was too tired, but she didn't want to get
slapped again.
She obeyed like an obedient puppy dog.
“Now take my cock in your hand and wipe it over your
slutty face,” Martin ordered.
Charlize hesitated, earning another slap from Martin.
SLAPPP!!! "Hurry up bitch! Or do you want to taste the

flogger again?"
Reluctantly Charlize grasped the base of his shaft,
and began to rub the leaking head of his cock over her
face, smearing her face with semen.
"Now, wipe it all over your face!" Martin ordered her.
Charlize moved her head from side to side, and rubbed
his prick over her cheeks, along her pouting lips,
over her nose, and up and down her

outstretched tongue.

“Now suck it bitch! My dick isn't going to suck
itself." he growled.
Martin grabbed her hair and pulled very hard on the

blonde locks.
Soon Charlize's mouth was filled with his cock. The
taste was horrible.
The smell and taste of sweat, cum and stale piss was

killing her.
She had no choice however and did the best she could
not to vomit.
Charlize moaned and screamed through the mouthful of
cock as Martin assaulted her throat with his stabbing

He had one hand entwined in Charlize's hair and was
pumping his cock with her mouth.
Drool was running from her mouth like a fountain. She
was choking on the down stroke and catching a ragged
breath on the up.

Martin was in his own private heaven at the moment.
He had raped Charlize Theron's pussy, ass and now he

was fucking her face.
He stared down at the South African beauty and was
satisfied with the look of terror on her face.
She looked extremely sexy with her face stuffed with
his dick and snot and drool running down her chin.
Martin pumped faster, pulling Charlize's hair harder

as he went.
Charlize could hardly believe what was happening.
Her mouth was stretched to the point of tearing with

his cock.
She could feel her throat expanding to meet his

She was barely getting any air and could almost pass
out from the humiliation alone.
Just as she thought it could get no worse, Martin
began to play with her tits.

“Damn, I love your titties”, he said.
He grabbed her left tit in his right hand and squeezed
it as hard as he could.
Martin was mauling her globes while alternating
pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
Charlize screamed in pain at the assault. The
vibration from her screams only gave Martin more
pleasure and so he pinched all that much harder.
He pounded Charlize's face holding her head still, as
he used her face like a cunt, slam fucking her throat.

Then he gasped, stepped back, and pulled out of her

mouth, as a stream of thick white cum laced drool
spilled down her chin.
"Oh fuck, yeah, I'm cumming on your face, whore!"

He shouted as jet after jet of semen flew from his
spasming cock, splattered on Charlize Theron's cheeks
and lips, covering her eyelids,
her hair and her forehead. Cum flew into her gaping
mouth as Charlize gulped in air.

Martin slapped her again. "You forgot to thank me
slave! " He growled.
Charlize looked up at him and through her tears said
“Th..Thank you, Master”.
Her face was a mask of fear, pain, and humiliation.
Martin wiped his cock dry with her hair.
He grabbed her hair, and told her to open her mouth.
"Now slave, I am going to piss in your mouth. You

better drink all of it.
If you spill a single drop, I am going to whip you
again. Understood bitch?"
Martin took his cock in one hand and aimed it at

Charlize's mouth.
She gasped in disbelief as the first trickle of piss
hit her face.
The trickle soon became a stream, and Charlize's mouth
was filled with foul tasting piss.
Some piss ran out of her mouth and onto her face.
"Be careful toilet bitch, if you spill it, you are
getting back to the whip.
Swallow what's in your mouth, and then lick what's

trickling down."
Charlize did as she was told, she swallowed a mouthful
of piss and quickly licked some drops that were
rolling down her chin.
She was humiliated beyond imagination. She had to
force herself not to be sick.
When Martin finally finished he told Charlize to thank

The battered and humiliated actress looked up at him
and whispered, “thank you, Master”.

"You are my property Charlize, my slave, my pet, my
toy, and my bitch. You will do anything I want, and
only what I want.
Understood, slave bitch?" Martin said looking sternly

at Charlize.
Charlize nodded meekly, "Y..yes Master.", her eyes
filled with shame and anguish.
He grabbed her hair and dragged her towards a cage in
the corner of the room.
"In you go, bitch, this is your new home" He said

pointing to the cage.
Charlize hesitated. Even after all the abuse she had
endured, she still could not believe that he intended

to keep her
in a cage.
Martin saw her hesitation, he leant over and slapped
Charlize hard across the ass.
She squealed in and pain.
"Get in the fucking cage, bitch," He hissed, "Or do
you want me to flog you again?"
" master, please don't flog me." mumbled
Charlize as she squeezed into the cage.
"This is your new home bitch. Have a good night's

sleep, bitch.
We'll continue with your training tomorrow." He locked
the cage, and left the room.
Charlize collapsed on the floor and sobbed herself to
sleep, wondering what lay in store for her the next

This was just the beginning of her life as a slave.