It was the middle of the night and Jamie Lynn Spears was lying in bed with the new teddy bear she had gotten for her thirteenth birthday. The bear had been a sort of gag gift as Jamie Lynn had spent the past few months telling everyone who would listen how she was a teenager and she was going to be a big girl now.

The bear was a special order gift with a lot of different functions and was nearly as tall as Jamie Lynn. It had a large nose that would move around in slow circles like it was sniffing around and would chant “honey, honey, honey…” over and over again. It would move its arms and legs up and down and vibrate while giggling as if being tickled. And lastly it would play messages. Jamie Lynn’s sister Britney had recorded “Jamie Lynn is a big girl now.” And the bear would play it over and over again until the stop button was pushed.

It was the middle of the night and Jamie Lynn was sleeping and lay snuggled up on her side gripping her new bear. She was wearing a flimsy little pink T-shirt and pink little panties with “Princess” printed across the rear. The T-shirt was a year or two old and was very thin and flimsy in spots. There were several small holes throughout the shirt that showed little patches of skin. Since Jamie had hit her growth spurt after getting it, the bottom of the T-shirt had frayed and unraveled and would only cover the top half of her plump little ass when she stood up and barely covered her crotch. And the shirt was so tight across the chest it clearly showed her tiny little titties and puffy little nipples. The panties were a sort of string bikini with little knots set low at the hips. One little tug at the knot would cause the panties to fall completely away.

Jamie had eaten her fill of cake and ice cream and drank so much soda and juice that getting to sleep had been a fit-full experience. During the night she had kicked off her covers and her tiny little shirt had worked its way up to bunch up under her tender breasts and her panties had worked their way halfway down her plump little ass.

Jamie snuggled against the bear and accidently activated it. The bear’s hard, cold nose began working it’s self around and around and chanting “honey”. The bear’s nose was down at her chest and was moving one of her budding breasts around and around under her flimsy shirt. Jamie’s puffy little nipples hardened as the cold nose worked itself over her tender tits. Jamie’s pink lips opened in a groan as she pulled the bear closer to her young chest.

The bear’s nose had worked itself under her shirt and lifted it up, freeing her little breast as it continued to work itself over her tiny nipple while chanting “honey, honey, honey…”. Still asleep Jamie moved her free hand up under her shirt, lifting it over her other titty and exposing her whole chest to the dark room. Jamie began to moan more and more and dreamingly began to softly squeeze the plump little tit in her hand. Jamie’s puffy little pink nipples were rock hard as she moaned low in her throat, massaging one budding titty as the bear continued to chant while it work on her other young tit.

Jamie’s sister Britney had been the one to tell Jamie it was time for a training bra. She had noticed how the little erect nubs had began poking out underneath Jamie’s shirts and had also noticed how Jamie had began absentmindedly teasing her nipples most of the time. Jamie would blush a deep pink whenever Britney got onto her for playing with her nipples but she couldn’t help it, it felt to good.

Jamie loved the feel of her tiny nipples, loved how bright and pink they were, how puffy they felt, how it felt like jolts of electricity were shooting through her body every time she would rub against them. Jamie had become quite a hugger because of it and would hug anybody, just to rub her hard nips against them. She would hug her teachers, pressing herself hard against their chests and rub her barely formed breasts up and down. She would hug all the other kids in her school, rubbing her tender chest all over the other young girls and boys.

And her family. She loved rubbing her breast against her brother and sister, sitting in their laps while they read to her or as they watched T.V. One time Jamie and her sister had been snuggled up in front of the fire place and they had both fallen asleep with Jamie on Britney’s lap and with both girls only wearing light panties and T-shirts. Jamie had woken up and her little nipples were so hard that they were actually hurting. Hurting so bad that it had woke her up. So Jamie had started rubbing her tiny breasts against her sister’s much larger ones. A desperate need filled Jamie and she began whimpering every time her burning nipples caressed her sisters braless chest. Jamie became more excited as her sister’s nipples hardened and Jamie rubbed both of their nipples together.

Britney began to softly whimper in her sleep as her tits were molested by her baby sister. Their hard nipples thrusting together beneath their flimsy T-shirts and sizzled with friction.

Jamie began whimpering louder as a strange sensation began to fill her belly and a low heat built between her tan thighs. Jamie shifted position so she could rub both of her tender nipples across Britney’s tits and slowly lowered herself down onto Britney’s muscular, dancers thigh. The moment Jamie’s fiery, panty covered pussy made contact with her sister’s leg she jolted with a small scream and her little pussy gushed.

Jamie had never felt anything like it before because she was too young to know what a orgasm was but she knew she had never felt that good before in her life. Jamie stood up and inspected her dripping panties. At first she had thought she had peed herself but it didn’t smell like it. As Jamie’s small fingers brushed across her delicate little groin she shuddered with another tiny orgasm, her juices falling from her panties and onto her sister’s leg. “No, not pee.” She thought. But it came from the same place and it felt better doing it.

Jamie tipped-toed off to change her panties and after cleaning herself she returned with a blanket and cuddled up to her sister and went back to sleep.

What Jamie didn’t know was that Britney had woken up later and found that why they had been sleeping Jamie had slipped Britney’s shirt up over one of her tits and was lovingly suckling one of her hard nipples and also had one of her small hands down the front of her own panties and was dreamingly playing with herself.

Britney had quickly disentangled herself from her younger sister and ran to her room. Britney couldn’t believe her sister had been molesting her while they were asleep! Britney was shocked! But it didn’t stop Britney from spending the rest of the morning with her fingers shoved up her twat masturbating over it.

Now Jamie had her bear gently running its nose over one puffy nipple while she continued teasing the other one with her fingers. Jamie’s pink little panties became soaked with her sweet juices as she rubbed her delicate tan thighs together. Jamie’s leg slowly pulled the bear on top of her and accidently pressed another button on the bear. The bear started raising its arms and legs and began vibrating, giggling and chanting “honeyhoneyhoney…”. Since the bear’s head was at chest level it’s arms were at her hips right where the knots of her soaked panties were held. As the bear slid it’s warm and fuzzy hand up and Jamie’s tan hips one of the knots slowly came undone.

Even though she was still sleeping and didn’t realize it, the same warm feeling Jamie had when she came on her sister’s leg began filling her. Jamie spread her smooth legs apart and the vibrating bear slid between her damp, tan thighs. Little Jamie began rolling her hips upwards to grind her wet groin against her vibrating teddy bear. Jamie’s panties had worked themselves down to her knees, leaving her tiny little pussy totally exposed. Her plump little pussy lips rose slowly up and down against the bear buzzing between her wide open legs. Jamie locked her legs around her bear and slowly humped against it but since the bear was so soft it was hard for the sleeping child to gain enough friction to satisfy herself.

Jamie lay on the bed with her shirt pulled over her chest, one hand gripping and massaging a plump little breast as the bear’s glowing nose tickled her other nipple and chanting, “honeyhoneyhoney…” Her tender legs locked around her toy as it vibrated against her dewy pussy and she humped harder against it. Sweat covering her body and soaking into her sheets along with her sweet pussy juice. Her hair was plastered to her face as her moist lips parted whenever she panted in unconscious pleasure, all alone in her room.

With a sudden jolt Jamie belted awake. She sat straight up with her legs wide, knocking the bear down to her tender, hairless pussy. The bear’s hard nose flicked against her inflamed clit and drove her over the edge. A sudden orgasm burst from the young child as her juices gushed out and covered the bear’s glowing nose as it continued to chant, “honeyhoneyhoney…”

Jamie’s tender body flayed around the bed as she came. Her arms came crashing down on top of the bear, sending it’s wiggling nose thrusting past her plump and sticky pussy lips, into her virgin hole and breaking her delicate hymen. Jamie came again at the sudden intrusion and coated the bear’s nose with more cum. Jamie grinded the bear’s nose as hard into her pussy as she could as her tiny, exposed chest heaved with each panting breath.

As Jamie came down from the forth orgasm of her life she kicked the bear off her and onto the side of bed as she grabbed her tiny titties and stroked her little nipples for comfort. Jamie fell back asleep from sheer exhaustion at having gotten herself off twice without hardly even trying. Her hands cupping her breasts, fingers pinching her pink nipples, legs spread wide open, delicate pussy glistening with cum staining her sheets and hearing her sister’s voice coming from her new favorite toy, “Jamie’s a big girl now. Jamie’s a big girl now. Jamie’s a big girl now.” Jamie grabbed and snuggled against her bear and quickly fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.