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    Default Zooey Deschanel - This Dream

    It was a summer night. Zooey Deschanel looked away from her favorite book, the pages bent greedily in her slender fingers, and glanced at the clock. It was 10 pm and she didn’t feel tired at all. She rolled her eyes at the ceiling and
    wondered what she could do.

    I should get a glass of water or something.

    She stood up from her bed, the floral covers overflowing onto the floor as though someone had spilled rose water on her mattress. She ran her fingers over her slight breasts in their padded enclosure.

    I wish I could go out like this. But if Robert’s here, I don’t want him getting any ideas.

    She elected to throw on a pink bathrobe she’d gotten as a Christmas present the year before from her then-boyfriend, Ben. The material was soft and pleasant and it had smelled of bubblegum in the box. He said it was just like her. The memory made her smile. She was glad she didn’t have to stay in this house much longer.

    She pushed open her door with some trepidation, its creaks and moans enough to rouse the entire house on the off chance that her sister was sleeping. She crept down the stairs, her dainty feet cupping the edges of each step. She stared at them as she walked down. The pink toenails matched the robe and, incidentally, her underwear. She hadn’t planned any of this. She kinda liked it.

    Pink pink pink.

    When she got into the living room she was slightly surprised to see her sister, Emily, on the couch alone. There were streaks of tears on her face, though it was obvious she’d heard Zooey coming and tried to clean herself up.

    “H-hey, sis,” Zooey said. “What’s up?”

    Emily had a hard time looking at her little sister. Unlike Robert. That bastard was always sneaking his eyes away to look at Zooey’s butt or breasts, staring at her at times when he thought for sure his actual girlfriend wouldn’t be looking. She loved him most of the time, so much so that she’d asked him to move in with her. But he can be such a pig, she thought.

    Emily shook her head and tried to steady her voice. “N-nothing. Nothing’s…up.”

    Zooey shifted her weight to her front foot. “What’s wrong, Em?”

    Zooey had seen that look on her big sister’s face too many times. Why does she put up with that guy?

    “Just drop it,” Emily snapped. “I don’t want to fucking talk about it right now, and besides, it’s none of your business.”

    Zooey fumed, but decided not to retort. Her sister could be moody and extremely rude, and fighting only made it worse. Whatever the problem had been, she didn’t want to exacerbate it.

    She speed-walked into the kitchen. She pulled a glass from a cupboard and filled it from the tap. The water in this town tastes like pure iron, she thought, but what are you gonna do?

    Her stomach rumbled. Either it was the water upsetting it, or she really needed something to eat. She wandered over to the cupboard and pulled the door open. There, on the second shelf, was something she’d never seen before.

    She pulled it out and set it on the old wood table which clashed with the green wallpaper. The décor of the entire house was hideous, in her and Emily’s opinion, and if they weren’t filming an episode of her sister’s stupid show on location, they could be in a nice apartment, or at the very least some hotel room. A stay at this house was a last minute “gift” from the producers for less than a week’s worth of work.

    But none of that was what was concerning Zooey at that moment. Instead she was gazing into a mason jar. Not a normal mason jar; this one was huge and square, the size of a bucket. And through the glass was…she wasn’t entirely sure. At first glance it looked like milk. At second it looked like paint. At third it looked like a milkshake. But in the end she didn’t think it was any of these things. Which was probably for the best, since she was vegan. Could it be a soy product? Some kind of liquid tofu? It was off-white in color and extremely thick. It almost looked like…

    She thought of asking Emily if she knew what it was, but decided a conversation at the moment was out of the question. Still, Zooey had no idea where this huge jar of white goop had come from, and she was fascinated by it. Whatever it is, she reasoned, I can just buy whoever got it some more. Throwing caution to the wind, she pried open the lid.

    Immediately she was bombarded with smells, fruity and flowery and sweet and succulent all at once. Then the scents settled on one, her favorite smell of all.

    “Coconut,” she whispered.

    She’d never smelled anything so good in her life, and she had to see if it tasted nearly as sweet as it smelled. She slowly dipped a finger into the mess. It was surprisingly cool and refreshing, and instantly her hand tingled and her mouth watered. She brought her long finger to her lips and sucked it, savoring the flavor. She stumbled backwards. That tastes incredible! It was so good she almost fell over. It was everything she’d ever loved to eat and more, so much more. She’d never tasted anything like it.

    She forgot all about her sister’s moodiness. “Emily!” she shouted.

    “What?” Emily shot back.

    “What is this stuff?”

    “What stuff?”

    “Come here! You’ve gotta try this!”

    Zooey heard her sister’s exasperated sigh, but didn’t care, she had made a cup in her hands and was drinking this white goo for all she was worth.

    Emily stomped into the kitchen. “What the fuck are you talking a-“

    She stopped and couldn’t understand what she was seeing. Her little sister, who was normally so proper with her eating habits, was gorging herself on some slop from a jar that she’d never seen before. There was white spilled down Zooey’s chin and onto the floor as she licked at her hands like she was crazed and dove in for more. And had she loosened her robe on purpose?

    “Zooey, what the fuck are you doing?” Emily snapped. “How old are you? Use a bowl or a glass or…some…thing…”

    That was when she smelled it. Every wonderful scent in the world coalesced to form effulgent bursts of neurons firing off in her mind. It settled into by far her favorite smell.

    “Vanilla…” she whispered.

    Carefully, gingerly, she squeezed in next to her sister and put a finger into the glop. As she sucked it down, she was overwhelmed. Her head spun. Suddenly nothing in the world seemed as interesting or as important to her as whatever this stuff was. She practically pushed Zooey down as she jammed her hands into the jar and began swallowing huge gulps of this sticky white substance.

    As she ate, or drank, or whatever it was she was doing, she felt the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders. She no longer gave a shit about Robert, or about the tacky house, or about her stupid show. In fact, she began to realize, nothing really mattered to her anymore. She could be content for the rest of her life funneling this white stuff into her mouth. She was so enraptured by it, she didn’t notice the smile on her face or the occasional faint giggling noises she was emitting. She was so enraptured, she didn’t notice Zooey’s eating slowing, her gaze fixing directly ahead as her hands worked on their own.

    Neither of them noticed or remembered stripping naked, or rubbing the goo on their breasts or their asses or their pussies so it could be absorbed into their skin.

    Eventually Emily’s pace slowed down, her eyes fixing directly ahead at the wall while her hands continued to plunge in and out of the jar, then her mouth, the jar, then her mouth, over and over. Finally she stopped, her hands at her sides, standing straight upright. And for a while, Zooey and Emily just stood there, naked, staring into space.

    Zooey, being the first to finish eating, was the first to wake up. She looked at her big sister and grinned at what she saw.

    Damn, she thought with a giggle, Em’s fucking sexy. Whatever that stuff is, it really did a number on her.

    Reaching over, Zooey fondled her naked sister’s chest. Her lil’ boobies became big, juicy titties! She reached up and felt herself. And so did mine!

    The sisters’ breasts had ballooned in their standing, eyes-wide sleep, their once modest busts now bouncing lewdly as Zooey ran her hands over them. They had to be E cups, at least.

    Zooey stood behind her sis and rubbed her hands all over her bottom. And her ass is, like, fucking huge!

    Zooey couldn’t stop molding and kneading the soft but firm flesh of her sister’s ass. The smooth skin was so easy to caress. She couldn’t stop staring at it. She lost herself in that ass.

    For some reason, she couldn’t remember why she’d never thought of her sister this way before, the sexiness, the raw fuckability of her big sis’s soft body. She reached around and squeezed Emily’s huge tits, tugging the nipples. She couldn’t help thinking these tits would make great milk for some kids someday, though she had no idea why she thought this.

    As she thrust her own swollen tits into her sister’s back, grinding her pussy into her sister’s ass, she found her mind clouded with lust, with heat.

    Her left hand slithered down Emily’s belly like a snake, down to the neatly trimmed pubis. She cupped her hand over the mound, and felt a fire. She had to put that fire out, for both their sakes. She peeled apart her big sister’s throbbing lips and immediately found her clit protruding. She had no way of knowing that Emily’s clit had never been so large before, so large or so sensitive. Her fingers surrounded that nub and began to twist and twirl, massaging and pinching and flicking the button of her joy. Her right hand slid down, and she stuffed one finger into Emily’s by-now soaking pussy. She found it tighter than she had ever imagined a pussy could be, and yet it conformed to the shape of her finger, and her hand shook with pleasure such that she didn’t know a hand could feel. My finger feels like it’s actually fucking!

    Something compelled her then, some need in her mind. She pulled her finger out of her sister’s pussy, leaving her other hand to toy and play as it saw fit. She stared at her right index finger, slick with juices. It reminded her of the goo. She licked it, and was amazed. It tastes like it!

    Instantly, she knew she had to have more. She thought ahead enough to set the huge mason jar on the floor, then turned her spaced-out sister around and pushed her onto the table. Emily’s now-mammoth ass softened the fall as she was forced to stare at the ceiling. Zooey pulled her legs apart roughly and jammed her face into her sister’s snatch. She began to eat her older sibling out with wild abandon, her tongue and lips and nose working double time, and each lick and suckle and snort of Emily’s love garden only spurned Zooey further. This is, like, awesome! Her tongue reached depths she didn’t believe, it now twice as long as she ever remembered it being. She never thought eating out another woman, let alone her sister, could taste so fucking good.

    It was all thanks to the goo. Thank you, God, she thought. Then she paused.

    “No,” she said, stopping her ministrations for a moment, “thank you, Goo.”

    She suddenly felt a shift in her reality as Emily’s legs clamped onto her head. Her sister was suddenly writhing in pleasure as she awoke. She giggled. “Hey, big sis! You woke up at, like, the best time ever!”

    It was the Goo, she thought. The Goo woke her up because I thanked it. That was the first time she realized that the Goo was her god now, that she worshipped the Goo and couldn’t thank it enough for all It had given her. Eating out her big sis’s pussy was her first tribute to the Goo’s greatness. She hoped It would be pleased.

    She felt Emily’s hand on the back of her head, shoving her back into her pussy.

    “Oh, fuck, Zooey,” she screamed, “don’t fucking stop!”

    Zooey was all too happy to oblige. She practically threw herself at Emily’s snatch, devouring her sweet musk which continually reminded her of the Goo’s sweet sticky goodness and mercy. Emily reached up and pinched her left nipple.

    “Ohmygod,” she said, “my tits are, like, fucking huge! Awesome!”

    Zooey’s tongue plumbed Emily’s depths as the older sister gripped her own tits, finding herself blissfully unable to fit either of them in one hand. She began thrusting her hips upwards into her younger sibling’s eager mouth.

    She was muttering something over and over which Zooey could barely make out, but it sounded like “Fuck me with your tongue, Zooey, fuck me with your tongue, Zooey…”

    Suddenly Zooey lifted her lips to Emily’s clit and sucked like it was a lollipop, her tongue darting forward and attacking it over and over, and Emily was sent over the edge. With a shriek that echoed through the old house, she squirted juices all over Zooey’s precious face, which, Zooey discovered with amazement, tasted like apples and honey and bubblegum and coconut and bananas and everything delicious and sweet in existence all at once. She never knew something so raw and erotic could be so beautiful. She could only thank the Goo in silence.

    Zooey stood up and smiled at her sister and they both giggled in silly bliss. “Zooey,” Emily said, “that was, like, fucking incredible! I never knew getting my pussy licked could feel this, you know, good!”

    Zooey walked over and bent down face to face with her sexy older sister. “It’s all thanks to the Goo, may It be praised,” she said.

    Before Emily could ask what she meant, her sister leaned in and kissed her deeply, passionately, their tongues dancing, each reaching almost to the back of the other’s throat. She’d never experienced such a kiss before, so honestly lustful and profound, and the fact that it was her sister made it somehow all the hotter. She tasted herself on her sister’s tongue and moaned. Zooey pulled back.

    “Oh my god,” Emily gasped, “is that what my pussy tastes like?”

    Zooey nodded gleefully, a move which shook her titties up and down.

    Emily looked her sister up and down wantonly. “Do you think…do you think your pussy tastes, like you know…like that?”

    Zooey shrugged and wiggled her tits playfully. “There’s only one way to find out.”

    She climbed onto the table and straddled Emily’s head. Immediately the older sister smelled it, that same aroma that had transformed her mind. She knew she wanted to taste it, to feel that love again that she’d felt before. She darted her tongue out, testing it. She found two things: Her tongue was extremely long, and her sister’s pussy tasted unbelievably good. Her head shot up and she began to lick her sister’s glorious honey pot with aplomb.

    Zooey was blown away by the sensation. Sure, a few guys had tried to eat her out before, but it had never lived up to her expectations. They were all so tentative, so concerned with her needs. Not Emily. Emily was primal, lapping away like it was her reason to live, and she was really only doing it for herself, to taste that sweetness on her tongue like it was a gift. Which, to Zooey, it was.

    “Ooh, fuck, Em,” she moaned. “That’s great!”

    She had to pull her tits apart to see down to where Emily was busily eating her out, but the sight was more than worth the effort; she practically came just from that image alone. As she watched, Emily reached up a hand and found Zooey’s clit, and Zooey almost fell off the table from the force that rocked her body. Her clit was huge compared to what it had been before, and it felt like nothing she’d ever dreamed. She thanked the Goo and its infinite pleasure.

    That’s when she realized that Emily might not have come to the same realization as she.

    “Em,” she said in between moans. “I, (oooh) I was, like, thinking before, when I was eating you out. And I totally realized that instead of thanking God for all this stuff, our tits and our asses and our (ah!) clits and our tongues and who knows what else, we should (mmmm) be thanking this Goo, cuz the Goo was what made us like this. And I, like, (fuck!) decided, the Goo is like a god, you know? So I thanked the Goo, and you woke up! Don’t you see, Em? (so good!) We need to thank the Goo for everything, cuz (fffnnnnnnn!) only by its, like, mercy are we this happy. Get it?”

    Emily stopped licking for a second and smiled. “Cool! I get it! Thanks Goo! Now, if you don’t mind, my pussy’s so wet I can, like, feel a puddle.”

    So little Zooey fell forward, her tits pressing against her big sister’s stomach, as she licked and sucked her pussy again. The two 69’d for what felt like hours, each in blissful peace and lust and love, each giving thanks to the Goo with their tongues.

    Robert ran a hand through his curly black hair as he sat in his car in the driveway, trying to gather the nerve to walk inside. He knew he shouldn’t have been such a dick earlier. Emily was being so sweet. She just wanted him to love her. And he did. He was just really bad at showing it. I guess I’m just scared, he thought. Yeah. Scared. She deserves a commitment. No more of this shit. I guess I should just apologize. What’s the worst that could happen?

    Finally, he got out of his car and walked to the door. All the curtains were pulled shut on the windows. Hollywood stars in an area like this would be prime targets for paparazzi, or worse. He pressed the button for the doorbell. No one came. So he pulled open the screen and knocked on the door. No response. Maybe they were asleep. For a second he thought about just going home and coming back the next day. But he knew from experience that an angry night apart could kill a relationship. He tried the door handle. Surprisingly, it was unlocked. He stepped inside.

    The lights were on in the living room but no one was there. Strange, he thought. He shut the door behind him and started to walk up the stairs.


    He heard a scream from the kitchen. Whether it was Emily or Zooey, he couldn’t tell, but it sounded like one of them had gotten hurt. He rushed across the living room and around the corner. And there, staring at him, were Emily and Zooey Deschanel, completely naked, only now their tits and asses were huge, and they were wrapped up, spooning on the kitchen table with a hand in each other’s snatch and juices all over their faces, smiling at him. There was a mason jar half filled with some white gunk, which was spilled all over the table and the floor. In many ways it was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. But, in a more rational way, it made no fucking sense and it disturbed the shit out of him.

    “Wh…What…” he stammered.

    Emily giggled in a way he’d never heard before. “Hey, Robert! You’re, like, just in time! Zooey and I were taking a break from eating each other out. A good cock is exactly what we need!”

    Zooey moaned in response, either to what Emily had said or because there were two fingers in her cunt.

    He was shocked. “Emily, what the fuck-“

    Suddenly, a smell washed over him. It was unlike anything he’d ever smelled in his entire life. There was a chorus of foods and plants and fresh linens and candles, and there, in the middle of it, his favorite scent.

    “Chocolate…” he whispered.

    The girls giggled and stood next to him. They began stripping him of his clothes, and he was too mesmerized by smells to stop them. When he was naked, the girls guided him gently to lie on his back on the floor. Emily smiled wide. His five-inch cock was rock hard. It wasn’t the biggest dick in the world, but she had a feeling that could change. Right now she knew exactly what she had to do. She kissed the tip of his cock, and planted kisses down to the base. Her lips had grown pillowy and seductive, perfect for what she planned to do. Meanwhile, Zooey dragged the mason jar over and kneeled behind Robert’s head. Cupping her hand, she dipped her hand into the holy Goo and carried some to Robert’s lips.

    As he drank of this mysterious fluid, Robert’s concerns were suddenly washed away. He didn’t care what Emily and Zooey did, he just wanted more of this stuff, this white goo, whatever it was. Zooey dipped her hand in the jar again and brought it out to his open mouth. He licked and sucked her hands and fingers clean. Zooey couldn’t help but giggle. He’s, like, definitely enjoying this.

    Emily stopped her teasing and took his cockhead into her mouth. The flavor was musty and salty and sour. She grimaced and pulled away. Ish, she thought, how can I suck his cock when it tastes like this?

    She looked at her younger sister, practically pouring the Goo into her boyfriend’s mouth. She was dabbing some onto her tits and making him lick it off. Emily giggled at the idea. That’s when it came to her: the Goo!

    She stuck her right hand in the jar and drew out the substance of her adoration. Careful not to spill too much onto the floor, she drew her hand down to his dick, and then began rubbing it in, massaging it into his dickflesh, as she had done earlier to her tits and ass and pussy, though she did not remember that. She coated every millimeter of his dick with Goo and then sucked it off, the powerful flavor completely erasing the taste from before. She jammed it into the back of her mouth and sucked like a vacuum, her nose tickled by his pubes. As she moved her head up and down and swirled her tongue around his shaft, she was hit by a feeling of ecstasy. She had never felt so alive before, let alone while sucking on a man’s penis, which she had never particularly enjoyed until now. Now she had to have it. She sucked as hard as she could.

    Robert was moaning, though Zooey couldn’t tell if it was from her sister’s masterful blowjob or from the deliciousness of the Goo. Now she was feeding him like a bird with her young, taking some Goo into her mouth and spitting it into his. It was hard to give up the Goo once it was in her mouth, but she knew that It had to work Its magic on Robert so he too could feel Its greatness. Plus, making out with his sister’s boyfriend was so hot. Why did I never think of this before?

    She saw in his eyes that he was almost finished, almost ready to fall asleep as they had. He stared at the ceiling and his moans became more and more quiet. Emily could tell too. So she reached her hand into the jar and covered his cock again with Goo. She straddled him, sinking his dick into her pussy, and began to ride, slowly at first, then with increased fervor, her tits swinging wildly and her ass jiggling.

    In the far back of Robert’s mind, he was aware of how tight Emily’s pussy had become, how it conformed to the shape of his cock and squeezed for dear life. He was amazed at how good it felt. Then, slowly, that thought faded, and all other thoughts did too, and he simply lay there, gazing ahead at the ceiling.

    Zooey giggled and thought of how wonderful it would be when Robert woke up. The Goo was good to them. She licked her fingers clean and watched her sex-bomb of a sister ride a cock like it was the last she’d ever feel inside of her. With a body like that, no way will that be the last cock she gets.

    Emily writhed and shook on Robert’s rigid member. She could feel it pulsing, feel the blood pumping through it. God, I fucking love my new pussy. Thank the Goo. Suddenly, she could feel the Goo working its magic. With each thrust of his cock, she could feel it growing ever so slightly. His penis was being pumped up by her cunt, little by little, and the feeling of it growing in her made Emily buck harder on top of him.

    He’s gonna give me sooo many babies, she thought, though she didn’t know why she thought that.

    As the minutes wore on, his cock grew and grew. Zooey had started helping Emily to get off, playing with her huge breasts, bringing a finger down to her clit. Robert’s cock got to nearly ten full inches, and Emily showed no indication of slowing down.

    When Robert woke, it was with a grunt of primal pleasure as he gripped Emily’s bulbous ass. He began thrusting into her wanton body with a power that shocked all three of them. Emily looked down on her newly reborn boyfriend. His body had grown toned and muscular. But that wasn’t the last surprise she got. Suddenly, as he was getting closer to orgasm, Robert’s cock began to vibrate.

    Emily shrieked with pleasure as Robert jackhammered her cunt from below.

    “YES!” she screamed.

    Zooey sat back and watched, both hands buried in her pussy, periodically reaching up and squeezing an erect nipple. Watching her sister fucking her boyfriend, especially after he’d been changed by the Goo, and knowing that she’d helped make this happen made her incredibly hot.

    This was the start of a whole new life for her.

    Finally Robert gripped Emily’s waist and thrust up, and his cock shook mightily as he shot his load into her. Emily couldn’t believe the feeling, the warm cum exploding out of him in waves, the vibrations in her pussy that rattled her whole body. She clamped down on his dick and was taken by an orgasm into blissful unconsciousness.

    Robert struggled to regain his breath. That was by far the hottest and most intense sex he’d ever had in his life. Hell, that was the best thing he’d ever done. He couldn’t believe what this Goo had done to him, its power, its pleasure. He began to see it as some sort of all-mighty force, something to be worshipped and adored. He looked down at his girlfriend, her transformed body curvy and delicious and built for fucking. He couldn’t help thinking her hips would be perfect for bearing children, though he didn’t know why he’d thought that.

    “Thanks to the Goo,” he heard Zooey say, and he nodded in agreement. Then he felt her hands on his chest and saw her torso hanging over him, her massive tits swaying before his eyes.

    When Emily woke up, she found Zooey straddling Robert’s head as his newly transformed (also vibrating, as she would find out) tongue flicked in and out of her. Emily giggled. The Goo was good to all who accepted it into them. Suddenly, there was a whisper at the back of her mind. She didn’t know what it was. She stood up and walked into the living room. She walked over to the door under the stairs. She hadn’t opened it before. The people from the studio said the owners of the house had requested the basement be left alone. She opened it now.

    The wooden stairs creaked under her increased weight but she didn’t care. The room was dark at the bottom. She couldn’t see a thing. She wandered around a seemingly endless empty space until she felt something brush her face. She grabbed it. It was a cord, possibly a light. She pulled on it and the room was illuminated. There, in the basement, were shelves full of jars of Goo. There must have been hundreds of jars, jars of different shapes and sizes, all full to the brim with Goo. She looked at one shelf. There was a large space. One of the jars had gone missing. She giggled and felt her stomach. I know where it went.

    She walked up the stairs and back into the kitchen just as Zooey was coming on her new lover’s face. Emily placed a hand on her hip and stood smiling in the doorway. “So, Robert, how would you feel about moving in together now?”

    He pulled away from the sweetness of Zooey’s pussy and laughed. “Absolutely, baby!”

    Zooey pouted. “Can I move in with you too?”

    Emily walked over and patted her on the head. “Of course, sis. We need somebody with your, like, pussy licking skills.”

    She thought to what they would do now. She didn’t care what people thought of their new bodies. She didn’t care what happened to their careers. She didn’t care where they ended up in life.

    All she could think about was how they would get all those jars out of the house before the owners came back. She giggled. Or maybe we should just wait for them to come home.

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    Default Re: Zooey Deschanel - This Dream


    “Think fog rolls in waves
    on the Golden Gate
    I was checking my watch
    seven minutes in my shift

    When I spot a black skirt on the rail
    Straddling the bar like its a quarter a ride…
    She’s scared to jump but terrified to stayed
    walked to her slow extend my hand with a smile and say:

    “M’am how was your day?
    Keep your eyes on my face
    I want to help you if you let me””

    –Cold War Kids – Golden Gate Jumpers


    It was perhaps a decision more difficult than anyone should ever have to make. To have to choose between three such amazing and luscious choices seemed so inherently unfair and yet there was no getting around it. Unfair or not, a choice simply had to be made so that everyone could move on with their lives.

    As I looked at the three beauties again for what seemed like the millionth time all I could seem to see were the qualities that made me love them in the first place. I mean, the logical side of me knew that all three of them came bundled with their share of problems too but I didn’t care about those at the moment. I wanted all three of them and it truly broke my heart to have to tell two of them that they just weren’t right for me at this point in my life.

    I stood there wringing my hands in agony as my mind seemed to whirl at a hundred miles an hour. Did I say that having to choose only one of them was unfair? I should have said that it was downright cruel.

    What if I chose wrong and I was forced to live my life filled with regret and bitterness, knowing that if only I had it to do over again that I would choose differently? Would I be able to hide those feelings or would they inevitably find their way up to the light like buried secrets often do? And would I even want to try to bury my troubles deep down within myself; destined to carry that burden alone forever?

    And what would become of the two that I didn’t choose? Cast off to the side like an old worn out shoe or some other piece of trash unworthy of a second glance. And even though I knew that nothing could be any further from the truth, there was no way that I could explain that to them. No way to fully tell them what they meant to me. How they possessed almost everything I was looking for and while I’d always love them I was just compelled to make a different choice. Would they end up with some unknown stranger never knowing what an amazing pair we would have made had I chosen differently?

    Was I overanalyzing things? Perhaps. But when faced with a decision of this magnitude I didn’t feel like I could afford not to overanalyze things. Unfortunately time was no friend of mine and the moment for a decision had come at last.

    Ahem I heard Lacey cough from behind me.

    “C’mon Steve-O!” She implored. “You’re holding up the line. It’s just a slice of pizza, make a decision already: Pepperoni, Sausage or Cheese?”

    “Ah, it’s just pizza to you my love.” I smiled pityingly back at her. “But to me this place is the Mecca!”

    “Yeah yeah,” She snorted. “We’ve heard all about your love affair with Manny’s pizza like a thousand times already.”

    “Is it really that good?” Selena chimed in innocently from behind Lacey.

    I merely sighed and shot Selena the exasperated look of a man who has just tried to explain the beauty of a piece of abstract art to a family of backwoods Appalachian folk.

    Manny’s Pizzeria you see is the home of what, in my opinion is the best pizza in all of the world. It is the one place I insist on visiting every time I come to Austin and it holds many of my fondest memories.

    I remembered taking Elle McPherson here back in the day when she was the most famous model in the world and I was still playing with my old band ‘The Tourists.’ And I remember fucking her silly in the parking lot afterwards, her tan skin glistening in the moonlight while the sounds of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘The River’ floated from my cars tiny speakers and drifted through the cool air around us.

    Then there was the time when the whole band pulled into the parking lot and did an impromptu acoustic set for all of the University of Texas kids who loved Manny’s as much as I did. This business can really be a grind sometimes but that was definitely one of those moments that made the music feel pure again and reminded me of why I joined a band to begin with.

    Indeed those were the days as the saying goes. And as much as I enjoyed the company of the two beautiful young ladies that were with me I didn’t think that there was any way to fully explain the nostalgia I felt every time I came to Manny’s and how personal the place was to me. And so, resigned to the fact that that part of my life was long over I finally ordered a slice of cheese pizza and took my seat next to Lacey in one of the bright red booths.

    “So what do you think?” I asked as Selena took a delicate nibble off of her slice.

    “Mmmmm, it really is delicious!” She chirped and I couldn’t help but grin at her childlike innocence even though I knew how easily she could hit the switch and become decidedly un-innocent.

    “Well I’m really glad you like it.” I replied as I wiped my mouth with a napkin and dashed a bit of pepper on my slice.

    “And I’m really glad you took us out for lunch.” Lacey added. “I don’t think I would’ve been able to stand another second over at “Hotel Drama” without a break.”

    “Yeah that’s a pretty messed up situation huh?” I laughed.

    “What, do you mean Hayden fucking her supposed mortal enemy Hilary?” Lacey asked sarcastically. “Or do you mean Emma and Haylie locking the two of them in the room together to begin with? Or perhaps you’re talking about her best friend Kristen showing up out of the blue and everyone walking in on them at the same time and then demanding that Hayden choose between the three of them?”

    “Yeah, all of the above.” I grinned, a bit taken aback when the whole messy ordeal was spelled out in list form like that. “But seriously, I really hope they work it all out before our gig tomorrow night. Wayne will shit a brick if we screw this thing up because of dating drama after he booked us to open for She & Him. And while you know I’m always up for making Wayne’s job harder, I’m not too eager to collect unemployment just yet.”

    “Well then you’ll be happy to hear that they did work it out……sort of.” Lacey said, ignoring my petty jab at our incompetent label exec Wayne Leshand.

    “What do you mean sort of?” Selena asked.

    “Well I know that when they forced Hayden to choose between Emma, Hilary and Kristen that she chose to stay with Emma.” She replied. “But I say sort of because I don’t think she looked very confident in her decision.”

    “So how did Hilary and Kristen take the rejection?” I asked.

    “About like you’d expect.” She replied. “Hilary acted like she didn’t give a fuck and Kristen was devastated. But I’m pretty sure that Hayden convinced her to stick around for a few more tour stops so they can talk it out. I mean they are BFF’s after all and she didn’t want her flying back to San Diego without some kind of resolution.”

    “Man what a fucked up situation.” I sighed loudly wondering again why I chose to manage a band full of teenage girls.

    “Oh I didn’t mean to upset you Steve-O.” Lacey added sincerely, taking my hand as she noticed the sad, faraway look in my eyes.

    “Oh it’s not that.” I replied honestly.

    “Then what is it baby?” She asked.

    “I was thinking……..I should have chosen the pepperoni.”

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    As midnight approached and the girls got ready for bed at the hotel where they were staying, it seemed that Steve-O wasn’t the only one with a mild case of buyer’s remorse.

    Emma was already lying in the bed on her side as Hayden slipped on an oversized tee shirt and prepared to join her. She stared down vacantly at the pretty young British girl and watched her breathe in and out slowly as she wondered for the millionth time that day if she had indeed made the right decision.

    It wasn’t that she was unsure about her feelings for Emma as Hayden really did feel an intensely strong bond with her. After all Emma was beautiful, Emma was smart and Emma was the safe choice. But most importantly of all, Emma loved her. And while Hayden wasn’t 100 percent sure how deep her own feelings ran, she knew that they ran deeply enough to make it hurt when she thought about the look on Emma’s face when she’d caught her and Hilary together and the pain that she had no doubt caused her.

    But as great as Emma was, Hayden really was torn about having to give up what she had had with Kristen and Hilary. She knew that on some level she was being extremely greedy, wanting to have her cake and eat it too. But there was still a small part of her that couldn’t help but feel some resentment towards Emma for forcing her to choose. And even though the rational part of her mind knew that she would have felt the same resentment towards Kristen or Hilary had she chosen one of them, it didn’t make the pain any easier to deal with.

    And on the subject of pain, why had she even considered choosing Hilary? That girl given her so much grief and caused her so much anguish during her tenure in the band that any rational thinking person would want to stay as far away from her as possible. But that was just it; Hayden wasn’t thinking rationally when it came to Hilary Duff. She was motivated by pure unadulterated lust. And as much as she hated to admit it, Hilary just had a hold on her sexually that she couldn’t explain. No one had ever made Hayden squirt when she came like Hilary did when they hooked up and no one had ever brought out the kinky desires that she had. But it wasn’t just that. It was the way she just seemed to take what she wanted and how sexy and desirable she made Hayden feel. It was a feeling that now that she had experienced once, she craved again.

    Another complication was the fact that the she and Emma really hadn’t had a chance to talk things out since Hayden had made her choice. She already felt like the world’s biggest asshole for cheating on her girlfriend and now that guilt mixed with the subconscious resentment was forming a dangerous foundation upon which no relationship could hope to survive. So while she realized that they desperately needed to talk, Hayden just didn’t know how to bring it up without hurting Emma again. I mean what was she supposed to say, “Oops, sorry I fucked my supposed biggest enemy while we were going out, my bad?”

    As for Emma, she too was feeling the pain and she also realized that they needed to talk things out. And while obviously the sooner they had that talk the better, her own stubborn pride simply wouldn’t allow her to bring it up. And so as she laid there on her side pretending to be asleep she silently cursed herself for being so resolute.

    She desperately wanted things to go back to the way they were but she also wanted Hayden to be the one to ask for forgiveness and to make the effort. After all, Hayden was the one who cheated, why should Emma have to do everything for their relationship? And honestly, would she ever really be able to completely forgive and/or trust her girlfriend again?

    “Please say something Hayden.” She thought as she listened to the sexy blonde finish getting ready for bed. “Please baby.”

    And suddenly, as though she were picking up telepathic signals from Emma, Hayden glanced down at her once again. And in that moment she felt a strong surge of warmth and for the first time she felt truly satisfied with her choice. She did care very strongly for Emma and wanted to let her know it. Love perhaps? Hayden didn’t quite know the answer to that but watching Emma sleeping peacefully like some kind of an angel like that, she knew for certain that she was in the right place and with the right girl.

    She smiled to herself and flipped off the light before sliding gently into the bed. She was so happy and warm right now and all she wanted to do was shake Emma lightly, wake her up and apologize.

    And if that apology led to some serious fucking well then it would be a double bonus. Make up sex was always so awesome with Emma and Hayden knew that if she played her cards right that they’d be enjoying each other’s bodies very soon. She glanced down lustily at how Emma’s little booty shorts hugged the lovely curves of her ass and grinned wickedly. But just as she started to reach over to rouse her playmate, Hayden heard the soft buzz of her cellphone rattling against the bedside table and her heart leapt.

    She was barely able to breathe as the cold blue light of the phone cut through the darkness for a few brief seconds like some kind of tempting yet deadly siren’s song. She knew. Some part of her knew exactly who it was that was texting her at midnight and as terrified as she was to look at it she was equally as……..fucking turned on?

    “You awake baby?” She asked softly but Emma didn’t respond. She too had a feeling who was texting Hayden but her anger and stubborn pride wouldn’t let her respond to the tiny blonde.

    Hayden sat up and cautiously looked around the room as though she were breaking into someone’s home and stealing from them. She quietly rolled over and checked the text and sure enough it was from Hilary.

    “I WANT U NOW SEXY!!!” Read the text.

    She swallowed hard and bit down lightly on her bottom lip as her heart started thumping hard in her chest. They were just five simple words but they spoke volumes.

    It was hard to believe that just 30 seconds ago she had been completely content and ready to mend fences with Emma once and for all, but now her mind was spinning. Something about that text already had her pulse racing and her pussy tingling and a big part of her wanted to go to her and just let Hilary ravish her body.

    “No!” Her guilty conscience warned as she stole another glance at Emma’s sleeping form. “You’ve been down this road before Hayden Panettiere, you know exactly where it leads!”

    And so she decided to try and be a good girl and just ignore the text. But as she set her phone down and laid back down with her hands folded across her chest, all Hayden could do was just stare at the ceiling and think about the text.

    A minute passed and Hayden just couldn’t seem to put it out of her mind. She couldn’t just not reply could she? Wouldn’t that be rude?

    She talked herself into believing that and so she sat up and quickly typed out a reply.


    “That should take care of that.” She thought proudly to herself. But some part of her knew that one little text would never do the trick. And moments later the cold blue light cut through the darkness once again with Hilary’s reply.


    “Unnnnnghhhh!” Hayden groaned at the decision now set before her.

    She finally decided that Hilary would never stop texting her until she confronted her in person and so she made up her mind to go down to the bus and put a stop to things once and for all.

    “And maybe get fucked silly again?” Her conscience tried to warn but she quickly shut out the voice by texting.


    “I’ll just go down there and tell her in person that it’s over.” She reasoned. “And then I’ll come back up and work off my horniness with my little snuggle bunny.”

    But as she started to look for something to wear another text from Hilary came through.


    It seemed that Hilary was still under the impression that something was going to happen between them tonight but Hayden promised herself that that would NEVER happen.

    But for some strange reason she found herself smiling uncontrollably and following Hilary’s orders. It was after all a pain in the ass to get dressed if she was only going to be gone for a few minutes. She probably wouldn’t even pass anyone in the hall and if she did it wasn’t like they’d never seen a girl dressed in just a tee shirt and a pair of panties before right?

    “Emma if you can hear me sweetie I’m just going to take a quick walk.” She whispered. “I’ll be back soon baby.”

    And hearing no reply she kissed Emma on the cheek and crept stealthily out the door.

    But as soon as the door clicked shut behind her Emma sat up straight. She assumed that Hayden was sneaking over to Hilary’s hotel room rather than down to the tour bus and this time she wasn’t going to just take it lying down. She was going to march straight over to Hilary’s room and confront them.

    “Oooohhh, I am going to murder that Hilary bitch!” She muttered to herself as she pulled on her slippers and crept down the hall to confront the manipulative blonde sexpot.

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    Default Re: Zooey Deschanel - This Dream

    You’re so vicious baby

    You sure know how to control me
    You’re as cool as ice cream

    You’re so evil baby

    You’re no sweetheart baby

    You keep me blushing all the time

    And the way you kiss keeps me hanging on
    And the way you love keeps me hanging on
    Hanging on”

    –The Raveonettes – Bang!


    Hayden managed to make it downstairs and across the parking lot to the tour bus without anyone spotting her, but as she made her way up the steps and inside, something didn’t feel quite right to her. All of the lights were turned off and she began to wonder if maybe Hilary had reverted back to her evil ways and was playing some sort of a nasty payback prank on her.

    She cautiously made her way down the aisle and past the silent bunks, heart thumping hard in her chest and for the first time she realized just how dumb of an idea sneaking down here really was. The bus was pitch black and no one but Hilary had any idea that she was down here so if there was a crazy chainsaw wielding maniac lurking on board then she would be doomed.

    “Oh stop it Hayden!” She scolded herself. “Freaking yourself out is only going to make things worse. But God I’d give anything for a flashlight right now!” And just as she was set to go into full panic mode she thought she heard a rustling noise coming from the front of the bus and froze.

    “Wh -Who’s there?” She asked, craning her neck around and swallowing hard. “Hil is that you?”

    No one answered her and she had more than an idle thought about just turning and running out of the bus. But no sooner had that idea passed through her mind than Hayden felt a pair of hands clamp down hard around her waist and spin her around. It wasn’t painful but it was forceful and in an instant her back was pinned up against the wall with Hilary’s hands pressed up on either side of her and her face only an inch away from her own like a lioness toying with her prey.

    “Shit, you almost gave me a heart attack Hilary!” Hayden gasped in obvious relief, causing her friend to giggle.

    She playfully slapped at Hilary’s hands but she couldn’t stop laughing and eventually it caused Hayden to break into a grin as well and soon they were both giggling like children. But the playful atmosphere quickly evaporated and the cheer turned back into panic when she glanced up and finally noticed the look of sheer lust in Hilary’s eyes.

    The dark ominous bus had been scary enough but with being pleasured to death now a much more real concern, little Hayden became more than a little bit unnerved. She remembered being handcuffed up against the wall by Hilary at the Halloween party before surrendering her body to her and giving in to her every perverted desire all too well. And now that they were in a very similar spot minus the hardware, Hayden found herself once again terrified and aroused all at the same time despite her best efforts.

    After all, Hayden had come down here to tell Hilary no right? And while she desperately wanted to believe that those were her true intentions, she just didn’t know for sure. And with her rival’s pretty face now pressed up so close to her own and the two of them tangled up in this dark sexy bus, she wondered if she would even have the resolve to resist the temptation.

    “Aw, sorry about all of the theatrics lover.” Hilary purred. “But you’re just so fucking cute when you’re scared that I couldn’t help myself.”

    “Hmmph.” Hayden muttered, trying to suppress another grin and not encourage Hilary. She knew that it wasn’t cool to lead her on only to say no later. So why wasn’t she pushing the sexy temptress away to a much safer distance again?

    “So where’s your little girlfriend?” She teased as she lightly ran her finger down Hayden’s neck and chest to where her hardened little nipples strained against the fabric of her tee shirt like two small pyramids in a cotton desert.

    “She’s upstairs sleeping.” Hayden replied, quickly snapping out of her trance and grabbing Hilary’s wrist to stop her fondling. “Which is exactly where I should be right now.”

    “Hmmm, but you’re not there are you?” She smiled widely and whispered as she leaned in closer to the squirming little blonde’s ear. “You’re down here with little old me on this dark bus. And just think baby, we can do anything we want to. I could fuck your little brains out and make you come so hard and nobody would ever have to find out.”

    “Hilary please.” Hayden whined. “Don’t make this harder for me. I’m serious. We can’t do this anymore no matter how good it feels.”

    She had mustered up just enough resolve to sound like she meant it and Hilary seemed to be momentarily taken aback. Hayden fully expected her to launch into an angry tirade but much to her surprise her rival’s reaction was quite the opposite.

    “I’m sorry.” Hilary finally said barely louder than a whisper. She felt utterly defeated and her body language and tone seemed to reflect that.

    “For what?” Hayden asked.

    “For being so mean to you all this time.” She answered, and the words seemed to hang in the air before them as the small tears started to well up in Hayden’s eyes. “I’ve liked you for a really long time now Hayden and I don’t know why I’ve made your life so miserable. I’m just not good at being nice I guess.”

    She knew that Hilary was being sincere and it felt so wonderful to finally get the apology that she had wanted for as long as she could remember. But still it made what she had to do that much harder.

    “Thank you so much for saying that Hilary.” She finally said once she had gained her composure. “But it doesn’t change anything. I chose Emma and I want to give that a chance. Besides I……I think I might be in love with her.”

    And whether or not she actually did love Emma didn’t matter at that moment. Her words had stung Hilary badly and Hayden knew that the reality of their situation had finally sunk in.

    “It doesn’t have to be this way you know.” Hilary finally said with a hint of desperation, taking Hayden’s hand in her own in a last ditch effort to win her over. “I could be your girlfriend… know, if you wanted me to. I’d treat you so good baby I swear! And you know I’d make every one of your dirty little fantasies come true!”

    It was such an out of body experience to see Hilary acting so vulnerable but Hayden had no idea what to say and so she just lowered her head and said nothing. She was already fighting an epic battle with her conscience and she was terrified of what might come out of her mouth if she tried to speak.

    “Anyway, I’ll let you get back upstairs to Emma.” Hilary finally conceded when it was clear that she wasn’t going to get the answer she wanted. “But I just really needed you to know how I felt and I really am sorry for being such a bitch to you.”

    She turned to walk away, still holding on to Hayden’s hand but had only gotten a step away when she felt Hayden tugging her back. Hilary wheeled back around and saw Hayden grinning back at her shyly but mischievously.

    “But what if it’s the bitch in you that makes me want you so fucking much?” She asked with a smile before yanking Hilary back over to her.

    “So you like it when I just take what I want do you?” Hilary replied, leaning in close again as she lightly ran her fingers up Hayden’s golden tan thigh and underneath of her tee shirt.

    “Mmmm Hmm. I love it so fucking much!” She nodded, leaning her head back as Hilary started kissing her passionately on the neck. The sounds of their heavy breathing filled the room as Hayden cursed herself for giving in.

    “Damn you Hayden!” She thought to herself as Hilary nibbled lightly on her earlobe. “You had a chance to be done with all of this cheating and you blew it!”

    But she couldn’t help it. Hilary turned her on so much and the animal lust between them fulfilled a desire that Emma was just too sweet to fill.

    Already, Hilary had the tip of her index finger wedged just underneath the waistband of Hayden’s panties above her hip and was slowly tracing a line over towards her pussy. Hayden shivered at the ticklish feeling of Hilary’s fingers when they were just below her belly button and could feel her wetness growing exponentially by the second.

    “I….I shouldn’t be doing this.” She whispered dryly, almost pleadingly to Hilary but still she made no move to stop her. “I’m such a bad girl.”

    “Yeah but it feels so good doing whatever I tell you to do doesn’t it?” She smiled wickedly as she used her other hand to grab Hayden’s hair and yank her head back slightly.

    Hayden knew that what they were doing was wrong but she also knew that Hilary was right. She wanted to be Hilary’s fuck toy and let her do anything she wanted to her. It felt so good and dirty when she gave up control like that.

    Hilary teased and teased by running her finger back and forth under the front of Hayden’s panties. And when finally she had driven her prey to the brink of madness, the dominant blonde, finally eased her hand down the front of Hayden’s panties and lazily traced her fingers up and down along the outline of her soft pussy lips as she watched Hayden’s conflicted eyes.

    “Mmmmmm, you want this more than I do don’t you blondie?” She grinned as Hayden panted loudly. And as badly as she wanted to deny it, her breath was already growing deep and jagged giving her away.

    “All you have to do is ask me for it and I can make you feel good baby.” She whispered as she planted a soft wet kiss on Hayden’s lips. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

    “I….I…..” She stammered in between kisses. Hilary’s hot breath was right in her face and the hand on her hair had slid down to the small of her back, pressing their bodies tightly up against one another as they grinded softly together. Meanwhile she continued to tease Hayden’s dripping wet pussy lips with the other hand, sometimes cruelly slipping just a tiny bit of her fingers inside for a brief second to give her a taste and then pulling them back out quickly.

    “I…..Oh, fuck it……Yes!” She finally relented, pulling Hilary’s pretty face back to her own with both hands and kissing her hard. “Fuck me Hilary!!! PLEASE Fuck me so good!!! Do whatever you want to me……except……”

    “Except what?” She asked.

    “Please don’t make me come!” She begged, surprising her friend with the odd request. “Please Hilary, I’ve got to save something just for Emma! She’s my girlfriend after all!”

    “Hmmmm, We’ll see.” Hilary said, pretending to consider the request. “But just remember that you belong to me Hayden! So I’ll decide if you come or not! Got it?”

    Hayden just moaned in response. She really and truly wanted to save that one little act for Emma as though that would absolve her of any wrongdoing. But having Hilary tell her what to do was so hot that she decided to just go with it for now. Hayden figured that when the time came, she would just stop Hilary before she climaxed.

    “Do you want my fingers inside of your sweet little hole?” Hilary teased, already knowing the answer.

    “Oh yes please!!!” She begged. “Fuck me with your fingers Hilary!!! Fuck me like the dirty cheating little slut I am!!!”

    “That’s right, you are a cheater! And you’re a bad bad bad BAD GIRL!!! She grinned. “But since you’re so fucking sexy I’ll let it slide and give you what you want!!!”

    And as Hayden closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall, Hilary finally gave her what she so desperately wanted and slid two of her fingers easily into her tight but slippery pussy.

    “AHHH……OHHHHHHH!!!!” She cooed as Hilary’s fingers began pistoning in and out of her sex in rhythm. “FUCK ME HILARY!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!”

    Hilary started working her fingers faster and faster in and out as Hayden wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled her in tighter. She soon had one of her muscular little legs lifted up and wrapped around Hilary’s waist and Hilary was fucking her so hard that the bus was rocking in unison with their rhythm.

    “Yeah, my pretty baby likes that doesn’t she?” Hilary cooed as the bus squeaked. “You love feeling my figers inside of you don’t you beautiful?”

    “OOOOOOHHHHH FUUUUUCCCKKK!!! YOU KNOW I DO!!!” Hayden wailed and smiling at all of the sweet names like ‘beautiful’ that Hilary was calling her. She was digging her fingernails hard into Hilary’s back now and it was quite painful but still she didn’t stop fucking her.

    “MMMMM!!!!! FUCK ME HIL!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE!!!!” She screamed so loudly that anyone within a mile of the bus probably would have heard her.

    And still Hilary pumped away with her fingers, her hand never getting too far away from Hayden’s sex, held in close by the tight cocoon of her cotton panties.

    “Do you love it!!!” Hilary demanded, sucking hard enough on Hayden’s neck to give her a hickie. “TELL ME YOU FUCKING LOVE IT PRETTY GIRL!!!! TELL ME YOU FUCKING WANT THIS SEXY!!!!”

    “OOOHHHHHH, I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!” She moaned, knowing that she’d be wearing turtleneck sweaters for a week to hide the hickie but not caring. “DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO BABY!!! I’M FUCKING YOURS!!!!”

    Hayden could feel an orgasm building in the pit of her stomach and knew that she should stop Hilary but she just couldn’t seem to make herself do it. She could beg her mistress to stop but she knew that she had given herself over totally and was completely at Hilary’s mercy now.

    “Please stop Hil.” She pleaded softly in between moans. “Please, I’m gonna come soon and you promised.”

    “I never promised you anything but the fucking of your sweet little life!” She answered wickedly. “You belong to me blondie and I’m gonna make you come for me like I did at the Halloween party! I’m gonna make you squirt that sweet pussy juice like no one but me has ever made you do and you’re gonna LOVE IT!!!

    “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK I DO LOVE IT!!!!” She moaned as the fingers squished into her tight hole faster and faster. Her little pussy was now being filled with all four of Hilary’s fingers and Hayden knew that she couldn’t hold out much longer. Her body was on fire and every nerve seemed to be sending her pleasure.

    “Oh, I’m sorry Emma, I can’t help it!” She thought as in and out Hilary’s fingers slid. They were soaked with Hayden’s glistening wetness and squished in and out of her tight hole so easily now.

    “WHO’S PUSSY IS THIS!!!” Hilary asked but Hayden could barely speak. Her eyes were scrunched up tight and her mouth was wide open in a perfect “O” but her breaths were coming out short and quick now.

    “AH…..AH……AHHHHHHH!!!!” She cried out. “P…P…PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME COME!!!”

    But still Hilary ignored her pleas.


    “I…..OOOOOOHHHH FUCK…..I LOVE IT!!!!” She whimpered. And still, the pressure inside of her body kept creeping closer and closer towards a critical mass. She knew that Hilary was going to make her come harder than she’d ever come in her life and there was nothing she could do to stop it.




    “I….UM….” Hayden didn’t want to say it but she was scared that Hilary would stop if she didn’t.


    Hayden was about to come and so she leaned her head back and screamed as loudly as she could.



    OHHHHH FUCCCKKKKKK!!!!! I LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE YOU!!!!” She screamed, and with that an orgasm more powerful than anything she had ever felt erupted in her body as wave after wave after wave of sweet pleasure washed over her. A huge geyser of pussy juice jetted forth from her pussy, drenching Hilary’s hand and her underwear and for only the second time in her life, Hayden felt what it was like to be a squirter. Both times at the hands (and tongue) of Hilary Duff.

    Hayden gently lowered the leg which had been wrapped around Hilary’s waist onto the floor and leaned back against the wall as Hilary pressed in hard and kissed her passionately. And it was a good thing that she was against the wall as her legs seemed to be made of jelly.

    “Oh fuck…..that was…..that was….” Hayden stammered as her chest heaved and she attempted to catch her breath.

    “Fucking amazing!” Hilary finished for her, slipping her tongue into her friend’s eager mouth where Hayden started sucking gently on it.

    “Mmmm, taste all of this cream from your sweet little pussy pretty girl!” She teased and as she slid her hand out of Hayden’s panties, she felt the soaking wet warmness of them snap back into place against her cunt.

    “Oh my God, nobody makes me come like you do Hil!” Hayden gushed with a huge smile of genuine awe and orgasmic bliss as she sucked her own wetness off of Hilary’s fingers.

    “Well save some of that energy lover, because we’re just getting started tonight.” She smiled.

    “I am so loving the sound of that!” Hayden grinned. “You just make me so fucking horny Hil, I can’t help myself!”

    And as Hayden grabbed her by the wrist and continued licking the pussy juice from her fingers, Hilary couldn’t help but grin. She felt so warm and content after fucking Hayden and so she decided to press her luck.

    “So did you mean it?” She asked as they kissed softly.

    “Did I mean what?” Hayden pulled her head back and replied.

    “You know….” Hilary pressed. She seemed awkward and nervous and Hayden had no idea what she was talking about.

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    Default Re: Zooey Deschanel - This Dream

    “Sorry Hil, I’m a little confused.” She said.

    “Did you mean it when you said that you loved me?” Hilary finally blurted and though Hayden couldn’t see it in the dark, her face had turned bright red.

    “N…No, of course not.” Hayden said quickly. She assumed that Hilary was fucking with her. “We were just caught up in the heat of the moment right?”

    “Um…..right.” Hilary stammered. And no longer was she the dominant bitch that she liked to pretend to be. Instead she seemed nervous and vulnerable and scared. “I was just messing with you.”

    “Hilary I thought we were just fucking around?” Hayden said, now totally confused by the turn of events. “It’s not like you love me or something right?………Right?”

    But even in the darkness Hayden could see the look on Hilary’s face and it was pretty clear that she did indeed seem to love Hayden.

    “I just……” Hilary started to say but just then the bus door flew open and they heard the deep rumbling voice of Dr. Spliff.

    “Who’s deh? He called out as he flipped on the lights.

    They quickly backed up from one another and looked up guiltily at the large Jamaican bus driver.

    “I…um…..we….Hilary was just helping me find my cellphone.” Hayden stammered as he looked at them skeptically.

    Dr. Spliff was no dummy however and even though he realized that her story was complete fiction, he was tactful enough not to call them out on it.

    “Oh okay.” He said slowly. “Well I’ll just leave jah to find it den.”

    “Oh, that’s okay.” Hayden said quickly as he started to turn and head down the stairs. “I’ll just come back and find it in the morning.”

    She was tired and confused and she desperately wanted to get out of this awkward situation and back upstairs to Emma before she started to wonder where she had gone.

    And so with one last awkward and apologetic glance, Hayden scurried off of the bus and sprinted back towards the hotel.

    Hilary could do nothing but watch her leave with Dr. Spliff standing there. She was hurt and confused after putting herself out there only to be rejected and she vowed right then to never again let herself be that vulnerable. And as her pain transformed itself into anger, Hilary turned her death glare towards Dr. Spliff.

    “Did jah want to leave the light on for jah?” He asked helpfully.

    “Whatever!” She yelled as she brushed past him and off of the bus.

    And there could be no doubt; the Bitch was back.

    “I gotta feeling that you wanna come over
    I get you here and
    I will make you roll over
    Now look it baby, you’re just nineteen

    I got the flesh and
    I will make you scream, ohh
    You’re doing things that make
    My flesh burn hot, oh
    I got to give in,
    Baby please don’t stop, oh

    Now look it baby, you’re just nineteen
    Now look it baby, you’re just nineteen”

    –Eagles of Death Metal – I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)


    At the same time as Hayden and Hilary were enjoying the pleasure of one another’s company on the bus, Emma was set to embark on an adventurous evening of her own.

    She waited for as long as she dared to after Hayden had left the hotel room so as not to be spotted tailing her but ended up waiting too long. It was her intention to follow her to Hilary’s room where she would confront the two of them about their evil cheating ways. But had Emma left the room only a moment sooner, she would have seen her girlfriend make a left towards the stairwell and the bus rather than the right turn that she herself ended up making towards the Duff sisters’ room and possibly saved herself one very long (but pleasure filled) evening.

    Emma was absolutely furious and she was determined to have a confrontation with Hilary! She didn’t care if it cost her Hayden or not at this point, she was going to put an end to their little affair tonight! It just wasn’t right for Hilary to try and steal someone’s girlfriend like that!

    The only fly in the ointment was what if Hayden really wasn’t with Hilary tonight? What if she really had gone out for a late night stroll and Emma came bursting through the door like the Terminator only to find out that nothing was going on?

    “Good heavens am I really this much of a nutter?” She thought to herself as the doubt crept steadily into her mind with each step. She tried to focus her thoughts on what she might say to them as she peeked around the corner and down to the end of the hall at Hilary’s room but it was tough. And as she glanced down at her fuzzy pink bunny slippers for the first time since she’d left the room, it occurred to Emma how silly she must look.

    And it wasn’t just the slippers. Here she was lurking in the hotel hallway wearing a pair of pink booty shorts, a tank top and those ridiculous slippers and practically foaming at the mouth in anger. What would someone else think if they spotted her lurking about like that? And once again the thought crossed her mind that maybe Hayden really had just gone out for a bit of fresh air.

    “Not bloody likely!” Her mind countered. “She wouldn’t go wandering around a strange hotel at midnight and just forgot to put on her clothes would she?”

    But thinking about a scantily clad Hayden roaming the hotel corridors ultimately led to a worse thought that Emma couldn’t seem to get out of her mind. In it she saw Hayden lying on the bed writhing in ecstasy as Hilary buried her face in her pretty pussy and brought her to a climax over and over again. The thought enraged Emma so much that she found herself curling up her tiny hands into fists.

    “Oh Hilary!!!” A new mental image of Hayden moaned as Hilary pumped her strap on dildo deeper and deeper inside of her pretty pussy. “FUCK ME AGAIN BABY!!!! OHHHH, YOU FUCK ME SO MUCH BETTER THAN EMMA EVER HAS!!! I WANT YOU TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND INSTEAD OF HER!!!! OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!”

    And it was that thought which ultimately spurred Emma into action. And just as she had finally made up her mind to go and pound on the door and had taken a step forward, fate intervened and handed her a break. She saw the door to the room swing open and nimbly hopped back into hiding where she watched Haylie Duff emerge from within carrying an ice bucket. She strolled down the hallway in the opposite direction from Emma and towards the ice machine with an odd little smile on her face. But rather than taking her key card with her she left the door open just a tiny crack so that she could get back in.

    “What was that smile all about?” Emma thought. “It has to mean that Hayden is in there!”

    And without another moment’s hesitation, Emma seized the opportunity to slip into the room. She was breathing fire and determined to catch them in the act but as she burst in and yelled “Caught you!” it didn’t take her long to realize that she was the only one there.

    “What do I do now?” She moaned in disbelief, as her eyes darted around the room, searching in vain for the two blonde girls. Already her mind was cycling through a mental rolodex of places that she should check next. But in her distracted state, Emma let herself linger for far too long in the room. She had forgotten all about Haylie and so she practically jumped out of her skin when she heard a cough and realized that her rival’s sister was just a few feet down the hallway and on her way back!

    Panic stricken, Emma did the only thing she could think to and leapt into the hotel room closet with not a moment to spare as Haylie entered the room and bolted the door shut behind her.

    “Perfect!” She thought sarcastically, as the adrenaline ran through her body and her heart hammered away in her chest. She clapped her hand over her mouth to keep silent but Emma kept expecting Haylie to hear her and fling the closet door open anyway.

    The way the closet was positioned, Emma had a clear view of the entire room and so she desperately started looking around for an escape route. Unfortunately, there was no way that she could get out of the closet without Haylie spotting her and so she finally slumped down and resolved herself to the fact that she would just have to wait until Haylie went to sleep and then try to sneak out.

    But as Emma watched from her temporary prison cell, it soon became clear that Haylie had no intention of going to bed anytime soon. She put a bottle of Cristal in the ice that she had just gotten and grabbed the television remote control before turning it on and lying down on the bed.

    As Haylie idly clicked away, Emma grew more and more impatient. After all, the longer she was stuck in here, the less of a chance she had at catching Hayden and Hilary in the act. And try as she might to remain calm, it was really starting to drive Emma mad the way Haylie would pause for a few minutes at a time on each station and then move on.

    “Oh, just pick a show already so you can fall asleep and I can get out of here!” She thought but this game went on for at least a half an hour.

    At long last though, Haylie seemed to tire of the channel surfing. She grabbed the television guide from the bedside table and started flipping through it until she stopped on one of the back pages and her eyes seemed to light up. She quickly grabbed the remote and pressed a few of the buttons and for the next few minutes she sat completely still on the bed mesmerized by the screen. It seemed that at last she had found a program that could keep her attention and even though Emma couldn’t see the screen very clearly, she could hear the sounds of moaning coming from the speakers and she knew that Haylie was watching a porno.

    The older Duff sister watched the screen intently for several moments, sometimes idly touching herself from outside of her shorts but mostly just watching. Whatever was happening on screen though really had her captivated and Emma was absolutely mortified to be watching her enjoy it!

    You see, even though she loathed her younger sister, Emma personally had nothing against Haylie, and to be stuck in the closet watching her during her most private of moments like this made her feel like quite the creep.

    But what choice did she have? It wasn’t like she could just burst out of the closet now and announce her presence. And so Emma kept still and watched silently as Haylie stripped off all of her clothes and fetched a little black vibrator from the nightstand drawer. And despite her reservations, Emma couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful curvy body Haylie had.

    “Oh, Emma Watson how do you get yourself into these kinds of messes?” She scolded herself silently as the vibrator softly whirred to life.

    Haylie’s eyes were glued to the screen as two sexy and well endowed ladies on it started kissing passionately.

    “Are you sure this is right?” One of the actresses said. “We’re stepsisters after all.”

    “Hmmm, so Haylie is into sistercest eh?” Emma thought with a grin. “There’s a shocker.”

    “Mmmmmmm yeah, fuck her!” Haylie moaned as she pressed the little vibrator up against her clit and started pinching her nipple with the other hand. She had her eyes closed now but still Emma didn’t dare to move.

    Her legs were spread wide open and facing Emma, giving her an up close and personal view of her pussy and the little British girl couldn’t help but feel guilty for being more than a little bit turned on. They had after all been co-conspirators at the Halloween party when they had locked Hayden and Hilary in the basement together and however weak that bond may have been, it was one that meant something to Emma. But damn she looked good!

    Emma already felt guilty simply watching Haylie but when her body started tingling and the dampness of her own little cunt started to spread, her guilt did the same. Surely a little peek wouldn’t hurt anyone would it?

    “Oh stop it Emma you horny freak!” She thought, resisting for the moment the urge to touch herself. “How would you like it if she were watching you masturbate?”

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    Default Re: Zooey Deschanel - This Dream

    But that line of reason certainly didn’t help matters, as suddenly the thought of Haylie or Hayden or anyone else watching as she slipped her fingers into her own tight, wet hole suddenly seemed extremely sexy. She glanced down at her perky breasts and could see that her nipples were jutting out hard against the fabric of her tank top as Haylie kept softly moaning.

    “Ooooohhhhhh yessssss!!!!” She softly cooed to herself, still thinking she was alone. “Touch me baby!!! Fuck me…… !!!”

    “What did she just say?” Emma gasped. The last word was muffled but Emma could have sworn that Haylie had called her name. Or was that just wishful thinking on her part? Either way, she could deny it no longer; she was wickedly turned on watching Haylie play with herself.

    Emma couldn’t help but recall the story that Hayden had confided to her about when she had watched Hilary and those boys from a wardrobe in her dressing room and imagined that it was very much like this with the close quarters and the hot sexy atmosphere.

    She kept her eyes fixed right on Haylie’s snatch as she worked the vibrator into her tight hole and writhed on the bed in pleasure and Emma soon found herself pinching one of her own hard nipples. She couldn’t help it, the temptation of watching Haylie was just such a turn on!

    “Mmmmmm fuck that pussy!!!” Emma whispered to herself as she bit her bottom lip and rolled the hardened spike between her fingers. “I want to watch you come sweetheart!!!”

    Instinctively, Emma’s other hand had already started snaking its way down her tummy and towards the front of her shorts. Haylie was really panting hard by now and Emma didn’t think that she would mind if she joined her in a little bit of self love.

    But she had only just managed to slip the tops of her fingers down the front of her shorts when suddenly the hotel door flew open and Hilary barged in like a hurricane.

    “Oh my gosh, Hilary!” Haylie exclaimed, sitting up quickly. She seemed surprised rather than embarrassed but she instinctively covered herself with the sheets nonetheless.

    “Oooohhhhh, having a little bit of fun without little sis are we?” Hilary teased. “Maybe I should come back later and give you some private time?”

    “You know better than that.” Haylie smiled. “I’d much rather you stay and play with me!”

    “I don’t know.” Hilary grinned back wickedly as she started to undress. “You seem awfully shy covering yourself up like that!”

    “You just startled me is all.” Haylie replied. “But now that you’re here I’m ready to have some real fun!!!”

    “Then take that fucking sheet off right now!” She demanded. “I want to watch you touch that pretty pussy while I get naked for you baby!”

    “Ooooohhhhh sissy you’re so bad!!!” She grinned happily as she started working the vibrator inside her snatch once again. “I couldn’t wait for you to get back to the room and fuck me!!! I’ve been playing with myself and thinking about you touching me all over!!!”

    “I was so hoping you’d say that!” Hilary exclaimed as she unzipped and peeled off her skin tight black pants. “I’m so fucking horny right now and Hayden is just a big fucking tease! I need to get off sooooo bad!!!”

    Emma’s blood started boiling when she heard Hayden’s name mentioned and the closet now seemed to be about fifty degrees warmer but for some strange reason she did nothing. She had come here for a confrontation after all, so why was she so hesitant to act?

    “Aw, so your little date didn’t work out like you hoped baby?” Haylie mocked. She was secretly pleased that she wouldn’t have to share her sister with Hayden in the near future but didn’t want to be too obvious about it. “Poor little sis! Why don’t you come over here and work out all of your frustration on me? I promise I’ll do all of those naughty things that your little cheerleader friend wouldn’t do for you.”

    “Stop it Haylie, it’s not funny!” Hilary snapped. And from the tone of her voice her sister could tell that it was no act and that she was indeed hurting. “I really like her a lot! But she’s just so hung up on that bitch Emma!”

    And despite being called a bitch, Emma couldn’t help but smile when she heard this. Perhaps a confrontation wasn’t necessary after all. Maybe she should just chill out and enjoy the lesbian sister act and then sneak out of the room when they were done. No one would be any wiser and afterwards she could go wake up Hayden and fuck the shit out of her.

    Unfortunately though, the sister act appeared to be in danger of cancellation now that Haylie had poked fun about her sister’s crush.

    “Oh, why did I have to bring it up?” She thought to herself as Hilary glared at her.

    She was really worked up after watching the porno and sensed that her chances to get any action tonight were slipping away despite the fact that her sister was horny as hell and was standing in front of her wearing only a tiny thong. So realizing that she had to do some quick damage control to salvage things, Haylie decided that perhaps a change of subject would keep things from escalating into a full blown argument. She dipped into her bag of tricks and pulled out the one thing that always seemed to calm Hilary down; flattery.

    “Turn around!” She instructed, ignoring Hilary’s pouting. “You’re so fucking hot and I want to see that adorable ass of yours while I’m touching myself!”

    Hilary always was a sucker for compliments and this particular one was no exception. She loved hearing how great she was and so Haylie’s words brought a smile to her face and made her temporarily forget all about the frustrating events of the evening.

    “Well then take a good long look baby, because you’re going to be burying your face in this adorable ass here soon enough!” She replied before bending over at the waist and slowly peeling the thong out of her ass crack, giving Haylie a nice view of her pert asshole.

    Haylie could see the wetness already glistening on Hilary’s pussy lips as she oh so slowly pulled the panties down past her knees and couldn’t wait to bury her tongue inside.

    “Fuck!!!! Ohhhhh fuck you are so sexy sissy!” She moaned as she spread her pussy lips open with her fingers and kept working the humming vibrator up against her clitoris faster than ever. “You get me so fucking hot!!! And I know it’s so fucking wrong but I can’t help it!”

    “I’m right there with you Haylie!” Emma thought with a grin as she started to get aroused again herself. Her little nipples were so hard and achy and just begging to be pinched and Emma again felt the dampness in her crotch starting to grow. She wanted so desperately to be out of this stuffy closet and to be back in her bed getting her pretty little twat licked by Hayden but it didn’t appear that that would be happening any time soon.

    “Fuck, it doesn’t even have to be Hayden right now!” She thought fleetingly but her conscience shooed that thought away just as quickly as it had arrived.

    Meanwhile, Hilary was kneeling on the floor by the edge of the bed with her chin resting on her hands, watching closely like a strip club patron as Haylie’s fingers and vibrator worked their magic.

    “God Haylie you are so fucking hot!!!” She whispered as her sister’s breath started coming shorter and faster and she started bucking her hips. “I could just watch you do this all night!”

    “Oooohhhh, you better not!!!” She breathlessly moaned. “I want YOU to make me come sissy!!! Please don’t make me do it all by myself!!! I fucking need it Hilary!!!”

    “Mmmmm yessss!!!” Emma wickedly thought as she stretched the waistband of her little shorts open with one hand and wet the fingers of her other hand in her mouth before quietly sliding them down inside to her aroused pussy. “Fuck her!!!! Fuck your sister you hot dirty slut!!!”

    “So you want little sis to make you come baby?” Hilary cooed. “Is that what you want? For me to lick that pretty pussy all over and make you feel so fucking good?”

    “Oh Yesssss!!!” She hissed, never stopping her masturbating. “That’s what I want!!! Come and get me off Hil!!! I want that so fucking bad!!!”

    “But it’s soooo naughty!!!” She continued to tease. “I’m your sister after all. What if someone found out?”


    “Weeelllll…..okay!” She laughed, acting as though it was actually a tough decision to make.

    She grabbed Haylie by the ankles and roughly yanked her forward across the bed so that she could reach her waiting cunt with her mouth as the older girl tossed the vibrator to the floor.

    “Do it sissy!!!” Haylie begged as Hilary stared down at her with maniacal lust in her eyes. “Bury that fucking tongue inside of me!!! Nobody eats pussy like you do baby!!!”

    And for the briefest of moments but what felt like an eternity to Haylie, her sister sat perched there just above her cunt making her wait.

    “Please, oh please Hilary!!!!” She begged. “Fuck me with that tongue and fingers I love so much!!!!”

    And finally she pounced.

    “Holy shit!” Haylie gasped as Hilary started ravenously sucking on her clit. “OH FUCK SISSY YOU’RE SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!”

    Hilary knew she was the shit and smiled to herself as she expertly worked two fingers into Haylie’s slippery hole and started pumping them in and out. She knew all of her sister’s sensitive spots and what she liked better than anyone else and Hilary couldn’t help but smile to herself as she listened to her sister’s lustful and satisfied moans. She knew that she could get Haylie off anytime she wanted to but she wasn’t quite ready just yet as she steadily worked her tongue up and down and all around the gorgeous brunette’s sensitive clit.

    But Haylie wasn’t the only girl in the room being pleasured. Inside the closet, Emma has slipped two of her fingers inside of her own moist slit and was softly sliding them in and out, all the while her eyes never leaving the incestuous action on the bed.

    She felt so wicked and horny as she watched the two sisters fooling around. It was so wrong to be an uninvited voyeur but she had to admit that both of the girls really got her wet! And for some reason, she couldn’t stop leering at Hilary’s ass. She hated her for trying to steal Hayden away and yet she was transfixed by the way the devious blonde moved. Emma couldn’t help but feel guilty for imagining all of the dirty things she must’ve done to Hayden, the girl she loved, but it really turned her on and the images played over and over in her mind as she rubbed her own swollen clit.

    “Ooooohhhh, Ohhhhh Fuck!!!” She cried out quietly, not daring to be any louder than a whisper as she finger fucked herself even harder. “Lick her pussy with that nasty tongue you sexy hot assed bitch!!!”

    On the bed, Haylie had her back arched and was grabbing two fistfuls of the sheets as her sister brought her closer and closer to climax.

    “Mmmmm, that pussy tastes so yummy!” Hilary smiled, burying her face between Haylie’s open legs. “I want to make you come so hard big sis! I WANT TO LAP UP ALL OF THAT YUMMY CREAM!!!”


    Listening to Haylie getting close to climaxing like that was really turning Emma on. But staring at the curves of Hilary’s pretty round backside was turning her on even more. Faster and faster she squished her fingers into her tight little twat while she pinched one of her nipples with the other hand and imagined what it would be like to bury her face in that sweet sweet ass.

    It was almost more than she could take and Emma felt an orgasm approaching quickly. This was dangerous territory however as if she were too loud she would give herself away.

    “UNNNGGGHHH OOOOOOHHHHH!!!” Emma moaned as quietly as she could as she leaned back against the wall and finally gave in, letting the orgasm wash over her body and the juices of her pussy release. “OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

    And as Hilary brought Haylie ever nearer, Emma shuddered and softly sucked all of the pussy juice off of her fingers. Her shorts were now one hot mess with her wetness and they felt warm as they stuck to her still tingly pussy but she didn’t care. All she cared about was staring at Hilary’s ass. It wasn’t quite on par with Hayden’s (who’s was?) but it was quite nice and tight and Emma was really feeling guilty about wanting to burst out of the closet and go lick it.

    “OOOOOHHHHHH FUCK ME HILARY!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!!” Haylie moaned loudly enough to make Emma reluctantly tear her eyes from Hilary’s backside. “I’M COMING FOR YOU SISSY!!!! I’M GONNA COME ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING HANDS AND FACE!!!!”


    “OOOOHHHHHH……..OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……..F…F….FFFFUUU UUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!” She wailed as her body finally let go in a wailing, shuddering climax.

    And as Haylie finally collapsed in a heap on the bed, unable to gather her thoughts, let alone move, Hilary just grinned up at her.

    “Oh fuck that felt so good!” Haylie gushed as Hilary kept gently licking her swollen sensitive clit like a mother lioness licking one of her cubs. “You always make me come so fucking hard Hil!”

    “Did you expect any less?” She quipped before climbing up onto the bed and kissing Haylie softly on the lips.

    “Of course not sissy, you know you’re the best.” She smiled, pulling her face closer as they started making out even more frantically.

    Meanwhile, inside of the closet Emma was starting to grow restless. She had just come so hard by her own hand but nonetheless she was still extremely horny and she couldn’t seem to get Hilary’s tush out of her mind. Right now all she wanted to do was to get back to her room and play with Hayden but the Duff sisters it seemed were only just getting started.

    The closet was just barely big enough to take a few steps in either direction, and being as she had already been standing in one place for close to an hour now, Emma decided to shift positions. But it was a move that ultimately proved to be disastrous. Because as she went to step to the side, her left foot came down on the top of the pink bunny head of her right slipper and she stumbled forward awkwardly, crashing through the flimsy door and spilling out onto the floor with a loud crash.

    Hilary and Haylie practically leapt out of their skin and stared open mouthed at Emma for several uncomfortable moments. She was sprawled out ungracefully on the floor with her poor bunny slippers flung off and lying beside her and had the circumstances been different, the confused and horrified but sweet look on her face would have been quite comical.

    “Um…..You two don’t know where I can get some fresh towels do you?” Emma asked with an innocent little grin. It was a desperate attempt to defuse the tension in what was already an awkward scene.

    “What the fuck!” Hilary exclaimed, quickly jumping to her feet and Emma again felt guilty for noticing how her perky little breasts bounced as she hopped up.

    “I’m sorry!” She blurted. And now that the reality of the situation was sinking in her face was positively glowing red with guilt.

    It seemed that she and Hilary were fated to have their confrontation after all, but getting caught spying on two people making love didn’t exactly lend itself to being able to take the moral high ground and besides most of her anger had evaporated in hour that she’d spent trapped in their closet. So rather than a confrontation, Emma really just wanted to get the fuck out of there more than anything.

    “I think I’ll just get out of here and leave you two to it.” She said hopefully as she tried to edge her way towards the door.

    “Oh no you don’t!” Hilary scoffed. “You’re not going anywhere until you tell us exactly what the fuck you were doing in our room spying on us!”

    “I was just…..” She started to say and for some reason she thought that lying would be best way to avoid conflict. “I was just playing a prank on the two of you. I’m sorry. I had no idea that you were going to be… know.”

    “Fucking each other?” Haylie asked and something about her tone of voice made Emma shiver. Hilary quickly shot her a “WTF” look but Haylie gave her a sly wink that their pretty uninvited guest failed to notice.

    Haylie, you see had always found Emma to be quite charming and sweet, not to mention cute. And when the little tart had stood up, Haylie immediately noticed the damp patch in the front of her shorts and so she knew that Emma must have thoroughly enjoyed what she had seen. Now all she needed was to find a way to coax the pretty young thing into the bed and out of her clothes without all of the animosity between her and her sister blowing this opportunity for them to have some real fun. Besides, she already knew the real reason why Emma was there, what would be the point in calling her out on it?

    As for Hilary, it suddenly dawned on her as well why Emma must’ve been there and as badly as she wanted to just tell her off, she could see the lust in her sister’s eyes and decided to play nice for her sake. But if Haylie thought that she was going to be a complete pushover she had another thing coming. No, Hilary was fine with sharing the little English muffin with her big sis but it was going to be on her terms. She’d show Emma who the boss was and give her the fucking of her young life in the process!

    “Drop the act princess!” Hilary fumed. “Why are you really here?”

    Emma fidgeted nervously with her hands but didn’t say anything.

    “Well?” Hilary demanded once again. And seeing no way around it, Emma finally relented.

    “You already know I was looking for Hayden!” She answered bitterly. “I know you texted her and I know she met you somewhere tonight so don’t even try to deny it!”

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    Default Re: Zooey Deschanel - This Dream

    “Well aren’t you the little Nancy Drew?” Hilary sarcastically replied. “And when you snuck into our room, you were going to do what exactly? Save your little girlfriend from the clutches of big bad Hilary?”

    Emma again said nothing. The truth was that she never really had a plan other than telling Hilary off and right now that one seemed pretty lame.

    “You want to know why your girlfriend keeps coming back to me?” She asked. “It’s because I give her what she needs…..what she craves down deep! I’m not some little goodie two shoes like you are! When I fuck her it’s for real! And I do things to her and make her feel things that you never could!”

    “What?” Emma shot back indignantly. “I do everything for her! And I am not a goodie two shoes!”

    “Well maybe not compared to some girls, but Hayden doesn’t always want some sugary sweet little pillow princess like you who’ll just do whatever she says!” She sneered. “She wants someone to come and take what they want from her! It’s what she gets off on more than anything!”

    “Oh, what do you know about it?” Emma shot back, but somehow the words didn’t come out as forcefully or as confidently as she wanted them to.

    “I know I’ve fucked her twice and made her come so hard that she squirted both times and begged me for more!” Hilary said matter of factly. “How many times have you ever made her do that?”

    Emma again said nothing but bitterly crossed her arms in anger and looked away. Hilary had hit a nerve and she knew it. What Hilary was saying to her was exactly the kind of nightmare scenario that Emma had pictured in her mind. Would Hayden really choose Hilary over her though?

    Hilary smiled wickedly over at her sister and nodded. Bad cop had softened Emma up and now it was time for good cop to try and crack the case.

    Haylie stood up slowly and walked over to Emma where she put her arm around the pretty girl’s shoulder. She smiled compassionately, rubbing Emma’s bare arms and her naked body felt so nice and warm nestled up against Emma’s that she couldn’t help but lean her head on Haylie’s shoulder.

    “Why don’t you come over here and sit down honey.” She insisted, taking Emma by the hand and leading her over to the edge of the bed where they both sat down. Hilary meanwhile made her way over and sat down on the other side of Emma and soon they were all three perched on the edge of the bed with Emma sandwiched by the two naked Duff sisters.

    “It’s not like that.” Emma said softly, feeling as though she had to defend her relationship with Hayden after what Hilary had said. “I mean maybe I haven’t made her do those things like you did, but I really care about her a lot and I know she cares about me.”

    “Of course she does sweetie.” Haylie agreed, softly brushing the hair out of Emma’s face and patting one of her hands. “And I’m sure Hilary wasn’t saying that she doesn’t care about you.”

    “No, of course not.” Hilary earnestly agreed in a much softer tone than before. They had Emma right where they wanted her and Hilary was fighting to suppress a wicked grin. “And if it makes you feel any better, she did choose you tonight.”

    “But she chose me before and she still keeps coming back to you.” Emma whined. “I don’t understand it.”

    “It’s like I said,” Hilary replied. “Sometimes she just craves something you can’t give her.”

    And then after a moment’s pause she slyly added. “But we could teach you.”

    Emma sat silent and still for a moment and Hilary worried that maybe she had pushed the issue too hard too quickly. But soon enough she lifted her pretty head and looked Hilary directly in the eyes.

    “You’d really show me?” Emma asked, wondering what the catch was. “But why would you want to help me out?”

    “Because I can tell that my sister really REALLY wants to have some fun with you tonight and so do I.” Hilary answered honestly, causing Emma to nervously cross her legs. “And because I want to see just how bad you really are. Now why don’t you just relax and enjoy yourself?”

    “I…..I don’t know.” Emma answered. Her mind was buzzing and she knew that it was probably wrong but things were just moving so fast. Already, Haylie had pulled the spaghetti strap of her tank top down over her shoulder and was softly kissing the bare flesh there as Hilary softly rubbed her thigh. Her pussy was wet and tingly and more than a small part of her wanted to just give in and let these two sexy girls do whatever they wanted to her.

    “But what about Hayden?” Her conscience asked as Hilary nibbled on her earlobe and tugged on it lightly with her teeth making her giggle nervously.

    On the one hand she knew how bad it felt to be cheated on. But turnabout was fair play wasn’t it? Besides, was it really cheating if she was doing this FOR Hayden? But she knew down deep that tonight was really all about her. Hilary and Haylie were both just so beautiful and Emma really wanted to do such nasty things with them.

    “Come play with us Emma.” Haylie whispered in her ear as she pressed her soft wet lips gently up to Emma’s bare neck and nuzzled her. “Show us what a bad girl you really are. Don’t you want to get sexy and naughty with us?”

    “Yessss!!!” Emma whispered, finally giving in to the two sexy sirens’ temptations. “I do want to be bad! Please teach me how Hilary! I’ll do anything you want me to I promise!”

    “Ooooohhhh I like the sound of that don’t you sis?” Hilary grinned before planting a big wet kiss on Emma’s cheek.

    “I do Hil. I like it a lot!” Haylie smiled. “But Emma if you’re going to get naughty with us then I don’t think we need these clothes on anymore do you?”

    Emma said nothing but she nervously glanced from left to right at both of them and it was clear that she agreed. Haylie smiled warmly back at her and then took her right hand and softly ran it down the middle of her chest. The ticklish feeling gave Emma the chills but those chills were nothing compared to the ones she got when she felt both of them reach their hands underneath the bottom of her shirt and start to lift it up.

    She relaxed and lifted her arms up above her head as Hilary and Haylie pulled the tank top up and off and then leaned both of her hands back on the mattress, pushing her tiny breasts out.

    “Ooooohhhhh look at how horny she is sis!!” Hilary exclaimed when she saw how hard Emma’s nipples were. They weren’t the biggest in the world but they were perfect little spikes jutting out at least an inch from her breasts and Hilary couldn’t resist reaching out and pinching one between her thumb and finger.

    “Oh I could just suck on those perfect little hard nipples all day!!!!” She gushed. And with that she leaned over and took of Emma’s smooth milky breasts into her mouth while Haylie did the same thing with the other one.

    “Oooohhhhh!!!” Emma leaned her head back and moaned when Haylie gently bit down on one of the hard little spikes and rolled it in between her teeth. “Fuck that feels good!!! My nipples are so hard for you girls!!! Mmmmm, suck on them just like that!!!! OHHHHHHH!!!!”

    “Did you ever think that a little angel like this would get so fucking turned on by looking at girls sis?” Hilary grinned. “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone so horny!”

    “Oh I knew.” Haylie grinned as Emma’s face turned red with embarrassment and Haylie covered the side of her face with kisses. “I could tell that she wasn’t some sweet little innocent angel! I just knew that she loved pussy like we do!!!”

    “You knew?” Emma asked innocently.

    “That’s right!” Haylie grinned. “You’re just a giant pussy slut, aren’t you baby?”

    “Mmmmm hmmmmm!” Emma panted as the two sisters sucked away on her little but firm tits and Hilary lightly ran her fingernails up and down her bare back. She wanted badly to sound more confident but right now Hilary and Haylie were making Emma feel like a virgin being seduced all over again. “Ohhh, I fucking love girls and I am a dirty nasty lesbo slut!!!”

    “Then I’ll bet you liked what you saw when you were being such a bad girl and watching us from the closet didn’t you?” Haylie looked up and teased. She had her hand resting on Emma’s flat little tummy tracing lazy circles around her navel with her finger and she was getting dangerously close to her wet shorts. “I’ll bet a baby dyke like you was in that closet touching your little poonani while you watched us weren’t you? You thought that no one would ever find out what a nasty little girl you are but we did. You were loving every second of watching us weren’t you Emma?”

    Emma said nothing as she still felt like a perv for having secretly watched them fuck but Haylie wasn’t about to let her off the hook that easy. She snaked her hand even further down and started rubbing Emma’s pussy through her tiny pink shorts.

    “Ohhhh sissy you have gooootttt to feel this!!!” She exclaimed. “I was right! Our dirty little lezzie friend here must’ve been quite a bad girl when she was watching us because her little shorts are drenched!”

    “What?” Hilary asked in mock horror as she too started rubbing her hands all over Emma’s clothed twat. “Oh my God you’re right! Someone was a VERY bad girl inside that closet!!!”

    “Please….I……I’m sorry!” Emma stammered. She was legitimately remorseful for spying on them but didn’t know quite what to say. “I couldn’t help myself! It was all just so sexy with you getting your pussy licked and Hilary’s…..”

    She tried to stop herself from saying it but it was too late, the cat was out of the bag.

    “Hilary’s what?” Haylie asked.

    “N…Nothing!!!” She replied. “I’m just so sorry!!!”

    “Bad girls don’t apologize for what they want!” Hilary scolded as she grabbed Emma by the chin and turned her face towards her own. “Now what were you saying about me? Hilary’s what?”

    “Your…..Your ass!” Emma finally blurted. “I think your bum is just soooo sexy!!! That was mostly why I was touching myself!!! I kept thinking about your pretty ass!!!”

    “Mmmmmm so our little angel likes girls’ asses does she?” Haylie teased. “Damn sissy, she’s even naughtier than I thought!”

    “Well I am dating Hayden.” She giggled nervously. “Of course I like asses!”

    “Ooooohhhh and sassy too, I like it!” Haylie exclaimed before getting back on track. “So did you touch yourself while you were looking at my sister’s pretty ass?”

    “I….um….yes….I couldn’t help myself.” She moaned quietly. All the while, Haylie was still rubbing her pussy while Hilary played with her nipples and it was sensory overload. “I couldn’t help but…..oooohhhh….. touch myself. You’re both so sexy and I….ahhhhh……I wanted to be mad at you but I got so……ohhhhhh shit…… distracted!”

    “Well if you’re mad at my little sis then maybe you two should kiss and make up?” Haylie suggested and Hilary nodded her head in agreement.

    Emma looked over at her hesitantly as Haylie finally slid her warm hand down the front of her shorts. She’d been so mad at Hilary earlier but now all she felt was desire and lust. Was she really about to kiss the girl who was trying to steal Hayden from her?

    “I…..Ohhhhhhh…..” She closed her beautiful eyes and moaned as she felt Haylie’s fingers slip inside of the warm folds of her flower. She couldn’t even get the words out but she grabbed the back of Hilary’s head and pulled her up and into a deep wet kiss.

    Their juicy lips met with an electric charge as they pressed them gently into each other at first in a haze of saliva and hot breath. But soon Emma started kissing Hilary even harder and when she felt the fiery blonde’s tongue trying to work its way into her mouth she parted her lips slightly to let it in.

    “Mmmmm, Yessss!!!” She moaned into Hilary’s mouth as Haylie started fingering her faster. Her pussy clenched up even tighter as the fingers slid in and out with the ease brought on by her wetness. “FUCK ME HAYLIE!!! FUCK MY NAUGHTY DYKE PUSSY!!!!”

    Meanwhile, Hilary was pinching down hard on Emma’s nipples and she took the pretty young girl’s slippery tongue into her mouth and started sucking hypnotically on it. It was a move that Emma always loved when she kissed Hayden and she had no doubt that that was where Hilary picked it up but she wasn’t about to say anything and kill the mood.

    “Oooohhhhh Yeah, I’m gonna fuck that pretty little lezzie pussy until you come again baby girl!!!” Haylie teased as she rubbed her thumb across Emma’s swollen clit. “I’ll show you what happens to pretty little girls that play with themselves!!!”

    “I’ve been so bad, I desrve it!!!” Emma moaned. “HARDER!!!! FUCK ME HARDER HAYLIE PLEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!! TEACH ME A LESSON!!!”

    “Oh we’re gonna teach you a lesson all right you naughty girl!” Hilary chimed in with a big smile. “I promise you that!”

    Emma didn’t know exactly what to make of that so she just smiled and enjoyed the sensation of Haylie’s fingers filling up her tight little hole. Hilary meanwhile stopped making out with Emma just long enough to hook her hands around the waistband of her shorts.

    “I want to see that pretty pussy when you come!” She smiled as she slid Emma’s shorts down over her smooth legs and tossed them to the floor. She then hopped back up onto the bed where all three girls were now completely naked and one big pile of hot girl sexiness.

    “FUCK…….OHHHHH FUCK THAT FEELS SO BLOODY GOOD!!!!” Emma wailed. She was lying flat on her back now and Haylie was feverishly rubbing her clit and kissing her passionately at the same time. Hilary meanwhile had lifted Emma’s legs into the air and had begun licking her pretty round asshole.

    “OOOOOHHHHH FUCKING LICK THAT ASSHOLE HILARY!!!!” Emma moaned in her cute British accent as Hilary bathed her tight brown eye in saliva. “OOOOOHHHH THAT’S SO FUCKING NASTY BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!”

    “I’m just getting you ready for the real fun to come!” Hilary smiled as she stiffened her tongue and slid it further inside. “Big sis and I are gonna fuck all of your slutty holes until you beg us for more!”

    “Mmm, I already want more!” She cooed. “Slip your finger in my ass, it’ll make me come even harder! PLEASE HILARY, I FUCKING NEEEDDDD IT!!!!”

    Hilary smiled and obediently followed Emma’s orders. She knew that soon enough the roles would be switched up and she’d have the little vixen obeying her every wanton desire.

    She spread Emma’s asshole open slightly more with her thumb and forefinger and then eased the middle finger from her other hand slowly inside.

    “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!” Emma gasped, raising her hips a little. Haylie was still feverishly rubbing her clit and now Hilary was working her finger deep inside of her tiny asshole. “THAT’S IT BABY!!!!! FUCK MY ASSHOLE LIKE THE NAUGHTY SLUT I AM!!!! FUCK IT LIKE THAT SO I CAN COME HARD FOR YOU!!!!”

    The pressure was really starting to build inside Emma’s tummy and she felt the butterflies flapping around. She knew that she was going to come and come hard any moment now.

    Haylie could hear her breath growing more and more shallow and jagged and wanted to coax her along.

    “Ooohhhh, our naughty little dyke princess is about to come sissy, should we let her?” She teased.


    “Ooooohhh, how sweet!” Haylie laughed. “I think she really likes getting fucked in the ass sissy! I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT A NASTY NASTY GIRL SHE REALLY IS!!!”

    “Just look at her Haylie!” Hilary added as Emma’s chest started turning bright red with her oncoming orgasm. “Letting us do all of these dirty things to her and loving every second of it!”


    “Then come for us now princess!” Haylie whispered in her ear. “I WANT TO LICK UP ALL OF THAT PUSSY JUICE AND SHARE IT WITH MY SISTER!!!!”


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    Default Re: Zooey Deschanel - This Dream

    And as she cried out she climaxed hard and her little butthole clinched up around Hilary’s finger and Haylie felt the warm wetness of her pussy juice cover her hand. Hilary slid her finger out of Emma’s ass and Haylie did likewise with the fingers in her cunt. And they were just about to let each other suck the other one’s digits clean but Emma stopped them.

    “Noooooo!!!!” She cried out. “Let me do it!!! I’m the naughty girl remember!!!”

    Hilary just winked at her sister and they both held their fingers up to Emma’s lips where she started greedily sucking them dry, tasting her ass and pussy and cum all mingling in her mouth at once. Call that dirty cocktail the Emma Watson.

    “Ooooohhhhhh what a nasty little girl!!!” Haylie grinned as Emma looked up happily at them like a child who had just brought home a straight A’s report card. “I think she likes tasting her own ass, don’t you you dirty girl?”

    “Mmmmm Hmmmmm!!!” She moaned as she continued slurping their fingers clean. “It’s so filthy to taste my own ass but I love it so much!!!”

    “Well in that case, you’re going to love licking mine!” Hilary grinned. “I’ve been horny as fuck all day and I need to come now! So now you’re going to finish what your little girlfriend wouldn’t!!!”

    “I’ll do it!!” Emma agreed eagerly. “I’ll do anything you want me to! I’m your naughty little playmate tonight!!!”

    “Then get your pretty little ass down here princess and put that tongue to good use!” Hilary demanded. She was kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed and bent over at the waist where her chest was lying on the mattress. “Now’s your chance to play with my ass like you wanted to when you were watching us from the closet!”

    “Oooohhh goodie!” She excitedly clapped like a cheerleader at homecoming and hopped down from the bed. The way Hilary was bent over showed off her pretty backside perfectly and Emma almost didn’t know where to start.

    She knelt down behind Hilary and tentatively at first placed her hands on the pretty blonde’s ass cheeks where she started kneading the firm flesh with her hands.

    “So you’re a pretty little ass worshiping freak eh?” She laughed as Emma nuzzled her face up against Hilary’s backside and started peppering her cheeks with soft kisses. “Look at how kinky she is Haylie!”

    “I see that!” Haylie remarked as she crawled up behind Emma and wrapped her arms around the naked girl’s tiny waist. “I told you our little angel was an ass loving little freaky girl!!!”

    “Mmmmmm, I totally am!” Emma moaned as she raked her fingernails lightly up and down Hilary’s ass and the backs of her thighs. “I love touching and kissing and licking pretty girls’ asses! Especially my Hayden’s it’s so nice and tight!”

    Ahem Hilary coughed. “Let’s leave all of the ‘Hayden has a fantastic ass’ talk for another time shall we?”

    “I’m sorry baby.” Emma cooed, giving one of Hilary’s butt cheeks a playful bite. “Yours is simply wonderful too! It’s so round and firm and I just want to eat it up!”

    “Yeah, lick her ass Emma!” Haylie encouraged as she held Emma close in her tight caress. Her boobs felt so warm and soft pressed up against Emma’s back and she could have easily just leaned back and let Haylie bring her to another sweet climax but she really loved Hilary’s posterior.

    And after much kissing and caressing Emma finally took each cheek into one of her hands and spread them gently apart exposing Hilary’s tightest of holes.

    “Oooohhh you’re such a little tease!” Hilary cooed as Emma swirled her tongue in circles around Hilary’s tiny pink asshole but never quite on it. “You’re gonna make me beg you for it aren’t you?”

    “Uh huh!” Emma managed to get out as she kept licking and teasing.

    “Please lick my ass Emma!” Hilary moaned. “I’m begging you baby! Bury that dirty little tongue inside of me like I know you want to!!!”

    Emma smiled but kept circling Hilary’s anus with her tongue for several more excruciating minutes until finally she gave her what she wanted. She got to the bottom of the circle and then flattened her tongue out and took a long deep lick upwards, bathing Hilary’s asshole in her saliva.

    “Ooooooohhhhh yesssss!!!!” She moaned. “LICK THAT FUCKING ASS BABY!!!! FUCKING TONGUE IT YOU NASTY FREAKY BITCH!!!!”

    Meanwhile, as Emma was really digging in and performing some deep dish analingus on her, Hilary reached down and started rubbing her own clit. After the interrupted sessions with both Hayden and her sister she was so fucking horny and now she desperately needed to get herself off.

    “Yeah, play with that fucking clit while our dirty angel’s tongue is shoved up your ass sissy!” Haylie cooed. She was squeezing Emma’s little breasts with her hands as the little Brit now had stiffened her tongue a bit and worked it further down into Hilary’s butthole.

    “MMMMM THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD GIRL!!!!” She cried out, furiously fingering her sopping wet pussy. Emma had her ass cheeks spread open wide and now had her tongue buried inside as far as it would go and as horny as Hilary was she knew it wasn’t going to take her very long to come. “OHHHHHH SHIT!!!!! I THINK I’M ABOUT TO GO!!!!”

    “Just let it go sissy!” Haylie moaned. “Let that pussy cream go and me and our dirty little lezzie friend will lick it all up!”

    “OOOOHHHHH, OHHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Hilary screamed. Her free hand was clenching a handful of the covers and it seemed as though Emma had no need to come up for air.

    So relentless and eager was her tossing of Hilary’s salad that the bitchy blonde knew that her body was soon to erupt in pleasure.


    And with one more large shudder her climax hit and her whole body seemed to spasm and then relax.

    “Oh that was so fucking awesome!” Hilary gushed, turning around and grabbing Emma by the cheeks before planting a big French kiss on her. “You really are the dirtiest girl ever and you eat ass better than anyone I’ve ever met!!!”

    Had Emma not been so wrapped up in lust she might’ve cringed at such a statement but as it was she felt proud and flattered and so she just smiled really big as she sucked the pussy juice off of Hilary’s dripping wet fingers and then shared it with Haylie in another sloppy wet kiss.

    “I bet you just loved that didn’t you, you naughty little thing?” Hilary asked and once again she saw that Haylie was sitting behind Emma with her arms wrapped around her playmate’s waist. “I bet you just loved being all dirty and getting me off like that!”

    “Oh I loved it so much!” Emma smiled. “And thank you so much for showing me how to get what I want! Hayden’s gonna love the new me!”

    “Uh, not so fast Emma!” Hilary replied. “Don’t you want to play with us some more?”

    “Um….I really should get going.” Emma hesitated. A small part of her wanted to do the responsible thing and get back to Hayden but most of her really really really wanted to stay and play some more.

    “Aw, please stay for a little longer!” Haylie whispered into her ear, kissing her gently. “We’ll have so much fun and we’ll do so many more dirty nasty things to you! Come on, I know a naughty little girl like you must really want to stay with me and sissy!”

    “Well………okay but just for a little while.” She finally relented and with Haylie cupping both of her tiny breasts and kissing her softly on the back of the neck she knew that resistance would have been futile anyway.

    “Oh yippie!” Hilary clapped. “I’ve got just the thing for you too! It’s your treat for being such a nasty girl! You’re going to love it so much!!! But close your eyes, it’s a surprise!”

    Emma played along closed her eyes, wondering what new kind of debauchery Hilary had in mind for her as Haylie gently rubbed her flat little tummy. Gradually her hands worked their way back down to Emma’s still wet slit but she had only just started to work her fingers inside once again when Hilary called out “Okay Emma, you can look now!”

    She slowly opened her eyes and her mouth dropped open slightly when she saw what Hilary’s idea of a treat was.

    “Like what you see slutty girl?” She asked clearly referring to the 10 inch long pink strap on that she was wearing. “I really hope you do because it’s gonna be inside of that tight little body of yours in just a minute!”

    “I do like it!” Emma grinned nervously as Hilary held out her hand to pull the young girl up. Emma took her hand but as soon as Hilary had pulled her into a standing position she pushed her backwards onto the bed again and then pounced on her.

    “Do you like what you see?” She asked as she straddled Emma. Up close, the strap on looked even bigger but Emma wasn’t scared. She and Hayden fucked each other with a strap on all the time so this was nothing.

    “Do your best!” She said defiantly. “Bury that whole fucking thing inside of me!!!! I’ll take it all because I’m such a slutty little tease!”

    “What do you think Haylie?” She asked playfully. “Should I fuck the little princess with this big ass dildo?”

    “I don’t know has she been a bad girl?” Haylie answered.

    “Mmmm hmmmm, she’s been soooo bad!!!” Hilary said.

    “In that case then you definitely should!” Her older sister responded. “And I want a front row seat!!!”

    She hopped up and straddled Emma’s face with her pussy in a sixty nine position and watched as Hilary prepared to slide the strap on into her tight cunt.

    “Fuck me Hilary please!!!!” Emma moaned from beneath Haylie’s cunt. “Slip that big fucking cock inside of me!!! I can take it I swear!!! Pleeeeeasssseeee, I deserve a fucking for being so bad!!!!!”

    And with that, Hilary spread Emma’s tight pussy lips and gently eased the strap on smoothly into her sopping wet love tunnel.

    “Ooooohhhhhhhh!!!!” She gasped as she felt the thick plastic cock stretch her pussy walls and start sliding rhythmically in and out. And at first she just laid her head back on the mattress in pleasure but when she realized that Haylie’s coochie was right above her nose, Emma flicked her tongue out lightly and started licking her love button.

    “Oh my!” Haylie jumped when she felt Emma’s ticklish tongue start to probe the insides of her pussy lips. “You really are a freak! LICK THAT PUSSY GIRL!!! LICK IT WHILE HILARY FUCKS YOURS!!!! OOOOOHHHHHH!!!”

    Meanwhile, Hilary had Emma’s legs lifted up in the air and was caressing them softly as she glided the strap on in and out.

    “Wow, this cock is going in so easily, you must be soooo fucking wet!” Hilary teased.

    “MMMMM, I can’t help it!” Emma moaned. “You both turn me on so much!”

    She reached up and grabbed Haylie’s ass cheeks before pulling her down closer to her greedy tongue. She really wanted to make the pretty brunette come like her sister had and was sucking on her clitoris with a sense of urgency and reckless abandon.

    “Oh my God Emma, your tongue feels so fucking good inside of me!” She moaned. “Keep going girl and I’ll give you a special surprise too!”

    Emma said nothing as Hilary just kept filling her sweet pussy and Haylie rode her face but she was moaning loudly. The only girls she had ever been with in her life were Lacey and Hayden but she could definitely get used to fucking two sexy women at the same time.


    Haylie’s whole body was on fire and she could feel her climax quickly approaching as Emma slipped a finger into her slippery pussy. Her stomach tightened up and her face started turning red and she knew that it was time.


    And with that her whole body shook and she gasped in ecstasy as Emma sucked up all of the cream. She rolled over and off of Emma, disappearing for a few moments as Hilary kept drilling the sexy girl’s sweet pussy.

    “OH HILARY!!! I THINK I’M GONNA COME SOON TOO!!!!” She cried out loudly but Hilary abruptly stopped.

    “Wh…..what are you doing?” Emma asked. “Please Hilary, I NEED THIS!!!!”

    “Oh you’re gonna get it all right!” She assured her. “We’re definitely going to let you come again, but I just thought that we should let Haylie back in on the fun!”

    She nodded across the room and Emma glanced over and was stunned to see that Haylie too was now wearing a large, thick strap on.

    “What are you going to do, take turns fucking me?” Emma asked. But Hilary had other ideas.

    “Why would we take turns when we can both fuck you at the same time?” She asked with a wicked smile. “After all, you said you were a bad girl, it’s time for you to put up or shut up!”

    “I…..I am a bad girl.” She stammered. “But I don’t know about both of you at the same time. I’ve never done anything like that before!”

    “Don’t worry sweetheart, we’ll show you the ropes!” Haylie assured her as she crawled back up onto the bed. “Now roll over on your side like a good girl.”

    “I…..oh man!” Emma moaned but there was no more pleading to be done. She was about to get DP’ed for the first time in her young life and it scared the hell out of her. Nevertheless she rolled over onto her side and felt as Hilary snuggled up tight against her back. She was followed soon thereafter by Haylie who’s breasts were now crushed up against Emma’s own smaller ones.

    “Are you ready to really get fucked naughty girl?” Haylie asked as she gave her a little peck on the lips.

    “I guess so.” She nervously squeaked and with one final deep breath she felt Haylie ease the thick fake cock into her tight waiting pussy.

    “Does that feel good baby?” Haylie asked as Emma moaned in obvious pleasure. “Don’t you love feeling me cram that tight little hole with this big fucking cock?”

    “Ooooooohhhhh it feels soooo fucking awesome!!!” She squealed in delight, wrapping her arms around Haylie’s neck and kissing her deeply as she pumped away.

    She felt so warm and sexy sandwiched like that by Hilary and Haylie’s warm naked bodies. They were pinned tightly up against her in the front and the back and Emma felt Hilary’s hard little nipples rubbing up against her back before the pretty blonde put a hand on her shoulder blade and leaned in close to her ear.

    “My turn.” She whispered. “I’ve wanted to share a naughty girl like you with my sister for so long and now I’m gonna stick this big fucking cock in that pretty little butthole so get ready!”

    “I’m ready!” Emma cried out. “Fuck me Hilary! Fill up both of my slutty holes at the same time and let me show you how fucking nasty I am!”

    Hilary lightly ran her hand down the length of Emma’s bare arm and to her butt where she squeezed the tight little cheeks before spreading them apart. She then excruciatingly slowly inched the big fake dick into her tiny anus.

    “OHHHHHHHHH MY GOOOOOOODDDDD!!!” Emma gasped loudly as she felt the cold plastic cock slide slowly into her backdoor. It took several minutes to get used to the sensation and between Hilary filling her asshole and Haylie filling up her little pussy it felt like she was in danger of being ripped in half!

    “OH IT HURTS, IT HURTS!!!” She moaned as the first few thrusts from
    Hilary rammed into her anus. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT HURTS SO GOOD!!!!”

    “Can you take it pretty girl?” Haylie asked. “Do you want us to stop?”

    “DON’T YOU DARE STOP!!!” She cried out. “I CAN TAKE IT!!!! I CAN TAKE IT!!!! I CAN…….OHHHHHHHH!!!!”

    The two sisters had settled into a rhythm and as Emma got used to the feeling she started to enjoy it. She bit down lightly on Haylie’s shoulder as they both slid in and pulled out in unison.

    “OHHHH I KNEW YOU’D LOVE IT YOU DIRTY WHORE!!!!” Hilary teased as she relentlessly and violently thrust her strap on into Emma’s tiny asshole. “GETTING YOUR LITTLE LESBO ASS FUCKED BY TWO GIRLS AT ONCE IS PROBABLY A DREAM COME TRUE FOR A DIRTY DYKE LIKE YOU!!!!”

    By now all three of their bodies were pouring buckets of sweat and Emma was soaked lying right in the middle as she was sandwiched by their dripping wet bodies. Hilary and Haylie had their arms locked around Emma and Haylie was kissing her hard as she pounded away.



    “AUUNNNGGGGHHHHH!!!!!” Was the only noise she could make for a minute. The girls were both fucking her as hard as they could, their sweaty bodies slamming into hers with every powerful thrust and Emma’s sore little cooter was getting close to climaxing once again.

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    Default Re: Zooey Deschanel - This Dream


    And with another loud wail and a violent shudder Emma climaxed for the third time that night. God those Duff girls really knew how to get her off!

    Haylie finally pulled the strap on out of Emma’s pussy and rolled over leaving only Hilary’s fake cock in her ass. But soon she too pulled out with a little pop and smiled at Emma.

    Emma sighed in relief and pleasure but Hilary wasn’t finished.

    “We’re not done with you just yet princess!” Hilary smirked. “Now get over here and suck this cock that was just up your pretty little ass! Show us how much you love tasting your dirty little asshole!”

    “Oooooh, I want to fuck that sexy butt too!” Haylie added. And so as Emma got on her hands and knees and started sucking all of the dirty juices from Hilary’s strap on, Haylie saddled up behind her and started caressing her tiny backside.

    She could taste all of the juices from her pussy and her asshole all over the dildo as she crammed almost all ten inches down her throat and being so filthy made Emma feel sexy.

    “Mmmmm now it’s my turn to fuck that pretty little bottom!” Haylie grinned as she slapped Emma playfully on the butt and then eased her strap on inside.

    It wasn’t quite as shocking as when Hilary had first penetrated her anus but it still took a minute to get used to as Haylie’s strap on was even thicker than the first one.

    She dug her hands into the sides of Emma’s hips and started thrusting the cock into her asshole, pulling back on the tiny girl’s waist with each forward thrust to make it slam home extra hard.

    “MMMMMM!!!!” Emma gargled. She couldn’t really say too much more than that with Hilary’s dildo crammed into her mouth. But one thing was clear; she was loving every exhilarating second of it.

    “Come on baby, touch yourself!” Haylie demanded. “I know you’ve got another orgasm left in you, you slutty little thing!!! Come for us one more time dirty girl, you’re loving this far too much not to!!”

    And Haylie was right. Emma had never felt so dirty and naughty in her life but she had also never felt so liberated. She was really fucking turned on by sucking her own juices off of Hilary’s dildo and so she reached down between her legs and started playing with her clitty.

    “WHY…DON’T ….YOU….FUCKING……COME…..AGAIN!!!” Haylie wailed, each word accompanied by a hard thrust into Emma’s tight ass. The sweat was now pouring off of her brow and dripping down onto Emma’s back each drop falling with a little splat like a tiny drop of rain.

    “OHHHHHH!!!! FUWB!!!!!!” It sounded like Emma moaned as she still had the dildo in her mouth. “FUWB MEEEEEEEE!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHH FUWWWWWWWBBBBBBB!!!!!”

    She had never come four times in such short succession before but already she could feel her body tingling and another climax approaching.

    “AAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUWWWWWWWBBBBBBB!!!!” She wailed loudly before the floodgates opened and she shook violently. And again, Emma’s cream flowed and her body shuddered as she climaxed hard.

    And as Emma came again, Haylie finally slowed down and gently popped the large fake cock out of her stretched out asshole.

    “You want another taste of your pretty ass, kitten?” She asked, holding the cock out for her.

    “Ooooohhhh yes please!!!” Emma squealed as she popped up and started sucking on the strap on that Haylie had just had up her ass.

    “MMMMM So yummy!!!” She cooed when she had finished sucking all of her pussy and ass tastes from the dildo.

    “You know something sissy, I think our little girl’s all grown up now!” Haylie giggled and they all collapsed onto the soaking wet mattress and burst into hysterics.

    “Thank you so much for tonight.” Emma gushed when their laughter finally subsided. “I really had…….um fun!”

    “I can tell!” Haylie replied with a wink, giggling at how slutty and eager their playmate had been. “But we’d better get you all nice and squeaky clean before we send you back to your girl.”

    And so Emma and the sisters took a long soapy, splashy shower together and several orgasms by everyone later she was walking back to her hotel room in her little shorts and bunny slippers.

    Emma couldn’t help but limp as she made her way back to the room but it was a good kind of hurt as far as she was concerned. Sure both her pussy and asshole would probably be sore for a week but it was a small tradeoff for the self confidence she felt like she had gained. And Emma was no fool. She knew that Hilary and Haylie had only used her for a fun night of fucking and didn’t really care about her relationship, but in some weird way they had done the trick anyway. She felt strong and confident; kind of strange for someone who had just let two girls violate her body in every conceivable way.

    She also thought about sucking clean the dildos and fingers that had been inside of her ass. It was such a vulgar act and not something that Emma had ever considered doing before but tonight was a night of new beginnings. No longer was she going to just bend to all of Hayden’s whims. She would take what she had learned with the dirty Duff girls and get what she wanted out of their relationship. Never again would her blonde princess have to seek the cold comfort of Hilary. Emma would be her everything. Now all she needed was a good excuse to tell her about where she’d been for the last few hours.

    She fully expected Hayden to be asleep when she got back to the room but when she slid the card into the lock and opened the door she found her there awake and sitting on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands.

    Hayden looked up at slowly at Emma and Emma could see that she’d been crying.

    “Emma, please forgive me.” She said before bursting into tears and rushing over to kiss her hard on the lips.

    “I was takin’ a walk

    When I saw you pass by

    I thought I saw you lookin’ my way

    So I thought I’d give you a try

    When I saw you smile

    I saw a dream come true

    So I asked you, maybe, baby whatcha gonna do?”

    –She & Him – I Was Made For You


    The next morning, I decided that an impromptu meeting was needed and so I told all of the girls to meet me in the hotel conference room. I had a few items that I wanted to discuss with them before tonight’s show and I figured that now was as good a time as any to bring them up.

    As usual, Hayden and Emma were the first two to arrive after myself and Lacey but something about them seemed……different.

    “Are you girls okay?” I asked. They looked as though they hadn’t slept in a week and Emma seemed to be limping slightly.

    “Yeah, we’re fine……now.” Hayden replied and she flashed a warm little smile and a wink over at Emma who returned it in kind. Clearly I wasn’t in on the inside joke.

    But in truth it wasn’t a joke at all. What I had no way of knowing was that when Emma had gotten back to their room early this morning that the two young lovebirds had had a serious heart to heart and had spent the whole night talking. And all of the dirty little secrets that they’d been keeping from one another had been brought out in the open.

    Hayden had confessed her unfaithfulness on the bus with Hilary and Emma told her in kind about what had happened in the Duff sisters’ hotel room. But not only that, they both talked about their hopes and fears regarding their relationship from Hayden’s fear that Emma was falling in love too fast to Emma’s worry that Hayden would get bored with her. But at last, after all of the tears and the yelling and the hugs and the kisses they seemed to each have an understanding of where the other one was coming from. It was a talk that while not altogether pleasant was one that they both felt had brought them closer together and had strengthened their feelings for each other.

    And as I looked at them as they sat cuddled up on one of the couches hand in hand, it seemed as though neither one had a care in the world. Although for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why Hayden was wearing a scarf in Austin, Texas even if it was November. On the other hand though, judging by the short little skirt she was wearing I could see how she might be feeling a little chilly.

    But if Hayden’s fashion choices were my biggest worry then I figured that life at the moment couldn’t be all that bad. And as I smiled at the thought of things going right for once the rest of the girls came strolling into the room right on time for the meeting.

    Hilary and Haylie too looked like they had pulled an all nighter but there were none of the usual gripes or petty complaints to listen to from them this morning. And as for Selena, she just skipped right on in behind them like the carefree spirit she was.

    “So listen,” I began once they had all taken their seats. “We’ve got a big show tonight opening up for She & Him and a lot of important people are going to be watching so I want you ladies to try and give one of your best performances yet. We’re getting a lot of good buzz now that ‘It Is What It Is’ is getting some airplay so the sky’s the limit!”

    “But no pressure.” Lacey added with a cute little smile.

    “Last time I checked, the single was number 5 on the Billboard chart so we may really have something here!” I continued, ignoring her quip.

    “Wow, that’s awesome Steve-O!” Selena beamed. “And I’m really excited about opening up for She & Him. Do you think there’s any chance we’ll get to meet Zooey or Matt tonight?”

    She was of course referring to Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, the she and him of She & Him.

    “Well you girls will probably only have time for a brief handshake and a photo op or something like that since you’ll be onstage at opposite times.” I answered. “But I know that Lacey is also a big fan and she’s going to try to meet them. I’m sure that she’d be happy to get you an autograph for you or something like that if you want her to.”

    “Absolutely I would.” Lacey grinned.

    “Oh, that’d be so sweet!” Selena replied. “I’ll give you a CD or something for them to sign after the meeting!”

    And as dangerous of a thought as it was, I had to admit that this meeting seemed to be going much smoother than most of the band’s meetings. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and the next “crisis” to pop up, but surprisingly it never did. Normally I had to deal with a bunch of snarky comments from Hilary directed towards Hayden or Emma but today she didn’t seem to be in the mood to say much. In fact, she never once even looked in their direction but instead sat with her arms folded and stared at me the whole time.

    “So are there any questions ladies?” I asked and judging from the complete silence I got in response I assumed that there were none.

    “Well then I’ve just got one more little bit of news.” I went on. “Access Hollywood wants to send a reporter out to do an interview with the band for their piece on Hot Young Pop Stars so I’ve got that set up for our next tour stop in Memphis.”

    “What reporter are they sending?” Selena asked.

    “I think they’re sending Maria Menounos.” I answered. “She’s that reporter who’s got the funny laugh that used to do the Entertainment Tonight show on MTV.”

    “Oh, I know exactly who she is!!!” The little teen excitedly squealed and we all threw her an odd glance.

    “What?” She smiled when she noticed all of us staring. “I’m a big fan of hers. She always does those Real World reunion shows and I just think she’s so pretty and nice!”

    “The Real World huh?” I smiled. “I should have known that it would be something like that where you knew her from.”

    But Selena just stuck her tongue out at me and continued grinning from ear to ear. I could see that the gears in her head were spinning but who knew what she was thinking about so intently.

    “So if nobody’s got anything more, I suppose I’ll see you ladies at the show tonight.” I said. And with that everyone shuffled out of the room……..everyone except for Hayden and Emma that is.

    They hung back for a few minutes and once everyone had left the room they headed over to the refreshment table where each of them grabbed a glass of orange juice.

    “So what do you want to do this morning cutie?” Emma asked cheerfully as she took a sip. But Hayden just shook her head and frowned slightly.

    “Look baby, I know that after last night that you really want to hang out this morning and so do I,” She said. “But I really need to talk to Kristen and smooth over that whole situation over so I don’t think I can.”

    “Oh.” Emma replied quietly, trying but failing to hide her disappointment.

    “But I promise I’ll make it up to you later.” Hayden assured her with a sexy little wink before leaning in close to Emma’s ear and whispering in her sexiest voice. “And when I get back to the room I’ll let you do whatever you want to me so make sure you think of an extra sexy game for us to play!”

    She gave Emma a quick little peck on the cheek and turned to walk out the door but she stopped to tie her shoe laces first. And as she bent down to tie them, her little skirt rose up slightly and revealed the tops of her toned and tan thighs. It rose up so high in fact that she almost exposed her cute little bottom in the process and something inside Emma’s mind suddenly clicked.

    She thought about all of the events from the previous evening and she knew that now was the time to take what she wanted just like Hilary had suggested. It didn’t matter that Hilary was just using her, she was right and Emma wanted Hayden badly and right now!

    She tiptoed up behind Hayden and as the pint sized hottie stood up, Emma slid her hand stealthily underneath of her skirt, rubbing her sweet pussy lips through the material of her panties.

    “Emma, What are you…..oooohhhhh…..doing?” Hayden asked, grabbing her wrist with both hands and pushing it down as she nervously glanced at the door to the room.

    “I can’t wait any longer to taste your sweet pussy!” She answered boldly. “You turn me on so fucking much and I need you right now! Your little friend Kristen is just going to have to wait until I get what I want.”

    “B-but Emma?” Hayden meekly protested as the nubile teen kept pawing at her body. Her mouth was suddenly dry and she was fighting hard to keep from giving into temptation right now.

    “I’m serious, I want YOU!” Emma hissed, looking Hayden right in the eyes as she started rubbing the sexy blonde’s pussy again. “Not in an hour, not this afternoon! I want you right here, right now!”

    “But Emma, what if someone comes in?” Hayden asked, stunned by her girlfriend’s new aggressive demeanor. “Won’t we get into trouble?”

    “I don’t care if we get caught or what they do to us!” She said, as she sucked on her fingers and then slid them down the front of Hayden’s panties. “I simply can’t wait a second longer to fuck your hot little ass!”

    Hayden had only once seen Emma worked up like this one time before and it was at the movie theatre in Omaha where they had had their first date. She knew that there was no reasoning with her now, but what had gotten into her that had her in such a sexual frenzy and was this the bizarro world or something? Between Hilary acting all nice and sweet the night before and Emma now being so dominant and aggressive, it was like someone had zapped them both with a device that had switched their bodies.

    “Oh baby what did those Duff girls do to you last night?” She asked breathlessly as Emma backed her up and they tumbled onto the couch. Emma had Hayden’s wrists pinned up over her head now and she was straddling her waist and the little blonde knew that resistance was futile.

    “Mmmmmm, I thought you liked this kind of stuff!” She asked as she bent down and started nuzzling and kissing Hayden’s neck. “Don’t you like me taking what I want from you like this? Don’t you like being my sexy little love slave?”

    “I……..OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Hayden responded as Emma reached down and slipped her fingers inside. “I do baby!!! I love it!!!”

    She pulled Emma’s face down and started kissing her hard on the lips, all the while desperately hoping that no one needed to use the conference room for a while.

    “Good!” Emma smiled. “Because you’re mine now and Kristen will just have to wait!”

    And wait she did…….for over four hours.


    It was a beautiful day in Austin, Texas on the day of the show. Sixty two degrees and sunny with not a cloud in sight, but for Kristen Bell it might as well have been pouring down rain.

    Was it really only yesterday that she had driven down from Houston to surprise her best friend Hayden with a visit? A visit which had played out in her mind very differently from the way that events actually transpired.

    In her mind you see, Hayden was so happy to see her that they spent the whole day together just hanging out and having the kind of silly fun they used to have back in San Diego. And then in the evening, she imagined them cuddling up in a romantic little hotel somewhere and making sweet passionate, sweaty love all night long. It was such a sweet picture in her mind that Kristen had actually considered quitting her job and following the band around just to be with her friend. And would anyone blame her if she had? After that glorious afternoon on the beach in San Diego when Hayden had confessed her crush and seduced Kristen, another round of Sapphic pleasure was the only thing she could seem to think about.

    But instead of her dream scenario, the trip had been an absolute nightmare! And now here she was spending her afternoon walking around the empty outdoor arena where the road crew was setting up for the show and pondering the gut wrenching talk that she and Hayden had just had.

    Her mind raced with little snippets of the conversation like Hayden telling her how special she was to her and how everything on the beach that day had indeed been real and how if things were different than who knows and how yada yada yada……. and someone please shoot me!!!!

    Of course knowing that Hayden was right about most of it didn’t make it any less of a difficult pill to swallow.

    “Face it Kristen, that fairytale stuff only happens in the movies.” She thought as she fought back the tears. And not for the first time she wondered if she should even stick around for the show tonight or just head back home right now.

    But as she walked nearer to the stage with her head down she heard a female voice call out to her and she looked up.

    “What’s that?” Kristen asked.

    “I said ‘Hey Barbie do you mind handing me that tool box that you’re about to step on?” A tough looking but very attractive and slender brunette girl repeated.

    “Barbie?” She said indignantly.

    “Come on, I don’t have all day.” The tough chick replied impatiently, ignoring her protests and holding out her hand. Kristen sighed and handed her the tool box which the girl took without comment.

    “Um, a please and thank you would be nice.” Kristen remarked as the girl focused her attention back on the stage light she was attaching into place.

    “Thanks honey.” She said dismissively and to Kristen it sounded just a tad too condescending. Distraught or not, no one was going to talk to Kristen Bell like that!

    “It’s Kristen, not honey.” She corrected, suddenly intrigued by this cute but sweaty stagehand.

    The girl seemed very much out of place here amongst all of the guys with the beer guts and flannel shirts whose pants unfortunately never quite seemed to cover up the entirety of their ass cracks and Kristen was curious as to how such a rose could end up here amongst these thorns.

    “So do you have a name?” She asked the busy girl kept ignoring her and turned the wrench she had in her hand.

    “Look honey or Kristen or whatever.” She finally replied. “I’d love to sit here and shoot the shit with you princess but I’ve had three guys on my crew no show today so I’m really behind!”

    “Oh.” She said quietly and frowned as she turned to walk away.

    “A perfect shitty capper to this shitty day!” Kristen thought.

    The tough chick watched her walk several steps away and started to feel bad about how snippy she’d been. After all, the poor kid already looked like someone had just kidnapped her puppy when she’d come walking up here, the last thing it looked like she needed was someone being mean to her just because they were in a rush.

    “It’s Eliza!” She called out and Kristen stopped and turned around.

    “What’s that?” She asked.

    “My name is Eliza.” She repeated, wiping the grease from her hands and extending one.

    “Well I’m pleased to meet you Eliza.” Kristen said with a smile and a little curtsy. She didn’t appear too eager to shake Eliza’s greasy hand and the pretty stagehand grinned a little at this dramatic gesture and at the pretty smile on Kristen’s face. Maybe she wasn’t such bad company after all?

    “So what were you so upset about when you came walking up here?” Eliza asked.

    “Oh just relationship drama, nothing you’d want to hear about.” She frowned. “Things can’t ever be simple can they?”

    “I hear ya sister.” She answered sympathetically. “But you look like you should be the one doing the heartbreaking, not the other way around.”

    “Well thanks Eliza.” Kristen replied. “But alas, I’m damaged goods right now.”

    “Fucking men suck!” Eliza stated.

    “I um… do women sometimes!” Kristen nervously added. She didn’t know what made her decide to be so open with this complete stranger and she risked freaking her new friend out but something about the way Eliza was looking at her made Kristen feel like it was okay to tell her everything.

    “Trust me preaching to the choir there girlfriend!” She said. And she didn’t seem to be weirded out in the least. If anything it seemed like she was fighting back a smile.

    Was Eliza into girls Kristen wondered? Or maybe she was just being friendly? Either way, Kristen wanted to find out more about her. And when her gaze lasted just a little bit too long on the tank top that her new friend was wearing and Eliza busted her, Kristen quickly looked away in embarrassment.

    “Well I hope you get it all figured out kiddo!” She said. “But like I said I’m way behind here, so unless you’re any good at turning a wrench I’ve got to stop talking to you and get back to work.”

    “Where do I start?” She said enthusiastically. Kristen was very much a girly girl and probably couldn’t tell the difference between a screwdriver and a chainsaw but she felt comfortable around Eliza and wanted to keep talking to her.

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    Default Re: Zooey Deschanel - This Dream

    “Are you serious?” Eliza asked.

    “Sure I’m sure.” She said. “It’ll give me a chance to take my mind off of things and maybe make a new friend.”

    And this time it was Eliza’s turn to blush when the pretty blonde gave her a sexy wink. Was this hot young thing hitting on her?

    “Well okay then.” Eliza replied. “Go tell JT over there that I said to give you a hard hat and then get your little butt back here cause we’re going to put you to work Gidget!”

    And that was how Kristen ended up joining the road crew.


    Zooey Deschanel sat in her dressing room as Jailbait played their set and listened in amazement to the buzz of the crowd. It wasn’t that she was surprised at such a big and raucous turnout, after all many of them were here to see her band She & Him who always drew well. But she was a bit shocked at how many fans she saw wearing Jailbait merchandise. Where did this little band come from and when exactly did they take over Texas?

    It was only last week that she had heard ‘It Is What It Is’ on the radio for the first time but now it seemed like that was the only song the program directors would allow their DJ’s to play.

    “Good for them!” Zooey thought. She always loved to see such new and talented bands doing well for themselves and it warmed her heart to think that four young girls like that could make such a big impact on the pop music scene.

    She watched the show on the monitor in her dressing room for a few minutes and was quickly captivated by the four little cuties performing onstage. My God they looked so adorable prancing around up there in their cute, skimpy little outfits and their songs were catchy as hell. But unfortunately for her, a knock at her dressing room door quickly snapped her out of her trance.

    “Come in!” She called out sweetly, assuming that it was Matt Ward, the songwriter/guitarist for her band.

    But when the door popped open a crack and a head poked in cautiously, it wasn’t Matt’s but a pretty young brunette woman’s instead.

    “Zooey?” She asked nervously. “May I come in?”

    “Of course you can sweetie.” She answered. “And who might you be.”

    The girl was wearing a pair of jeans and a tight shirt which really showed off her ample and beautiful breasts and Zooey, definitely appreciated her beauty. It wasn’t that she was a lesbian or anything like that. I mean sure, Zooey like many other women had dabbled a bit with members of her same sex a few times, but she was completely straight. However, something about the short but very well built girl standing in front of her was definitely intriguing and had her body tingling.

    “Hi, my name is Lacey.” She smiled. “I’m one of the songwriters for Jailbait. Actually I used to be the drummer for them and I am one of your biggest fans.”

    “Aw, that’s very sweet of you to say Lacey.” Zooey answered sincerely in her usual dreamy and carefree voice. She had many people tell her everyday how much they loved her music and how much they loved her but it was always nice to hear it no matter how often it was repeated. “And I’ve got to tell you, I absolutely adore Jailbait!”

    “Well thanks.” Lacey replied nervously. “I just hope that we’ll get to where you are someday.”

    “Honey I don’t think it’ll be too long of a wait.” She grinned. “Did you hear that crowd?”

    “Aw, that’s nice of you to say but I think most of them are here to see you.” Lacey answered modestly.

    “Mmmm, I think you’re selling yourself a bit short. I’d say it’s about a 50/50 split and by this time next month I think we’ll be opening for you guys.” She countered.

    “Hmmm.” Lacey shrugged. She never expected to have one of her idols lavishing praise and compliments on her like this and she didn’t quite know what to say. “Well again, thank you for saying that but I still say that you are the real rock star.”

    Zooey could read her eyes perfectly and just smiled at Lacey’s cute but awkward body language. She knew that the young woman knew exactly how good the band was and was just being modest. But more than her body language, Zooey couldn’t help but notice Lacey’s body itself. She had on a cute round necklace and Zooey found her eyes drawn constantly to the pretty girl’s chest like it was a hypnotist’s chain.

    “Me, a rock star? Haha that’s pretty funny.” She laughed and added with a subtle wink. “But from what I hear you girls have the rock star lifestyle down to a science already. One of my friends at the label told me about Las Vegas you know.”

    And suddenly most of the color drained out of Lacey’s face. After all if Zooey Deschanel had heard about what went on in Vegas then she must think that the whole band was a bunch of freaks and/or sexual deviants.

    “Wh-what exactly did you hear?” Lacey stammered.

    “Let’s just say that I heard enough to know that you all were a bunch of very naughty girls that weekend!” She smiled.

    “Honestly Zooey, I think that weekend has gotten a bit blown out of pro……” She started to try to explain but Zooey cut her off.

    “Relax sweetheart.” She smiled warmly. “I’m not judgmental or uptight at all and I like to get a little crazy sometimes myself. You don’t have to explain anything to me.”

    “Oh, phew!” Lacey sighed and suddenly she couldn’t help but notice how intently Zooey kept staring at her, especially her chest. “I thought you were going to be totally weirded out or something.”

    “Oh no, nothing of the sort.” She assured her. “Believe me, I’ve seen some crazy stuff happen on tour just in the short time I’ve been doing music.”

    “Wow, I’d love to hear those stories sometime!” Lacey gushed.

    “Yeah, that’d be fun.” Zooey smiled warmly and then she noticed the CD that Lacey was holding. “What’s that in your hand?”

    “Oh, I told one of the girls that I’d ask you to sign this for her, do you mind?” She asked, holding out the CD that Selena had given her.

    “Sure, no problem.” She smiled.

    Zooey was seated on the leather couch in the middle of the room and Lacey strode forward to hand her the CD. But as she got just a foot from the couch, she tripped over the rug on the floor and landed right on top of Zooey.

    “Oh my God Zooey I’m so sorry!” She apologized profusely as she now had Zooey pinned completely on her back and her breasts were right in the pretty singer’s face. “I’m such a freaking clutz!”

    “Really I don’t mind.” Zooey said softly and it was true. She was perfectly comfortable with Lacey’s wonderful rack resting on her face and something in her voice made Lacey look down right into her pretty blue eyes.

    Zooey was looking back up with her and there could be no mistaking the lust that was now in her eyes. She wanted the sexy young girl.

    “I um…..I should get up now.” Lacey said. But Zooey never broke eye contact with her and she had one of her arms wrapped around the small of her back. And apparently she didn’t ever plan on letting go.

    “Are you sure pretty girl?” She asked, surprising even herself with her own bold words. “We’ve got a little bit of time before the show starts and we could have some real fun if you wanted to.”

    Never in Lacey’s life had she dreamed that things would’ve ended up like this but she definitely didn’t mind if Zooey wanted to play a little bit. And even though Lacey had probably been with ten times as many women as her idol had, she seemed to think that she was the seducer and so Lacey decided that it might be fun to play the role of the innocent lamb for a change.

    “I….I’ve never been with another girl though.” She said. “What if I don’t know what to do?”

    “Oh, I’m sure you’ll be just fine!” Zooey insisted and she grabbed Lacey’s necklace lightly and pulled her face down into a long, wet and lusty kiss.

    “Mmmmm your lips taste like strawberries!” She moaned as her hand worked its way down Lacey’s back and she grabbed a big handful of her tight ass. Lacey could feel Zooey’s slippery tongue trying to work itself inside of her mouth and she parted her lips gladly to accept it.

    She leaned up and moaned slightly as Zooey grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed them hard.

    “Ohhhh I’ve been looking at these perfect fucking tits since the minute you walked in here!” She lustily whispered. “You’ve got such a beautiful body Lacey, please let me see some more of it!”

    And with that Lacey sat up and peeled her shirt off and tossed it to the floor before unclasping her bra and freeing her big bouncy breasts.

    “Mmmmm, I love these wonderful fucking tits!” Zooey cooed as she grabbed both of Lacey’s breasts and pulled her down again, this time sucking greedily on each one in turn.

    “OOOOHHHHH YEAH, SUCK ON THEM BABY!!!” Lacey cried out in pleasure as Zooey slurped away hungrily on her nipples. “LICK MY BIG FUCKING TITTIES!!!”

    Zooey really had a death grip on them now and had her face buried in Lacey’s ample cleavage, licking and sucking and kissing them all over as Lacey started softly grinding her pussy up against one of Zooey’s legs.

    She reached down as Zooey kept kneading her firm tits and unzipped her jeans, pushing them and her panties down with her hands before kicking them off but never letting her ample chest stray far from Zooey’s hungry mouth.

    “Oh my God you have such a sexy body girl!” Zooey exclaimed as she worked one of her hands down to Lacey’s twat and slipped one of her fingers inside the tight slit. “You’re just built for pleasure and I want to taste you all over!”

    “DO IT ZOOEY!!! FUCK MY LITTLE PUSSY BABY!!!” Lacey moaned as Zooey’s digits slipped in and out easily. “YOU MAKE ME SO FUCKING WET EVERYTIME I SEE YOU!!!”

    Zooey popped up and they were both soon in a sitting position, facing each other as they started kissing passionately once more but it wasn’t long before Zooey pushed Lacey onto her back and pounced on top of her.

    “Mmmmm, I’m gonna eat you up you sexy girl!” She cooed as she started kissing her way down from Lacey’s neck to her chest and stomach until she was finally perched above her sweet cunt. “Are you ready for me baby?”


    “Heyyyy!” Zooey fake pouted. “I thought you said you’d never been with another woman before?”

    “Never one so cute before!” Lacey grinned now that she’d been caught in her little white lie. But Zooey didn’t seem to mind and Lacey soon leaned her head back and moaned loudly as Zooey dove in headfirst.

    “OOOOOHHHHHH FUCK YES!!!!” She cried out in pleasure. “LICK THAT FUCKING CLIT BABY!!!! MMMMMMMM!!!!!”

    And Zooey did just that as she worked her tongue in little circles over the sensitive area and started to slip her fingers back inside the slick tunnel.

    But just as she was getting heated up, the door to the dressing room flew open and Matt walked in. He had his head down, reading a magazine and hadn’t yet noticed the two girls fucking on the couch yet.

    “Hey Zooey, I was thinking…….Oh my God!!!” He said when he finally looked up. “I am so sorry, I’ll just talk to you later!”

    But Lacey had other ideas as Matt too was one of her musical idols and now she wanted him too.

    “Don’t even think about leaving!” She said boldly. “There’s no reason why three can’t be company don’t you think Zooey?”

    “Um…..sure, I guess.” She said.

    Up till now, Zooey and Matt’s relationship had been strictly of the music making variety but the idea of a hot threeway did seem too good to pass up.

    “You know what, yeah!” Zooey said, a little more confidently now that she was caught up in her lust. “Get your ass over here now Matt and come have some fun with me and my new friend Lacey!”

    And for half a second, Matt stood there in shock. I mean how often do you stumble in on two girls having sex and then get invited to have a threesome? But the shock wore off quickly and Matt jumped at the chance, whipping off his shirt and rushing over to the couch. I mean HOW OFTEN DO YOU STUMBLE IN ON TWO GIRLS HAVING SEX AND THEN GET INVITED TO HAVE A THREESOME?

    When he got over to the couch, Matt quickly stripped off his pants and boxers and then lifted up the back of Zooey’s pretty dress.

    “Oooohhh yeah Matty! Stick that fucking cock inside me baby!” She cooed as he slid her panties down around her knees. “I know you’ve always wanted to fuck me!”

    The thought had indeed crossed Matt’s mind on more than one occasion and he wasted no more time before guiding his cock smoothly into Zooey’s slick cunt.

    “UH….UNNNGGGHHHHHH!!!” She cried out as his manhood filled up the ohh so tight little love pocket. “OHHHHH FUCK MATTY, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!”

    And as Matt kept thrusting away, Zooey went back to eating Lacey’s pussy with reckless abandon. She softly ran her tongue up and down Lacey’s thick pussy lips, pausing only at the top to suck on her clitoris.

    “OOOOHHHH YEAH!!!! EAT THAT FUCKING PUSSY YOU NASTY GIRL!!!” She teased as she reached down and rubbed her clit with her own hand when Zooey didn’t have it in her mouth. “All of your fans think you’re so sweet and innocent but you’re really just a pussy loving slut like me!”

    “I DO LOVE IT!!!” Zooey cried out as Matt’s cock drove further and further inside of her with each pump. “I LOVE IT ALL!!! I LOVE PUSSY AND I LOVE COCK AND I LOVE FUCKING SOOOO MUCH!!!!!”

    “Oh yeah you do baby!” Matt grinned, giving Zooey’s ass a playful smack! “YOU LOVE FEELING THAT BIG COCK INSIDE OF YOU FILLING THAT TIGHT LITTLE CUNT DON’T YOU?”

    “UH…..OOOOOOHHHH…..UH HUH!!!” She breathlessly moaned, arching her back a little in pleasure.

    Listening to Zooey’s sexy moans was really starting to turn Lacey on and the look in her pretty blue eyes as she gazed up at Lacey while she pleasured her was almost too hot to take. She was really fingering and licking Lacey hard now and the sexy girl started breathing even harder in anticipation of her climax.

    “OOOOHHHH…..OOOOHHHHH…..OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!” She cried out over and over as Zooey’s fingers and tongue brought her pussy to a crescendo of pleasure like an expert conductor only could. “OOOOOOHHHHH FUCK ZOOEY THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!! FUCK ME LIKE THAT BABY!!! FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT WITH THAT SWEET FUCKING TONGUE!!!!”

    “OHHHHH!!!! CO…..COME FOR ME LACEY!!!!” She coaxed as Matt kept rhythmically fucking her. “I WANT TO WATCH YOU SQUIRM WHEN I GET YOU OFF!!!!”


    And as she climaxed, her body shuddered and Zooey smiled widely as she licked up the sweet juices of Lacey’s pleasure. But Lacey wasn’t the only one about to climax. As he listened to Lacey’s cries of pleasure, Matt couldn’t control his own lust any longer and soon he felt his balls starting to tighten up.

    “I’M COMING TOO ZOOEY!!!!” He cried out. “OHHHH FUCK!!!! HERE IT COMES!!!!”

    And in an instant, he pulled his cock out and flipped Zooey over, cranking the last few pumps by hand before blowing all of the thick white cum onto her belly.

    “Mmmmm, I want to taste it!” Lacey giggled as she crawled over top of Zooey and started licking the gooey load off of her soft belly and then hopping back up to her face to share it with her pretty friend.

    “That’s so yummy!!!” Zooey laughed as she and Lacey’s tongues swirled and danced with each other inside of their open mouths. A little bit of the cum was running down Lacey’s chin but Zooey scooped it up with her index finger and let the stacked young woman suck it clean.

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